10 Best ACNH Train Station Design Ideas

If you love the idea of hopping along the Animal Crossing Express to new towns and a life full of trains, then try out these train station ideas. They’re fun and simple to put into action, and can give your town some much-needed personality.

1/15. Peninsula Parking

Crafting is a big feature of Minecraft, and your island’s peninsula is just the place for it. You could really customize your own home with some custom crafting patterns using chest tables and crafting booths. So get to work!

2/15. Beachside Station

The beach is a fantastic place to catch the morning sunrise, especially when you have time to kill before heading to work. But when your train stutters, sputters, and still fails to show up between 8:30-9:00 AM, you’ll be left with nothing but time. So lug some steel track out to the coast and make your own private train station. You never know what might come rolling through!

3/15. Food and Flower Train

I’m a big fan of furniture that doubles as public transportation. Here’s one that I think is particularly interesting because of its funky cargo. I’m big on featuring the goods, so I’ll start with the cotton candy and popcorn machine you can get from Nook Shopping. And here’s how to put them together: lay down some tracks first, and then place your machines.

4/15. Midnight Garden Station

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing a stunning landscape brought to life at dusk. For this you’ll need train tracks, containers and (of course) the waiting area. You’ll need Nook Miles to purchase some benches, a snack machine, drink machine and phone booth.

5/15. Deserted Station

Every town needs a railway station, and knowing how to build one from scratch will come in handy. Why not avoid any troublesome delays by building it yourself? To spruce up your railway station, you’ll want to lay down some dirt paths for a more authentic feel. Customize plenty of simple panels to look just like various parts of the train station.

6/15. Woodland Station

You can make a fun, modern train-track scene! You’ll need some low tables made out of ironwood to keep your containers in place. Then, you can build background windows with a few simple panels. The best thing to do is to cover them in plants — and we have plenty of those at The Modding Incubator right now.

7/15. Kidcore Play Station

Train stations are boring as sin. And I’m sorry, but that’s just the truth. I battled through a train station in Pokémon and it nearly drove me to tears. Even more so than the time I spent with my ex.

8/15. Industrial Railway

This is a Nook station, and it’s very important. You’ll want to use it to travel up and down the city. This particular station has been constructed using a lot of wood, which you can purchase yourself using Nook Miles. I would also suggest using some servers and crafting utility poles out of stone — these items are also available in-store for Nook Miles.

9/15. Colorful Train Station

While the Rainbow Train Station may look like a rainbow, it sure doesn’t feel like it — with only one room to work with, you’ve got a lot of colors and no space for them. Luckily for you, I’m here to help with a few simple and quick tips to designing rooms that actually feel colorful. Learn how to design your own colorful room, and then hop aboard the Train Station while it’s still in the EULA!

10/15. Disneyland Express

Taking a trip on the Disneyland Express is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Animal Crossing: New Leaf — and there’s a good reason for that. A ride on this customized train not only allows you to explore all the nooks and crannies of your town, but also takes you through Animal Crossing’s wealth of cultural institutions.

11/15. Victorian Café

When designing your garden, lay some tracks on the ground to form a train that leads around the side of your home. Place a wooden patio to the side of your train tracks, and set up some ironwood garden chairs and tasteful square tables. Serve up cups of coffee on each table, and make sure you have refreshments while you wait for it to pass through.

12/15. Modern Train Station

In my youth, I was fortunate enough to own a little starter home — a humble abode that was that was only twenty feet from a train track. It was nice, but you could smell the diesel in the air. But nowadays, we can create our own stations! Public benches and a snack machine make for a cute little waiting area, so that’s an easy place to start.

13/15. Basement Subway Station

Rather than head down to the station, you can keep your home-to-station trek to a minimum by just building a train station in your own basement! You’ll want to customize some standees to look like trains, and lay down some special designs for that pesky yellow line on the floor. Then drop in some cardboard boxes, a sign, and a bucket.

14/15. Tunnel Maintenance

Throwback track is a big favourite of mine but it’s always been hard to pull off when your space is full. Thankfully this has now changed with what I have coined Shanty Town 2.0. Let me show you how to do this in today’s tip!

15/15. Heightened Perspective

Look how great this is, guys! It’s so cool, isn’t it? I’m not only talking about the custom-designed roads and throwback train containers (which are great , especially the containers), but also the use of cliffs! So clever!

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