10 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Inspo & Greenhouse Ideas

There’s a reason greenhouses are always so warm and humid — they’re not easy to build! Without them, we’d have to wait until springtime in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to grow our favourite flowers. But while they look difficult to build, these helpful greenhouse ideas do provide some amazing inspiration. Even if you don’t want to play the game, you can work on your own designs…

1/10. ACNH Greenhouse Pond Side

ACNH Greenhouse Pond Side
Image Source by lepetitmocha

Here’s a stylish and breezy greenhouse that won’t break the bank. You’ll need to use a couple of the stained glass wall pieces to make up for the lack of roof, but there are plenty in the set! The cute pond-side design is perfect for growing monsteras and other hanging plants. And the little fountain adds a nice decorative touch that’s sure to impress visitors.

2/10. ACNH White Greenhouse

ACNH White Greenhouse
Image Source by acnhcustomdesigns

The White House is an incredible example of just how far one can go with a little imagination, and is sure to be loved by any aspiring tycoon. A garden lot has room for a greenhouse and bench, as well as a stall, more plants, and a lovely path made with your choice of custom-dyed cyan stones. With its adorable size — not too big, but also not too small — it’s the perfect place for both relaxation or commerce.

3/10. ACNH Greenhouse Country

ACNH Greenhouse Country
Image Source by @s0ftacnhbean

This greenhouse hides an isolation tank and a high-tech lab. What looks like plants are actually a variety of genetically modified orchids and poisonous plants. One look at this place is enough to make you feel sick — I mean, just look at the labels on those jars! The worker is wearing a clean, blue uniform in the corner.

4/10. ACNH Greenhouse Secret Garden

ACNH GrGeenhouse Secret Garden
Image Source by alibby

A gorgeous, hidden garden at the center of The Secret Garden. A row of cherry trees and a neat row of hedges add some structure to a sitting area too, complete with a pretty rug and a fireplace to keep warm during autumn nights. If you’re wiling to take the time to read through this, so am I!

5/10. ACNH Greenhouse Little Dark

ACNH Greenhouse Little Dark
Image Source by lettuce-cat

This greenhouse is perfect for those who like to grow their own plants and herbs. There’s even a little terrarium side-by-side, so you can fill it with potted plants and keep a few pets around the house. The cute QR code on the front of the greenhouse is made to look like real glass — I love it!

6/10. ACNH Small Greenhouse

ACNH Small Greenhouse
Image Source by @malamoje

This is my first greenhouse, and I’m excited to be growing some plants inside. The one problem I have with it? Well, it isn’t very insulated! Having a greenhouse means being prepared for temperatures outside the house to fluctuate, so I’m not too worried about that. However, the unexpected cold did cause me to lose one of my favorite succulent plants.

7/10. ACNH Garden Center Greenhouse

ACNH Garden Center Greenhouse
Image Source by ImpossibleChapter4

The dramatic entrance to the Subnautica Docking Station must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together. It was definitely worth it, though — what a beautiful and detailed display! Custom paths guide visitors between the varieties of plants growing in this unique greenhouse, while also giving them room to explore.

8/10. ACNH Gorgeous Greenhouse

ACNH Gorgeous Greenhouse
Image Source by unique-garden-art

To your right is the greenhouse, home to a bunch of beautiful flowers and other plants. It’s a great place to hang out when it’s sunny and warm, particularly because you can nap with the cats who live here. There’s also a DIY station if you need some plant food — just don’t waste it on a single plant!

9/10. ACNH Greenhouse Starter

ACNH Greenhouse Starter
Image Source by @go0ey

When you’re tired of the same old, same old in your home garden, why not try something new? This adorable little greenhouse-in-a-box is the perfect way to grow a bit of greenery without breaking the bank. Bright daisies lead the way to this structure, which is made up of two stalls and custom paths. A custom backdrop helps to really bring it together, with drawn in plants on the shelves.

10/10. ACNH Greenhouse Classy Glassy

ACNH Greenhouse Classy Glassy
Image Source by carm-ess

The island’s greenhouse is a great place to get your hands on some fresh, organic produce. It’s also the perfect location for raising and selling newly-grown plants! Many people love to stop by the greenhouse after hours to purchase popular plants, like bonsais and succulents.

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