ACNH Waterfall Design Ideas

24 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Waterfall Design Ideas

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, when you hit 3 stars, players will be able to terraform islands by the Designer. As long as they have enough Nook Miles in order to purchase a permit for waterscaping from inside their Resident Services with price 6,000 Nook Miles, they’ll be able to decorate them with waterfalls everywhere! If this sounds like something that’s difficult and challenging for you, fret not: there are plenty of inspiring designs on Reddit that show what’s possible with this feature!

1/24.ACNH Sunken Waterfalls

ACNH Sunken Waterfalls

I’m impressed by the design of this artificial waterfall section. It seems to have been designed with nature in mind, considering how natural it looks all around. I like that they incorporated many different elements such as trees and shrubs, flowers and outdoor furniture – even a butterfly there! One thing that is unique about this waterfall is the way it lights up at night so you can still see your way down its stairs!

2/24.ACNH Tranquility and Peace

ACNH Tranquility and Peace

I love the symmetry of this design, with the waterfall and roses being portrayed in a fantastic way. The road stands out among the others dull grass on other islands. The trees of bamboo from afar are showcased in such a way that you cannot find them anywhere else on your island; but if you travel high enough up into the sky or far away into unknown lands, then check back often because something new is always available there too!

3/24.ACNH Entrance Into The Falls

ACNH Entrance Into The Falls

Make your visitors feel truly special as they step into a fantasy surrounded by endless streams of waterfalls! This island entrance has such an elegant vibe to it. If you were to re-create this design, maybe add in some food carts too.

4/24.ACNH Floral Fantasy

ACNH Floral Fantasy

You can pixie by gazing upon these waterfalls. They are not as complicated or difficult to build as they look! You’d just need to lay down two tiers of stone, dig a waterfall in the desired location, and then put together some flowers and add a few hyacinth lamps. On the cliffside is also a Lily Valley flower – so this island must be 5 star rated!

5/24.ACNH Rocks

ACNH Rocks

This waterfall design is simple and stunning. It’s a natural meditation spot with sounds of the running water to offer some serious time. You can make this yourself by building in cliffs, adding lots of waterfalls on the edge all around, including flowers like roses and planting tall lanterns that join together in theme with purple paint!

6/24.ACNH Cherry Blossom Falls

ACNH Cherry Blossom Falls

If you’re looking to build a waterfall-centric design, consider this one. It takes two clifftops and digging tunnels to create the waterfalls. Then it uses Hardwood Trees as its centerpiece with Cherry Blossom trees available for only 10 days in Springtime – which is when they will bloom! For Northern Hemisphere players, April is the month of their Festival celebration!

7/24.ACNH Pond Signpost

ACNH Pond Signpost

This is a great use of space! I want it on my island right now. You can fill the area with flowers and put down your own signpost to direct friends around that might come visit. The two islands in the middle give this design depth and definition, too! When building them out over blocks they’ll spawn certain fish species with them as well.

8/24.ACNH Nook’s Cranny Falls

ACNH Nook’s Cranny Falls

The cranny is aesthetically beautiful and unique, I know Tom Nook would approve. There’s just nothing like it. I absolutely love how it screams cottagecore; clearly the island’s main theme here. The waterfall design being enclosed with furniture is impressive as well-the mushroom stool and flowers grab your attention because they’re so close to each other. Although if you’d prefer a bigger water feature, make sure you have plenty of space for that – in comparison to this layout which has quite a limited footprint by the beach, giving room for only one small flower pot (which might be too much). If re-creating this on your own personal island or building design in general – think about outdoor furniture that fits with your style/theme while making use of lots of open space outdoors where possible like by beaches etc..

9/24.ACNH Beach

ACNH Beach

My waterfalls are so tiny! I love it. I’m surprised how well they blend in with the sun and make it seem as if the waterfall is actually part of the beach. To create this illusion, start by building a platform above your waterfall (the bigger, the better). Then place your lighthouse anywhere around it — preferably overlooking the ocean! You then have to dig into the platform behind your waterfall to form a hole.

10/24.ACNH Sightseeing Waterfalls

ACNH Sightseeing Waterfalls

This area is a hot tourist spot. Just the use of palm trees, which would add some summer vibes to this look, makes it work so well! This theme has an outdoor feel and I love the way tiki torches or flowers can be added here. To make this look even more effective, add some iron fences against the green vegetation that will stick out nicely when lit up by their light.

11/24.ACNH Be Love!

ACNH Be Love!

This area between the falls is a popular tourist destination and it attracts plenty of people. This is why you might want to enhance this area in order to attract more visitors over time, hence the choice for Easter eggs.

12/24.ACNH Moon River

ACNH Moon River

You and I both know that Celeste lives for drama. (Write an essay about your favorite character and get a bonus mark, teacher’s pet!) So this stunning waterfall area is right up her alley. Even if you aren’t overly concerned with drama, you can still appreciate the stunning custom path that brings some serious elegance to your island.

13/24.ACNH Follow The Stones

ACNH Follow The Stones

The Stone Arch Bridge is a sight to behold. The distinct architecture of arch stone stands out against such an amazing view of green, with water features that are aesthetically gorgeous and will make you feel like it’s straight from a fairytale! They even have custom pathways made up of stones on the ground which catches your eye every time you pass by them.

14/24.ACNH Autumn Falls

ACNH Autumn Falls

This is my absolute favorite waterfall design for ACNH, hands down. The wide angled shot has captured just how much this area screams “tropical paradise”. There’s so much to love here: the custom path, the unique flowers, and especially the matching furniture! I also love how colorful everything is – brilliant autumn colors all around! Additionally, you can pick up your campsite sign-up on a clifftop (a houseware item), bought from Nook Shopping once you link your Pocket Camp account to My Nintendo Account.

15/24.ACNH Statues Falls

ACNH Statues Falls

Now, this stunning waterfall entrance would be the spotlight of any island. The symmetry is spot-on and everything placed in sight feels so lovely and welcoming. Nothing seems out of place or too crowded here which I love about it! There’s a sense that something just “happened” here; there’s even a little mystery around it (that makes me curious!). I also appreciate how the white furniture speaks to our minds about elegance and sophistication – as well as nature with its brilliant contrast against grasses! Finally, that hedge fence really jumps off from underneath my feet when standing at eye level with this view!

16/24.ACNH Sitting By The Falls

ACNH Sitting By The Falls

Looks can be deceiving, as this is a straightforward idea which is pretty easy to do yourself. It will help if you have the bench DIY kit first, and it can also be purchased from Nooks Cranny. The second step is building a section of cliff (any size) and making it two tiers high. Next you need to add trees, flowers or any type of furniture that fits with your choice for the look in order for everything to blend together nicely! Don’t forget about adding adorable log fencing into your decoration too!

17/24.ACNH White Waterfalls

ACNH White Waterfalls

The statues on this user’s island set the tone for this scenery. In particular, these statues in her design idea are 2 Valiant Statues and a Beautiful Statue. They’re a DIY recipe from balloons or from someone else who is crafting; they also fit so nicely with all of those waterfalls! If she had some extra time today, she would be making her own white tiling instead of using what’s already here – there are plenty of resources you could get to make one yourself if you really wanted to!

18/24.ACNH Waterfall Valley

ACNH Waterfall Valley

This is one of the most unique waterfall designs I’ve seen — and for a good reason, too. The intricate nature of this design comes from the customisation and modification options available, which allows you to fully perfect your buildings and make it a representation of your personality through your art. It’ll look amazing in your home or even as part of a set in your business!

19/24.ACNH Waterfall Airport

ACNH Waterfall Airport

The stones are designed to come together and the greenery compliments it. This idea is easy to recreate your island by building a clifftop, placing street lamps in front of lilies at each end and then creating Zen Bridge across the water for nighttime fun!

20/24.ACNH Home By The Falls

ACNH Home By The Falls

I can imagine most users will make their own houses the hot spot of their island. The walkway leading up to this house, surrounded by a body of water, must be one of the coolest places to hang when friends come visit. The Zen fenced in area (x3 Iron Nuggets, x3 Clay and x3 Stone) and the street lamps can both be brought on your Nook Stop Terminal for 1000 Nook Miles. Although you won’t get any options available with them because they are only color decorations as well as flowers scattered across its clifftops brings a fairy tale feeling to this design!

21/24.ACNH Snowy Falls

ACNH Snowy Falls

What a magical winter wonderland! The beautiful trees, golden roses and moonlit sky make this area feel like something out of your dreams. This scene is simply perfect with its outdoor bath on the clifftops. To start making changes to your island you will need to build two cliffs, decorate it as desired the player did below and then keep a look out for any details that you might have missed while doing so!

22/24.ACNH Villager Falls

ACNH Villager Falls

If you’re looking for an original and modern garden design, then look no further than this waterfall-style community. I love the clean lines and natural feel of this design — it’s a perfect combination. The fences add a unique style to the design, while still complementing the rest of the space. This is definitely one to consider when thinking about your own garden or outdoor living space.

23/24.ACNH Hydrangea Waterfall

ACNH Hydrangea Waterfall

This green garden is easy to duplicate by adding waterfalls, trees and flowers. The blue theme has been a favorite in my eye so far! Ok so if you don’t like the idea of river- or waterfall-themed gardens then just create some flowers instead! That’s what player 2 did above. Those ideas are great too though!!

24/24.ACNH Hidden Sitting Area

ACNH Hidden Sitting Area

I love the different shades of green here, and how they contrast against the brown flooring. This gives waterfalls an opportunity to stand out with their glimmering bright blue. I think your villagers would enjoy relaxing in a place like this – there is furniture for them to lounge on, plants for them to rest under, and decorations everywhere!

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