15 Best Workshop Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Creating a personalized writing space is crucial for maintaining your creative inspiration. If you’re always working on another screen, whether it’s at home or the office, it can be hard to focus and do your best work. Personalizing a workspace for a writer is crucial for setting up the ideal environment in which to produce quality content.

1/15. ACNH Workshop Build-A-Bear

ACNH Workshop Build-A-Bear
Image Source by @alibbear_

Having a Build-A-Bear Workshop (or Build-A-Man) in Animal Crossing: New Leaf would be so fun! You can get more than 100 bears to collect from the store, including bears with different patterns on them. The prices are a little on the expensive side, but it’s totally worth it to get yourself a little bear or two.

Create some original tools that match the theme of your business. In the case of Stitches, a place to build bears, consider creating tools like special sewing machines and mini DIY workbenches. Remember that these items don’t have to be functional as long as they fit into the theme of your brand. If you’re going for a more creative and relaxed feel, try using an upholstered rocking chair.

2/15. ACNH Wrapping Station Christmas Present

ACNH Wrapping Station Christmas Present
Image Source by u/WasabiIsSpicy

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily wrap all of your Christmas gifts, this is just the thing you need. Walk into our gift-wrapping station, select some wrapping paper and gift tags, and fill in your already-wrapped presents with these quick-to-use tools.

3/15. ACNH Woodshop & Repair

ACNH Woodshop & Repair
Image Source by @parkplace.acnh

This weekend, the weather is looking good and so are your chances of bagging a big home DIY project. To get started, you’ll need some fencing — which you can craft from iron nuggets — plus some cartoonist’s sets and soundboards. All three will come in especially handy later during this project.

4/15. ACNH Seamstress Able Sisters

ACNH Seamstress Able Sisters
Image Source by u/kotobaek

If you enjoy making things, consider setting up a workshop of your own. Maybe in the back yard? It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the Able Sisters but you could set up a sewing machine and some stacks of magazines, for example. Or you can craft a log bench and display it as part of your home décor, with a piano bench and a loom to complete the table and chairs scenario.

5/15. ACNH Shop of Car Body

ACNH Shop of Car Body
Image Source by @Ayaneko_sims

Thanks for the feedback! If you’re interested in starting a garage, and you’re passionate about cars, you should think about how to turn your passion into a successful business. One idea is to include some of the things that you’ve had in mind. Your retro gas pumps will make your customers feel like they’ve stepped back in time, and your neon signs will create a lively atmosphere for your customers. You can get them from www.smithshinesigns.

6/15. ACNH Workshop Santa

ACNH Workshop Santa
Image Source by @sugar.cove

This is by far my favorite ACNH idea for Santa’s workshop — the most adorable, festive home item you can set up this season! The lawn gnomes give it a playful, holiday feel. To start your own ACNH setup, you’ll need: five log stools, two logs (or tree stumps), and a few festive items from the catalog. You’ll also need a bit of Christmas flair. But we all know how great Christmas is!

7/15. ACNH Workshop Botanical

ACNH Workshop Botanical
Image Source by u/rubybeee

Creating a warm and cozy interior for your home is important, and there are many different ways for you to achieve this end. You may want to start with a wallpaper like the one featured in the image above, which is simple but also highly impactful. Then customize your space by decorating it with furniture pieces that complement both the wallpaper and each other. The items in this space are great examples of what you can use!

You want to decorate your room with as many plants as possible. Add ferns and other lush green plants in blank areas such as empty corners, near the floor, or on top of tall furniture. Orchids and succulents work great, too! Even the walls can be tiled with greenery — just make sure to stick some artificial leaves in there so they don’t look plastic.

8/15. ACNH Garden Mini Workshop

ACNH Garden Mini Workshop
Image Source by @zarabows

Planting is the perfect way for you to express your creativity, and this workshop outdoor garden will show you how. First, you’ll put up few stalls for display your creations. Then, as strangers walk by and browse your wares, your plants will grow into additional crafting materials!

9/15. ACNH Fashion Fresh Studio

ACNH Fashion Fresh Studio
Image Source by @divinebenis

Have you always wondered how to design your own clothes? If so, you’re in luck! This fashion studio can help you create an original look for yourself. First, purchase a loom, some thread and a sewing machine. Then start designing your own clothes. When you’re done, display them on all three clothing racks!

We love the designs you can choose from: the blue owl, aqua dragon, green serpent and red & blue heart sweater. Now that’s out of the way, pick your favourite design or choose a new one for everyday. You’re in charge here — because you’re in control *of this workshop*.

10/15. ACNH Crafting Outdoor Area

ACNH Crafting Outdoor Area
Image Source by u/enzumei

If you are tired of the same old cubicles, why not try a cubicle made specifically for artists and designers? In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your very own cubicle with the tools you need — so that you can start to build your dreams with your bare hands.

11/15. ACNH Workshop Zen Style

ACNH Workshop Zen Style
Image Source by @acnhharga

Create your own little space of peace and tranquillity, then create a whole workshop around it! To make your space more Zen, let’s start off with a small fence—a Zen fence, of course. To further establish the mood, add some ironwood and bamboo tables, as well as a biotope planter and potted plants. Next, we’ll create a Zen shelf to house even more of our beautiful flora.

12/15. ACNH Small Craft Station

ACNH Small Craft Station
Image Source by u/-_Y_e_s_-

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then this setup might be the right fit for your needs. This small shop can benefit from a little improvisation. Make some wooden coffee tables with rolling office chairs on top of them. Add a DIY workbench to the side and start crafting! Use materials like wood, metal, metal, and bamboo. Pick the materials that are best for the project at hand!

13/15. ACNH Workshop NASA

ACNH Workshop NASA
Image Source by @weredawgz

Your dreams of space travel may belong to your childhood but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the thrill of space without leaving Earth. Whether you’re a rocket scientist or an astronaut in training, this workshop can help you test out your theories or practice your skills or even just tinker around until you get it right.

First go out and get yourself an engineering manual. This will give you a place to work on your projects, because you definitely want to be productive. Then get yourself a few space blueprints of a rocket or suit of astronaut — make sure you learn how to use them. Once that’s done, decorate the room with a couple suits of zap and laser guns to really capture the essence of your love for outer space.

14/15. ACNH Workshop & Maintenance Room

ACNH Workshop & Maintenance Room
Image Source by @starryarcana

While you may be extremely passionate about your startup, it’s likely that your office visitors won’t be as much. It’s especially likely that the work will start to slow down the longer you’re in business, and that slowly but surely those monthly rent payments are beginning to feel a lot more expensive. As any good business strategist knows, it’s important to think ahead. One way of preparing for the future is by thinking back to the past.

15/15. ACNH Studio of Pottery

ACNH Studio of Pottery
Image Source by u/rainosma

A personal pottery studio is one of the best hobbies you can get into. Not only is it fun and very easy to learn, but it’s a great way to express your creativity in a way that will always be there for you. To build your personal pottery studio, start off by getting either an iron or steel table. Then, give yourself a good background using plates and dishes made from clay.

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