Animal Crossing New Horizons Zen Garden Area Ideas

24 Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Zen Garden Area Ideas

Zen gardens, as mentioned before, are places to spend our afternoons. If you’re new to the ACNH entrance ideas of a zen garden and just getting into gardening in general then this list has some extremely inspiring ideas. Asides from that it also contains helpful links and basic instructions on how they can be made!

1/24. Rock Garden Space

Rock Garden Space

Why not gather all your rocks into one location, so it’s easier to harvest supplies from them? Brilliant idea. It may take a while to get all your rocks in one place, but you can do this by breaking a rock on the island each day and then have the next rock appear in another area of it. The pro tip is that if you place some clothes designs around your island- especially ones like t-shirts or socks – they will block off access to other areas as well! This way, Rocks spawn only at places without mannequins (or any clothes).

2/24. Small Garden Space

Small Garden Space

If you’re wanting to keep your island simple, why not try this smaller zen garden design? It’s super easy to do: just start by creating a small area on your island and outline it with the zen fence. To get this fencing make sure you check your Nook Stop every day until it goes on sale. It is a must-have to create any kind of Zen Garden! You can also add a mix of cedar trees and bamboo trees inside the garden for an added touch (and for extra decor). Last but not least, don’t forget about adding in bonsai trees over where ever you like!

3/24. Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden

To create this secret haven for yourself, start by building some cliffs and encasing your hidden area with two magnificent waterfalls. Add a little rock pool in the middle, along with lamps to create that calming glow. Don’t forget to add a gong and some bamboo trees so you can tie in with the theme! It’s simple-and easy!

4/24. Zen Island Space

Zen Island Space

Let’s design a zen island! I have already got the name ready: Zenception. You can simply dig out a lake if you don’t already have one, then take it easy and create yourself an island in the middle. Either make your own small or big as you like – just remember to leave some stepping stones so that getting on and off your little piece of paradise is easier for everyone involved (including those who want to visit). Once completed, lay down some custom sand designs on the area with a few stones from around here. And don’t forget about adding some lanterns too!

5/24. Busy Garden

Busy Garden

If you want to try a different take on your zen garden, well here’s an interesting design. You could create one with lots going on if you want to relax and chill out! It’s not as complicated as it looks; all you need is some bamboo items for decoration. Add flowers in the center of the space where your garden will be and add a rock pool that fits nicely into the area too-it won’t rustle when someone walks by because it sits on top of another layer of stones! To finish off this Asian inspired look, put up a pagoda gong combination.

6/24. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Soothing away stress is easy when you have this amazing garden that provides a variety of spaces for comfort. This outdoor space can be set up in any area outside, but be sure to leave some areas for decorating. Add tons of bamboo items, like lamps and trees, as well as plenty of floor seats and tea to complete the perfect zen-garden ambiance.

7/24. Zen Forest Entrance

Zen Forest Entrance

Zen is a type of Japanese Buddhism and its principles have spread worldwide. This design concept has been built with the goal to create an entrance that is calming, relaxing, peaceful and serene. The result? An entrance that can be made by those who are looking for such a space in their lives!

8/24. Zen Waterfalls

Zen Waterfalls

Start with some cliffs, add waterfalls all around the edges. Add details like zen fencing and bamboo chairs to really bring the area to life. You can also add lots of bamboo trees and flowers, as well as lanterns and pillows to match your nature-themed design idea!

9/24. Black Sand Garden

Black Sand Garden

I love this zen garden idea. It’s pretty simple but so creative! What you need are black sand custom designs to create your flooring, a bunch of stone furniture, and lanterns. Flowers will also be needed for that soothing glow as well as bamboo trees which tie the whole look together.

10/24. Sand Garden

Sand Garden

This zen sand garden is a must-have for your island. Start by laying down some custom sand designs, or designing the patterns to blend into the grass. Your choice! Add some stone tables and chairs to tie in with the theme, as well as lots of bamboo items and trees around it. Don’t forget about adding this gorgeous zen fencing around it too!

11/24. Picnic Area

Picnic Area

A zen picnic area is the perfect place to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. All you need for this project are some stones, fencing, a table and chairs. Add in some snacks for good measure!

12/24. Hilltop Garden

Hilltop Garden

Check out this amazing zen garden! Truly worth a thousand words. The more you add to your garden, the better it’ll look! Add bamboo trees and custom stone pathways leading into your hilltop oasis – then make a waterfall at the end of your hill. It will quickly become the most relaxing spot on your island.

13/24. Grass Garden

Grass Garden

This zen garden is the perfect place to practice your afternoon meditation. It’s super simple to make and can be accomplished in a few easy steps! To achieve this look, start by finding an area near your waterfalls. You want your garden close by for a relaxing vibe, then create an area surrounded by the zen bridge with wooden paths through the center of it. Be sure to add lots of bamboo items and lots of bamboo trees as well! The stone statues are also very nice added touches that complete this lovely finished look.

14/24. Compact Garden Space

Compact Garden Space

Start this idea by marking out your area with some zen fencing. Add a custom sand design inside of the area, along with “raked” sand-look rocks and stone stools. You can then add lots of bamboo trees all around!

15/24. Meditation Entrance

Meditation Entrance

This is probably one of the easiest zen-style entrances to make. Begin by designing a stone path up from your airport with some stone flooring, and mark out either side with some zen fencing. Make sure to place a rock pool right in the middle of your garden area; this will be the first thing visitors see when they step foot on your island! You can also add a baby panda into there too! Add in bamboo trees as well, so it’s all complete here at our Garden Islandworld…

16/24. Super Tiny Garden

Super Tiny Garden

Our small zen garden is tiny before? Check out this idea! This one’s small enough you could design a zen space in the yard of every single villager, but if you want a communal space maybe mimic the design above by placing your Zen garden along your riverbank. Be sure to add some benches and bamboo trees too for ease!

17/24. Zen Rock Island

Zen Rock Island

The zen garden design is my favorite out there. It has strategically placed trees which look amazing, and reminds me of a warm evening when I could go outside to stargaze in the zen garden.

Start by marking out your zen garden with some fencing around the outside – make sure to dig out an island surrounded by a flowing river!

Then you can drop in stones along with a pagoda on this new land block, or maybe extra sand patterns for added character and tranquility to your tiny meditation area – add one little light at the top of it all for illumination and more peace within nature.

18/24. Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

You can create a zen garden where you will start your day with a walk through it. Forego the morning run and charge up on some yummy acai bowls! The stones in this path as well as bamboo trees are sure to give you relaxation vibes, while lanterns help light the way at night.

19/24. Simple Garden

Simple Garden

Starting out with a simple zen garden design is easy. Follow these steps to create your own personalized flooring, as well as the bamboo trees and seats you want! After that, place yourself in the bathtub for some relaxation before bedtime.

20/24. Zen Museum Entrance

Zen Museum Entrance

Let’s make Blathers a way to chill out by laying down some sandy flooring to start. You can add some zen fencing outside to mark out the museum’s entrance too! Make this design a showstopper and frame the entrance space with an arch made of stone. Then drop down tons of bamboo trees, rocks, and items for good measure – it’ll be like every trip is a relaxing experience!

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21/24. Zen Bridge

Zen Bridge

Yes, that is possible! You can start by building a waterfall into the cliff. Next, you’ll want to add some trees and plants all around the area where you plan on putting your zen garden so it looks nice. For example, bamboo trees are good for privacy and in addition they make great sound absorbers as well!

22/24. Zen Yard Area

Zen Yard Area

The zen garden is a calming space, which can be achieved by marking out your yard with fencing. If you are near flowing water then make sure to add a waterfall as well in the backyard of your home. Then inside this courtyard, you can incorporate some rocks and bamboo items into create an intimate space that feels like it’s right outside your front door!

23/24. Big Bamboo Forest

Big Bamboo Forest

This zen garden has made it pretty high up on my list. And with its quaint seating area, this garden screams tranquility. This can all be done by you, too! You start by adding bamboo trees and lots of bamboo items scattered throughout the space or even some custom designs for your flooring to create the perfect sense of peace in a serene atmosphere.

24/24. Rock Pool Space

Rock Pool Space

Designers of Asian-inspired islands should consider adding a small garden area with custom sand designs, a rockpool and water sounds. They can also add an outdoor “golden seat” to tie in with the theme, as well as surrounding it by rocks or other features that match the design.

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