15 Best Moon Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Ideas Moon lovers rejoice! We have found the best moon-themed accessories for you. Have you been searching for the perfect gift for your lunar princess, but can never find it? Look no further, because we have a list of our favorite moon-themed accessories here!

1/15. ACNH Rainbow Road

You’ll impress the object of your affection with this Rainbow Moon necklace – and don’t forget to take a photo! Why would you ever want to part with it? The answer is – you wouldn’t. It’s the perfect accessory for all of life’s adventures, and it makes a great keepsake. Why not craft one right now and then customize it to your heart’s content?

Everyone loves a good road trip. From kids to parents to those in between, there’s nothing like a good trip down the highway! Nook’s Cranny provides toys and decor for everyone to enjoy their own road trip. The only question is, where are you going? These toys are easy to get thanks to a range of delivery options.

2/15. ACNH Room Moon

I’m sure most of us have an interest in astrology, so why not take decorating our own space a step further and make it moon-themed? To do this yourself, you’ll need to grab your starry-sky wall and your galaxy flooring, then fill the room with as many zodiac designs as you can. The DIY recipes for these special items can be obtained from Celeste.

3/15. ACNH Island Moon

Island Moon is the key to nailing that cute and spooky aesthetic you’ve always dreamed about. All you need is a large body of water and the right decorations! You could build a planet on your own, but it would be much harder to achieve that cute, spooky aesthetic. Moon Island has everything you need ready; all you need to do is add your own decoration and have fun!


4/15. ACNH Entrance Golden

To get this pretty tropical look, all you need to do is just create some cliffs around the entrance! To enhance the look even more, you can also add some cliffs in the back — but be sure to add a waterfall or two!!

Drop in some plants and vegetation. Then fill your paths and cliffs with all types of yellow flowers and golden roses. And for the love of god, add some nova lights to brighten things up! Your visitors are slowly entering your topical paradise — don’t be rude and keep them in the dark.

5/15. ACNH Flowers of Rainbow

Because fresh flowers are better than none. And when we were asked to build a study just for the blossoms, we jumped at the chance. So we built an entire room from floor to ceiling with flowery patterns — and it’s beautiful! For some reason, it feels like a personal garden in here.

Darker shades are going to be much more useful to you in the long run. Do not add flowers — they’ll only distract your customers from the point of the area, which is to sell your food. You don’t want that. Instead, try to make the area look like a night-time theme, with no lights on (except for a few fireflies). Create a path through it, leading to your establishment.

6/15. ACNH Waterfall of Moon

Want to create a picturesque scene? Start by creating a waterfall — two tiered, of course — and then add two waterfalls running down from the top category to the very bottom.

The most important part of designing your level is the sky. When designing your moon, take care to build a big cliff on one side with a small moon on the other. Surround the moons with lots of trees and flowers, and like any respectable level maker, don’t forget to include some custom stone flooring! Place nova lights where you think they will look best (under trees, behind cliffs) and finally, add a statue or two.

7/15. ACNH Pedestals Zodiac

This neat idea lets you display all of your zodiac star fragments in style. So you’re ready to build one? The first step is to create a circular, rocky edifice if you don’t have one already. Then, position some comfy cushions on top, one for each fragment.

To create an islanded lake, we’ll dig out huge holes all around the bottom of our cliffs. You’ll have to make sure that you’re excavating one big enough to leave a tiny strip of land in the middle — but don’t worry! It’ll be plenty large enough to hold our moon!

8/15. ACNH Stargazing Feild

It’s a beautiful night. You’re far out at sea, and your partner is lying next to you in the dinghy. You pull up your binoculars and point them towards the vast starry sky above. Suddenly, you feel a rush of excitement as a shooting star streaks across the horizon above you. Then another… then another. “Look!” your partner points upwards through their binoculars. And so it begins: the meteor shower has begun.

9/15. ACNH Show Stopper

This is my most favorite design because who doesn’t love a stunning landscape? To make this yourself, add some amazing cliffs surrounding your gathering place. Be sure to add lots of waterfalls running through the cliffs too. Keep in mind staggered heights can work well, so you can use multiple altitudes for your cliffs.

Your home has a lot of potential — but you can do so much more with it! Add a valiant statue right in your line of sight to really bring the look together, and make sure you decorate it with anything you like. Custom lights and banners are great choices. Also, don’t forget to add your moon in there too!

10/15. ACNH Area of Picnic

Transform an ordinary picnic into a masterpiece with simple, no-fuss moon-inspired blanket. This blanket is elegant enough to be placed on any picnic table, but it’s strong enough to keep you warm when it gets chilly.

So, you’ve got yourself a beach-side (or park-side) picnic spot in the middle of nowhere. What’s next for your celestial gathering? Local weather permitting, it’s time to add a few spacey touches! If you’re using a backyard or field, your possibilities are endless — but if you’re at a beach…well, there’s always sand in the mix.

11/15. ACNH Moon Yard

Design an island entrance that will inspire you and your family to explore nature! Have a blast with this easy design — all you need to do is choose your pathway, lay down the perfect path design, and then place crescent moons along the sides in different colors!

You know what’s better than a billboard? Two of them! And if you’re looking for a creative way to advertise your business, well look no further than Brooklyn-based advertising agency, Sandbox . They recently created the perfect outdoor advertisement for the New York City restaurant called ‘Pizza Brain’, a combination pizzeria and pinball hall.

12/15. ACNH Lake of Moon

If there’s one thing that’s easy and makes a big impact, it’s a giant body of water. You can try digging a huge lake in your garden, or build some cliffs and create an equally impressive space. The dock in front of your lake that you’ve been staring at all day can get pretty boring, so why not extend it along the full length of your lake? It’s a lovely spot to sit and watch the sun set over the water. If you build it, they will come — take an Instagram photo while you’re at it!

13/15. ACNH Cliffs Moon

If you happen to live in your very own tropical island, you’ll want to consider making these cliffs a part of your island. They look great at any angle and are the perfect place to put some waterfalls and fresh water running down.

Filling the forest with vegetation and lamps will give the area a lush, inviting feeling. It will truly be magnificent when you add a moon to the top of cliffs at night. Then you can sit back and enjoy the view!

14/15. ACNH Space Station

The first step to creating your own space station is getting the right flooring. After that, you can pretty much add whatever types of furniture you want! And you definitely should include a moon to give your station the appropriate amount of flair.

15/15. ACNH Entrance of Crescent

Design an island entrance that will inspire you and your family to explore nature! Have a blast with this easy design — all you need to do is choose your pathway, lay down the perfect path design, and then place crescent moons along the sides in different colors!

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