ACNH Bathroom Ideas

16 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Bathroom Ideas & Design Tips

We all spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Bears have been known to be notorious for the amount of TP they go through, and we can bring that into our Animal Crossing island! Why not make it a place we don’t mind being in? With decorations, toiletries, and knickknacks from New Horizons players around the world (including this one), we are running to Nook’s Cranny for toilets and sinks galore!

1/16.ACNH Luxury Spa

ACNH Luxury Spa

If you’re looking to get fancy, this is the build for you. This spot’s got a check-in desk and everything! There are convenient chairs and a spa tub to keep your whole animal village busy. In between them sits an urn with star fragments inside (it’s actually just called ‘Aquarius Vase’). The recipe comes from Celeste – she uses star fragments in it.

2/16.ACNH Sleek Bathroom

ACNH Sleek Bathroom

Follow this bathroom from Twitter user @honeyACNH for a sleek, clean design build. This space is mostly made of black items, like the vanity and bathtub. There are plenty of hanging plants in little succulent pots and a wee terrarium to give it colorful life too! What a fun spot to do some fancy skincare – great idea by Honey AC NH!

3/16.ACNH Antique Bathroom

ACNH Antique Bathroom

We love this bathroom, with it’s nature-inspired look of old times past. The bird bath as the sink is an adorable detail that really fits in with the theme. And we love how there are little details everywhere, like wood panelled lightswitches and dried flowers throughout this design too!

4/16.ACNH Japanese Spa Bathroom

ACNH Japanese Spa Bathroom

This Japanese-inspired spa bathroom is the perfect place to relax. It has a steaming tub, hanging plants and plenty of space for all your clothes! We love everything about this resort-level masterpiece: from its cute pedestal sink with face masks to its little box of tissues.

5/16.ACNH Mermaid Bathroom

ACNH Mermaid Bathroom

The mermaid aesthetic is very popular these days. It’s darn cute! The mermaid line of items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons uses pastel pinks, blues, and bits of yellow for the whimsical undersea feel. And this bathroom uses many of these items too- you can even trade scallops to Pascal to get them! This bathroom also doubles as a sorta dressing room area too with its lounges and vanity; what an adorable replacement for a bath or shower seat!

6/16.ACNH Royal Bathroom

ACNH Royal Bathroom

Kings and queens need bathrooms too! A cute, royal-themed design is shown in this bathroom. There are plenty of candles lit to give the room some cozy lighting and at the same time to provide ample light for your toilette activities. The wallpaper also has crowns printed all over it so as not to forget that you’re a king or queen wherever you may go even if there’s no palace around anymore.

7/16.ACNH Pink Bathroom 2: Electric Boogaloo

ACNH Pink Bathroom 2: Electric Boogaloo

The bathtub is surrounded by a center diffuser, and it looks like royalty with aromatherapy oils. Surrounding the tub are pink panel walls that help offset its light color so that everything looks tasteful. Pinky wood floors tie in to the cherry blossom floor vase which sits on the opposite side of where you enter the room from. The build itself has lots going for it – I would not leave this bathtub anywhere!

8/16.ACNH Teal Bathroom

ACNH Teal Bathroom

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between blue and green… And why not just mix them? Teal is a great color for the bathroom because of its muted, chill atmosphere. This bathroom build uses teal tiles on the wall, which is a really nice contrast against the off-white wood plank floorboards. A sunken jacuzzi and modern sink give this space avant-garde vibes; pops of white really bring everything together! No overhead light? Not an issue with these lamps from IKEA!

9/16.ACNH Modern Bathroom

ACNH Modern Bathroom

This sleek and cool design is a great example of modern bathrooms. It relies heavily on black, grey, and white for the color scheme. Other accents include potted plants that break up the dark colors in some places and white accents like matching washer dryer units which round out the tub toilet pedestal sink area.

10/16.ACNH Simplicity Bathroom

ACNH Simplicity Bathroom

A bathroom comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some people like to keep it simple, while some enjoy more design elements mixed into their space’s aesthetics. While some may consider this a “living & breathing” space, others might not be so friendly with the idea that their privacy is being invaded by plants and baskets full of supplies (and dressers).

11/16.ACNH Shoji Bathroom

ACNH Shoji Bathroom

This ACNH bathroom design is simple, beautiful, functional and has lots of ambient light. The wood of the shoji walls really stands out in a perfect way! It also includes a spot to do ironing as well as some tea lights for mood lighting.

12/16.ACNH Japanese Bathroom

ACNH Japanese Bathroom

For a more calming experience, try this Japanese-themed bathroom. Bamboo lanterns and tea lights cast a soft glow into the space where there is steamy water in the bathtub. The natural wood wall gives it an almost monochromatic ambiance which is best for those that want to relax and unwind. If you’re not feeling like taking a shower then enjoy this free one!

13/16.ACNH Plant Lover’s Bathroom

ACNH Plant Lover’s Bathroom

While plants have been used regularly in this listicle, the focus is on nature and trees here. The bathroom has a china pitcher for water for all of your leafy greens! There are also some really great levels to give the room depth because some pots are on the ground and others hang from above. White items help make it eco-friendly as well!

14/16.ACNH Cozy Bathroom

ACNH Cozy Bathroom

The thought of soaking in the tub, fire flickering beside me and tea within reach makes this room a perfect storm. We love how colorful it is with all the bonsai trees on display as well. This bathroom appears to be simple yet elegant with its wooden build and nice touches such as nature around you at every corner. The fireplace adds another touch of color which we wouldn’t have had without it being used for cooking pizzas! Sometimes less can mean more – like having a pizza oven instead of an actual oven because they are just called stovetops these days!

15/16.ACNH Butterfly Bathroom

ACNH Butterfly Bathroom

Usually, designs for New Horizons involve natural themes like flowers and plants. In this particular bathroom design, butterflies serve as the focus instead of plant-based elements.

16/16.ACNH Botanical Bathroom

ACNH Botanical Bathroom

Your perfect apartment is here: We have a beautiful ACNH bathroom that has all the details you need, like happy clothes on the wall, hand towels and lush rugs. It also comes with options for your shower attachment – wash away stress! And while we’re at it – what’s not to love about a washing machine?

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