20 Best Animal Crossing Cat Villagers

Cats are the absolute best. I mean, just look at that face – doesn’t it make you smile? That’s why we love them. They become beloved members of our homes and families. I mean, like, who doesn’t have a relationship with their cat? So if you’re looking for a new feline companion, or are already owned by a furry friend…

1/20. Tom


Tom is a friendly tricera, who likes to listen to some tunes while he’s working. He might not be quite as awesome as Tom, but he certainly won’t be demanding cookies in exchange for your favours.

You have a unique opportunity here — instead of just copying the rest of the competition, why don’t you set yourself apart? And with an introduction like this, you can do just that!

2/20. Purrl


Talking to Purrl will be like talking to a brick wall — if the brick wall could talk, that is. She’s a snooty cat who is not to give you any slack for your fashion choices — but she does have her own insecurities that she isn’t afraid to share with you as long you’ve earned her trust.

3/20. Moe


Homey and fun with a sharp tongue, Moe is an easygoing sort who has an appetite for life. His interests include all things food, comics or superheroes he’s been known to spend hours discussing them. Just don’t discuss any of that with jock or snooty villagers: their lifestyles are so very different! But Moe sets trends, and his home décor shows it.

4/20. Stinky


Maybe the reason why this kitty villager wore his pants on the outside was because he thought that he was a wrestler! These kitties like to catch bugs! And when I mean “bugs”, I mean it literally — they are willing to go up against any other villager on their quest for the most opulent ant farms and bug huts.

5/20. Felicity


Felicity may have a name that suggests she’s happy, but I can assure you she is far from it. The poor girl has had the worst time in her life, although you’d never know it from her cheerful facade. She’s home-decorated to show off her love of nature: cute little potted plants fill her apartment, and even the wallpaper is painted with scenes of trees or grass.

6/20. Rudy


Rudy is the epitome of a jock personality. This avid fitness fanatic is always chatting about his latest gym session and how much he loves to work out. Even though he may seem your stereotypical poser, favorite song is the K.K. Blues !

7/20. KidCat


No animal is left behind in the world of Animal Crossing — and that includes the fake, inflatable ones. ‘Inflatable animals’, or IAs, are popular additions to any town. Consisting of a full-body costume and an air pump, these IAs are a great way for your animal to express their individuality.

8/20. Katt


Kat is a rockstar, who loves to clean. She’ll be your fiercest ally in the fight against Pikmin – she can stun enemies and can even cure your poisoned friends. But if you want to catch her, you’ll have to spend your day off hunting her down before bedtime, when the sun goes down, you’ll find her fast asleep on the ground.

9/20. Mitzi


She may not be the most exciting new animal — but she’s cute and doesn’t try to hard. Mitzi is like a cool, older sister. The kind that is respectful and calm, but still has your best interests at heart. She’s the type of person you can turn to when you want to know how to dress or ask where to get the hottest dining in town — because she always knows.

10/20. Kabuki


Kabuki is a grumpy bear that you’ll fall in love with instantly, even as he hurls insults and bitter jabs at you. He must have been a great comedian in his past life, because he has tons of fun with all his mean jokes. His physical features are vibrant and bold, using colours that are prominent in Japanese culture — like the paint used for kabuki theatre masks.

11/20. Kiki


Now, we’ve all heard the Drake joke ‘Is your name Drake?’ over and over. But one thing we often forget is that the name of this unassuming Cat Villager is taken from a Studio Ghibli movie called Kiki’s Delivery Service, where the character has an all-black cat named Jiji.

12/20. Merry


Merry, as we like to call her, is the most charming girl on this list. She always in good mood, no matter what. This is because she has a short attention, and her personality type makes her prone to over-reaction and frustration. Regardless of that, we can assure you she is pretty cool.

13/20. Rosie


Rosie is an adorable cat villager who dreams of being a movie star one day. She loves to show off her karaoke skills. With a bright, cheery personality and multiple feline-friendly furnishings, Rosie’s home exudes a cozy vibe that will make you want to stay a while!

14/20. Punchy


Punchy is a laid-back, easygoing kind of guy. He’s not one to take on a heavy workload or commit to a particularly rigorous routine. This ‘lazy’ approach to life is perfect for students who want to get ahead without overextending themselves, and also makes him a favourite among freelancers and other professionals who need some help keeping their personal lives in check while they’re conquering the world professionally.

15/20. Tangy


We are full-on obsessed with Tangy, who is the floral queen of all citrus fruits. She wears a tangerine as a crown, and has green hair styled into leaves. Her home is surrounded by tangerines, lemons, and other pleasure foods, but we never see her eating them. Strange, huh?

16/20. Olivia


A recent addition to the fashion scene in New Leaf, Olivia has many accessories from the regal series, an ivory piano and a bass. She also has an appearance that reflects her home decor; elegant yet snooty. She can initially come across as self-obsessed but you soon realise this is a protective façade and that she’s actually quite likeable if you give her a chance.

17/20. Ankha


Meet Ankha, a gorgeous yet grumpy kitty. She’ll most likely ignore you, but don’t let that get you down. It’s mainly because she’s inspired by the Egyptian God “Tutankhamun,” which is why her colors are yellow and black (marigold was one of his favorite flowers!) and she sports the God’s mask upon her head. Her snake shape is a symbol of rebirth, as depicted in Egyptian culture.

18/20. Lolly


This rambunctious tabby cat may be a little older, but she’s got a lot to show off. Her adorable personality and smile are enough to make anyone’s day; her big blue eyes are the perfect accessory.

19/20. Bob


Bob, who many users have come to know and love, prides himself on being lazy. An early reference to his laziness is his statement that he literally has chillin’ in his blood. His phrase is as adorable as his all-purple face and body. And it might be the reference to the sound a cat makes while hacking up a hairball. Major lols.

20/20. Raymond


The Animal Crossing fandom has always been a hospitable place for fans of all sorts, but none so much as feline enthusiasts. Their passion for our favorite purring protagonists knows no bounds, and their admiration is often immortalized in the form of fanfiction, crafts, and even cosplay. Many fans have rallied behind a certain cat villager in particular — but why? I’m here with the reason behind the fuzzball’s popularity!

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