10 Best Statue Design Ideas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’re stuck for ideas for your island, just take a look at the Statue Customizer to get some fresh ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons statues. With over 100 new items from Redd out there, it’s no wonder so many People are putting their own spin on their statue designs. To help you get started in your own personal fakes frenzy, I’ve assembled 15 amazing statues that are sure to inspire you!

1/10. ACNH Dramatic Statue

ACNH Dramatic Statue
Image Source by uwuboohoo

The dramatic entrance you’ve always wanted is easier to get than you might think. Build two levels of cliffs on other side of your entrance, and fill with flowers, mush lamps and stone paths. Suddenly, you’ll have a beautifully lit path leading in your island — and your guests will know just how welcome they are.

If you’re deciding between having a wedding organist or two, you might as well add a few more for good measure. Pipe organs are the perfect blend of classical and modern; they add elegance to your ceremony without being pretentious or overly stuffy — we love that! You can even have your guests vote on which songs will be played during the ceremony. It’s a great way to get people involved and celebrate your love!

2/10. ACNH Statues of Courtyard

ACNH Statues of Courtyard
Image Source by illebreauxx2

This island is a perfect place for a relaxing getaway. It’s filled with trees, flowers, and shrubs. You can also add some well-kept statues to the corners of your island, which will make it look more like an elegant garden than a random plot of land.

3/10. ACNH Entrance of Orchard

ACNH Entrance of Orchard
Image Source by @animalcrosser.bread

Pottery Barn says ‘a home is not made of walls and windows’, but their design tips seem to suggest otherwise. Like this entrance ensemble that includes an orchard, iron fencing, shrubs, and Valiant statues. If you’re looking for a more unique home design experience, try Ikea’s guide to stylish home entrances instead.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your fruit farm more picturesque for your social media photos. Plant some cliffs in the orchard, and plant on top. Then Between the two cliffs, add iron fence. You can even get statues of Valiants to place in front of the fencing — a great way to  the entrance!

4/10. ACNH Statue Zodiac

ACNH Statue Zodiac
Image Source by @yuecrossing

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already decided that you want to design a stunning statuette to waterfall feature on your island. That’s great, but don’t worry if you haven’t! You’ll love our newest tutorial for creating an Astrology-themed island, complete with all kinds of cool new items! You’ll find excitement, mystery and wonder in the Astrology world — and we’re going to show you how to maximise it all.

5/10. ACNH Palace Statue

ACNH Palace Statue
Image Source by @lilstarfragment

Finding a location that is both serene and within budget can be difficult. Finding someone to design an elegant home within your budget can be even harder. So if you’re a designer, or just have some Architectural skills, look no further: we’ve got the perfect challenge for you.

6/10. ACNH Waterfall Statue

ACNH Waterfall Statue
Image Source by Gmendirek

If you’re looking to make your waterfall the prettiest on Jita 4-4, there are a few things you should know. First of all, space is at a premium here on Jita 4-4. If you want to leave room for flowers and shrubs, you’ll need to build your waterfall two levels high — with a small pool at the bottom to give the water time to settle before it gets too far.

7/10. ACNH Design of Liberty Statue

ACNH Design of Liberty Statue
Image Source by @s0lusek

The Statue of Liberty is as iconic a symbol as they come. In fact, with her classic headdress and torch-bearing arm, she’s almost like a patron saint of New York City. Which makes the idea of decorating your home with an island version of Lady Liberty all the more appealing.

8/10. ACNH Entrance Museum

ACNH Entrance Museum
Image Source by @Geppe_tou_Gigi

Get some amazing statues that you can now keep outside your museum with the Museum Exhibits outside statue display. Using this, you can turn your exhibits into a full-blown exhibit and show off their magnificence to the world. This addition is available at every EA Store, and also in the build catalog if you’re having trouble finding it.

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9/10. ACNH Music Area Fancy

ACNH Music Area Fancy
Image Source by @Mochiii_x

If you want to make your home more beautiful, then give it a little background music! It’ll fill the air with that tropical island sound you love so much. To do it right, lay down some stone flooring in a chosen area of your house. Then add streetlamps with matching lamps and a variety of instruments like electric guitars, saxophones, or drums to create a symphony in your very own backyard.

10/10. ACNH Statue Moonlit

ACNH Statue Moonlit
Image Source by @oolongxing

The perfect place for stargazing. It’s simple, and it won’t cost you a lot of resources. This is the perfect build for beginners, but advanced players can use these instructions to build their own Space Center and start working towards their Wannabe Astronaut badges!

Once you’ve made your island, buy a bunch of white flowers and nova lights to decorate. Don’t go overboard though. I’d go with two lights per cliffside, maybe three. Put the moon right in the center of your island. A statue would be nice at this point too. Or you could just slap down a statue of your choosing somewhere in the middle of the whole place — hell, why not double up on statues?

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