ACNH Urban Island Design Ideas

40 Animal Crossing New Horizons Urban Island Design Ideas

What’s the point of having a perfect ACNH island and getting along with your villagers if you don’t have your clothes on point? If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I am a very big fan of Ice Poseidon. The streamer is well known for his very candid live streams, often times playing with everyday people, as well as his interaction with fans.

1/40.ACNH Used Book Shop

ACNH Used Book Shop

Creating a small used book shop here in ACNH could be just the ticket to add some life and vibrancy to this otherwise boring space. You’ll need cliffs, of course, so that there are multiple levels on which you can sell your books from! After all, more is better! But don’t forget about those simple panels I told you about-they’re an important part of achieving that warm cozy feel. And for good measure make sure you include a sign for customers outside reading material as well. That should be enough evidence that people must have something worth looking at inside if they choose to come in their first place!!.

2/40.ACNH Patterns City Street

ACNH Patterns City Street

If you’re looking for some of the best ways to get your nails done in a modern, fashion-forward way, look no further than nail salons in NYC! The city that never sleeps has an amazing selection of places to choose from, offering everything from classic manicures to state-of-the-art gel manicures for all tastes and budgets.

3/40.ACNH City Loft

ACNH City Loft

I love my apartment and I love where I live. If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it would be the fact I get to enjoy comfort and luxury in the city! I don’t need to go out just to hangout in a park anymore because of how great the view from my window is (and how much it looks like a movie set).

4/40.ACNH Corner Gas Station

ACNH Corner Gas Station

If you have been driving around the city for a while, it might be time to stop and get some gas. You need gravel, iron ore, and clay to make zen fencing so I recommend using that on your edges. Then set up a small convenience store area with a snack machine, drink machine and public bench in the appropriate place; this should be near an exit of all those bikes. And don’t forget about vehicles! Purchase some tricycles or race car beds if you like – they’ll fill the void nicely! After that purchase few retro gasoline pumps (gas stations!) which will help you finish off your build – here’s hoping there are no ruffians nearby whilst doing this process though .

5/40.ACNH Beachside Bus Stop

ACNH Beachside Bus Stop

Bus travel is typically the most convenient way of getting around a city. A bus stop can provide shelter from the rain and be used as an overhang for people to escape it. You may need to buy items like drink machines, snack bars, or phone booths in order for your bus stop to work properly. For example you could create floating blocks near stairs that lead down into a small passageway with steps leading up out of it at one end! This will allow passengers waiting beneath this feature time spent on their phones while they wait under shelter from the rain! Add Motor marker so that the buses know where you are, and crank Go KK Rider on jukebox so passengers have something fun listening before departure!

6/40.ACNH River Boat Tours

ACNH River Boat Tours

I did not expect to find an idea like this for Animal Crossing. And I absolutely did not expect to find it done in multiple ways. Maybe your city’s main tourist attraction could be the boat tours you can give around the city? Obviously, you want to do some waterscaping so a decent sized river with a bridge crosses it – but leave another small island in the water! On top of that, setup some fencing and make lecture hall benches on them (to create seats) and cliffs near by where we just live out our typical city skyline with landscaping happening at nearby levels as well.

7/40.ACNH Bike Stop

ACNH Bike Stop

I’m going to suggest something simple and small for you here: create a bike stop right next to Nook’s Cranny.

You can create custom sidewalks paths, mark that area with iron fencing and yellow tiles, purchase some utility poles from Nook Miles, install a machine of snacks from them as well (don’t forget the outdoor bench), buy some mountain bikes so people know this is where they park their rides when they’re tired of biking all day long!.

8/40.ACNH Drive-In Movie Theater

ACNH Drive-In Movie Theater

A great way to make the streets of the city seem more friendly and inviting is by setting up community events that everyone can enjoy. The best part about this idea is that it started with setting up some custom designed paths leading into an area where parking spaces were set up.

9/40.ACNH City Hall

ACNH City Hall

A city hall is needed for any town or city. The design of this particular one is similar to a school, but there are differences that make it more unique and interesting. You want to set up the building with customized simple panels in order not to take away from its simplicity and elegance, as well as the park clock on multiple levels of cliffs at each end of the building; you also want an organ inside so people can play music when they come into your brand new public square!

10/40.ACNH Asphalt Playground

ACNH Asphalt Playground

If you’re looking for a way to turn your urban playground into something that feels more like the suburban schoolyard, this is a good start. You can lay down blacktop designs, and include lines so you have soccer courts as well. This builds also includes an audience area for when it’s time to play soccer or football. To complete the build, purchase director’s chairs and outdoor benches too!

11/40.ACNH Artist’s Loft

ACNH Artist’s Loft

This loft space is designed for an artist’s dream — it works great as a studio or office. The wood flooring provides a warm feeling and the black walls give off a modern vibe. Do you take lots of selfies? Then be sure to outfit your room with plenty of full-length mirrors!
When it comes to living in a small space, there are two rules that are absolutely essential.

12/40.ACNH Bizarre Bazaar

ACNH Bizarre Bazaar

In order to make the customers feel more at ease, you need to build an avenue or main strip where vendors can market their good and services. If a path is what you are looking for, then you can’t afford to ignore paving a wide road in front of your marketplace first. Once that is done, arrange your stalls on either side of the road. Make sure they have enough space to show off their products in an inviting manner without feeling crowded.

13/40.ACNH Urban Lights

ACNH Urban Lights

What does a city look like at night? The nighttime illumination of all the wonderful lights on the streets is an interesting question. And surprisingly, I’ve seen this exact setup on other islands. It’s pretty self-explanatory: you want to carefully place tons of street lamps in organized rows outside your museum door by using lots and lots of urban museum light fixtures! There are four rows here with five street lamps each but if you would like more then go bananas with tons of urban museum light fixtures instead!.

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14/40.ACNH City Designs Run Down

ACNH City Designs Run Down

Although it’s still a bit early in development, Bawbz is already taking off in the states. Their site claims to have been featured in over 100 websites and blogs, including Gizmodo, Wired and Cnet. They’ve also managed to work with some big names in tech like Qualcomm, BMW and Samsung. And oh yeah, they did all of this before their product even came out.

15/40.ACNH Shopping Center Urban

ACNH Shopping Center Urban

You can purchase buildings from Nook Miles for your island, and use them to create a busy shopping street. Here’s where you can also use some of your custom designs. Then place snack machines, drink machines and utility poles on the side shops to decorate it with! Finally note that they are drawn in but not their power lines.

16/40.ACNH Food Trucks

ACNH Food Trucks

The best way to make your island look more immersive is by purchasing buildings from Nook Miles. The real-life convenience stores are located on the side of properties, ready to be decorated with all the trappings of urban living, including utility poles and snack machines.

17/40.ACNH Rooftop Relaxation

ACNH Rooftop Relaxation

Some sitcoms take place in big cities like New York, and they often end up hanging out on the apartment roof. Maybe it’s just a nice relaxing spot, to get away from all the action? To make this yourself you’ll need to create multiple levels of elevation that designate different buildings. Then lay down some custom designed paths so everyone can reach their destination. Craft some stalls made of wood, or use stone bricks if you prefer your rooftop style more rustic looking. Be sure not forget to buy clotheslines because drying off your shirt is always appropriate no matter how many towels are in stock! Other items for this project would be air conditioners and beach chairs – as well as other things like umbrellas- for when that sun isn’t shining quite yet!

18/40.ACNH Rooftop Garden

ACNH Rooftop Garden

The concept of urban farming is becoming much more popular as people get more environmentally conscious and grow to understand how important it is. That’s why some cities have started to invest in rooftop farming and there are a lot of benefits to doing so. There are many different ways you can create and maintain a rooftop farm, including using wind turbines, solar panels and even utility poles! Once the initial work has been done it’s time for the fun part: choosing what to grow.

19/40.ACNH Store Street Front

ACNH Store Street Front

In this sample build, I’m going to show you how you can create an interactive shop inside your city. First, set up the street with either real or custom stone paths. Then, add some iron and stone fencing to separate the area. Next, place some small stalls at each level that feature a tea kettle and a menu that’s been customized to look like a beautiful façade.

20/40.ACNH Urban Town Overgrown

ACNH Urban Town Overgrown

For the more adventurous traveller, some streets may be downright frightening. If your ideal holiday accommodation is a deserted island, then perhaps you’ll want to try this design: the overgrown items include public benches and drink machines, and even a mountain bike! To create an abandoned area, plant plenty of trees and flowers.

21/40.ACNH Hourly Motel

ACNH Hourly Motel

Get away from it all, but still have room service. Whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure, you may not want to go far from all the action. Why travel when you can stay in one of our fully-furnished rooms located just outside the city? We’ve got everything you need – and a little extra, too – in our custom designed spaces.

22/40.ACNH Skyline NY City

ACNH Skyline NY City

A decent sized lake to sit between the bridge and city lights is an essential part of turning this into your own A&C map! Some of the other incredibly important parts are custom stone pathways, spooky fencing — and a cliff-like base for buildings. You’ll also need some rockets, lighthouses, and of course Lady Liberty!

23/40.ACNH Exterior Subway Station

ACNH Exterior Subway Station

I think this composition is much better than the first, but there are still some elements that could be improved. I like how you used the blue iron staircase as a design element. I would also love to see more of your style in the other features you chose, like the clock and panels.

24/40.ACNH Corner Laundromat

ACNH Corner Laundromat

If you live in a city apartment, then you likely have to either go the building basement, or walk a few blocks to go to an actual laundromat.

Investing some time and money into installing your own washer and dryer is more efficient than going out of the way for laundry. You’ll also want them set up in organized rows so that it’s easier for everyone else who walks by! And when we’re not washing clothes at home, drying rack dampens any residual humidity from our garments until they are ready for storage. After all, wet clothing should be avoided too because as soon as fabric touches moist air it starts breaking down rapidly (the musty smell). You can spice things up with plants like monstera palm trees and floating biotope planters which help make this area look less busy while waiting on these never-ending cycles!

25/40.ACNH Subway Station Basement

ACNH Subway Station Basement

Get gridded and civil with these tips for building your subway. Whether you’re riding the rails or railroading on a tight budget, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you how to set up the interiors of your subway stations in a way that keeps the grid and the herd happy.

26/40.ACNH Dining Rooftop

ACNH Dining Rooftop

Your dining area? It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand — or, if you don’t have one yet, your vision for your online business. An easy way to set the stage: with a cityscape wallpaper. Because it’s a seamless pattern and has a beachy feel, it brings the two together to create an Instagram-worthy dining area that draws customers in with its beauty.

27/40.ACNH Cityside Canal

ACNH Cityside Canal

Imagine living in an urban setting with a canal running around the outskirts. To make this yourself, start by doing some waterscaping to create your canals and bridges. Next to the canals you’ll want to add hedges, iron stone fencing and shrubs. That way no one falls in! You should then lay down some stone paths for walkways and streets along with small waterside seating areas too by crafting some iron garden tables/chairs near them as well (you’ll be wanting those on both sides of course). In the distance you’ll see all the villager’s homes so be sure to line them up nicely on your island too! So give it a go now!!!

28/40.ACNH Custom Skyscrapers

ACNH Custom Skyscrapers

Building a city out of LEGOs is a great way to get children (and the young at heart) excited about architecture! You’ll need small blocks that represent modern skyscrapers, but you can also introduce a bit of realism into the scene by including urban elements such as street lamps, phone booths and utility poles.

29/40.ACNH Apartment Balcony

ACNH Apartment Balcony

For a view like this, you’ll need to install some custom rooftops patterns. Remember, the more intricate and non-symmetrical the better. I recommend adding in zen fencing and a lawn chair for rooftop decoration. And scattered papers are a must! Finally, I’m also a big fan of crafting custom wooden ducks. They look great in any home or office setting.

30/40.ACNH 5 Star Hotel

ACNH 5 Star Hotel

You don’t have to be Donald Trump to realise that you need to be on the same level as your clients if you want them to return. A good way of making that happen? Building a five-star hotel in the form of a website — one that lets them share their story, giving you a better understanding of their business and needs. So here’s how you make it happen.

31/40.ACNH Blade Runner

ACNH Blade Runner

Amazing building to show off. The many levels and the floors are created with custom panels made with simple shapes and materials such as wood or brick. What better way to welcome students in than by displaying mountain bikes outside? Class is indeed officially in session once you display those bright red classes on the exterior walls; all that remains now is giving them a place of their own inside where they can learn about new things without ever leaving home at all.

32/40.ACNH High School Academy

ACNH High School Academy

If you want a unique city scene, check out this Chinese red light district. It has cliffs for multiple stories and plenty of small sections to make the walls. Use phone booths for your streets and street lamps for better visibility! You’ll also need some neon signs in a diner – that’s what makes any authentic Chinese scenery truly stand out! Don’t forget Gulliver’s pagoda from “Gulliver’s Travels” either – it is an essential part of any authentic Asian cityscape.

33/40.ACNH District Chinese City

ACNH District Chinese City

Want to take your board game or role playing campaign to the next level? This Chinese red light district is where you need to be. With its cliffs and phone booths, multiple stories and plenty of panels, it’s a real treat for the imagination. And this set also includes rows of street lamps on top of that! Make sure they’re included in your game — they’re an important part of any authentic Chinese scenery!

34/40.ACNH Tourist City Block

ACNH Tourist City Block

Not every urban city is as brilliant and captivating as Tokyo, Paris or New York. However, that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful. This design also has its merits – an endless staircase with plenty of stone pathways to mimic the way a urban city looks like in real life! You can display panels made out of various different materials that have been customized beautifully for your breathtaking scenes! These are just some examples of what you could do with this design– lots more things I’m sure you’d think up on your own down the line. But one thing’s for certain: if anyone wants to recreate something similar at home – make sure they know it needs prison bars because those add so much visual interest while complimenting the pattern nicely.

35/40.ACNH City Walk Japanese

ACNH City Walk Japanese

Here’s an idea for a totally rad online marketplace! It would work on a concept akin to Etsy, but with a simple twist. To briefly explain, Etsy is like a giant flea market where people sell their handmade products at exorbitant costs. I’m proposing using this exact same idea, but for cheap, mass-produced stuff that you’d find at a thrift store (like those brightly colored plastic plates with cartoon characters on them).

36/40.ACNH High Line NYC

ACNH High Line NYC

A lot of visitors to your city will be walking the NYC High Line. To simulate this experience in your village, you’ll want a substantial platform on which they can walk. Position this platform as if it were a high-elevation section of the High Line, then decorate your platforms with loft beds.

37/40.ACNH Futuristic Skyline

ACNH Futuristic Skyline

The King is your lord and king, but you’re the real ruler. You’ve united much of the world with your city building prowess, and now it’s time to carve out your own circle of influence in the new land. Some of your fellow city builders are jealous, so they attack you. Employ your troops to drive them back while refusing to let any more greedy city builders take away what’s yours — because it’s all yours.

38/40.ACNH Vinyl Shop

ACNH Vinyl Shop

This shop has it all! It’s like a small independent store with vintage-style furniture and art, but instead of selling records or books, this place gets to sell cool stuff from K.K. Slider albums – such as the ones that have album covers on them. For example: if you’re feeling creative and want to put some huge rock guitars up for sale here, go ahead! Whatever kind of music is your passion though, I’m sure someone will love what you come up with in the end.

39/40.ACNH Seven Eleven

ACNH Seven Eleven

If you’re looking for a new way to add a pop of color and urban flair to your office, consider adding a variety of the cosmetics from this week’s Nook update. From cushions (and Doritos?!) to smartphone docks, today’s hottest gadgets are now available at your doorstep!

40/40.ACNH Backyard Basketball

ACNH Backyard Basketball

Have you ever seen the episode of Friends where they’re all playing football on Thanksgiving? That’s what I think of when I see this basketball court in a back alley.

I’ll bet you figured that to make it into a real basketball court, and play actual games, you would need more than just the hoop-you’d also need an actual ball. Well, those are both additional items we’ll have to purchase for our project if we want live some full time recreational hoops action!

Besides this requirement though-we will still be able to customize our panels with an overgrown fencing look. We can even add custom designs so that instead of looking like anything but slats or posts for bumming around down here in the garbage dumpster fire zone -it will actually function as one heckuva functional basketball stadium!

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