10 Best Pier & Boardwalk Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There’s a lot of competition in the beach and boardwalk niche — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your island stand out! To add a personalized touch to your ACNH boardwalk, try some of these cute ideas from some of my favorite coastal creators.

1/10. ACNH Bar of Smoothie

ACNH Bar of Smoothie
Image Source by NedFiveSenses

Do you often dream of sailing away to a tropical acnh island ideas? Now, with the help of our custom smoothie bar, you can live that dream. The bar will be stocked with your favourite fruit and located on one of Bristol’s most attractive piers — so people will definitely be queuing up to enjoy the delicious drinks on offer.

Actually, don’t do any of that. It’s tacky and unoriginal, and your business will look foolish if you try to employ them (though your users will get a kick out of it).

2/10. ACNH Station of Letter Writing

ACNH Station of Letter Writing
Image Source by @acskidiary

I love this idea behind this design so much. Are you thinking of wedding invitations? Or a big part of your next home decor project? My first impression is that the overall effect is a lot of fun, with a slight touch of vintage to emphasize your unique style. Imagine letters in bottle coming together to say: “I love you” to someone special!

3/10. ACNH Great Pool Area

ACNH Great Pool Area
Image Source by brusheswithdarkness

You’re looking for a fun and unique place to stay, and you’ve found it! So many options available, from a dip in the pool, to a chill in the hot tub. After a rest, go for a walk on the beach or get a drink at our awesome bar at night. You deserve it, relax and unwind.

4/10. ACNH Fishing Pier

ACNH Fishing Pier
Image Source by iheartkiwi

This is a wonderful piece with quite a lot going on. It gives your home a wide variety of uses, from relaxing to reading to fishing! If you’re not into reading, then swap out the books for some potted plants. Now you can relax near some beautiful greenery instead.

5/10. ACNH Solitude Sunbathing

ACNH Solitude Sunbathing
Image Source by @lunarcrossing_

What have you done? Once a peaceful beach, complete with life-sized fake statues, this area has been tainted by your thirst for profits. The artificial sunbathing paradise you have created is the equivalent of an Ikea showroom: all style, no substance. It’s ironic that your company has the name ‘Redd’ when you will stoop so low as to sell fake products to unsuspecting beach goers.

6/10. ACNH Seating Scenery

ACNH Seating Scenery
Image Source by Cheyenne Duisterwinkel

You’ve got a great collection of potted plants and seashells, right? But what can you do with them? Well, we’ve got the answer! These two potted planter ideas are perfect for use at home, on the beach, or even in your very own backyard. And best of all? They’re super easy to make!

I really enjoy the natural elements of this space, being out on a beach and all. So many possibilities can be brought to this area, such as beach-themed décor. Cedar may be an element you’d like to include, to give it that cottage-chic feel that’s so popular these days. It may also be a good idea to decorate the area with flowers and blooming plants from your garden.

7/10. ACNH Pier Lighthouse

ACNH Pier Lighthouse
Image Source by @melovesgigiland

There Used to be a lighthouse on this pier, but it’s now been replaced. It had been standing here for decades, and now it’s been replaced by a new design. It was a close call, actually the final decision came down to just one vote, but that new lighthouse is so, so pretty.

Add beachy decor to your garden — such as wooden chairs, a hammock and even palm trees! Don’t go overboard, though: remember that a garden party isn’t a summer camp. You can also create a beach theme by adding sand and putting up umbrellas — who doesn’t love lying under an umbrella on the beach?

8/10. ACNH Boardwalk Cafe

ACNH Boardwalk Cafe
Image Source by Natasha Brandt / Unknown

You’ll need to provide tables and chairs. Perhaps some decorations. And, of course, a chalkboard menu made with your favorite fonts and colors. But don’t forget the final detail — a cart that shows off what you’re drinking or selling, whether it’s hot beverages or snacks.

You can have as many stalls in your shopping district as you like, but personally I can’t recommend selling the same thing in all of them. Have a variety of goods and services on offer, and if that’s not enough for you then forget about the other stores. You should be aiming for earning at least 1 million bells per month, which you might struggle to do with a smaller selection.

9/10. ACNH Fun Fairground

ACNH Fun Fairground
Image Source by okbeech

It’s time to bring the fairground to your home, my friend. With colorful lights beaming on the grass and beach seating nearby, you can chill out at the Club Penguin of your own home. Mixing so much together to make this space vibrant makes it a real difference maker.

10/10. ACNH Perfect Picnic Area

ACNH Perfect Picnic Area
Image Source by milceymoo

Enjoy a snack, beach and your favorite music. Enjoying yourself is important at ACNH Picnic Area! You can add some coconut trees to the area and make it even more private. Maybe you’re feeling tropical? Add some tiki torches to your pier steps and surfboards lined up along the beach. Add rattan seats for fun.

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