15 Best ACNH Super Mario Island Design Ideas

The latest Animal Crossing game update brought a host of Mario-themed items, and it’s amazing what players have done with them. They’ve built replicas of Bowser’s castle, and they’ve created their own Mario Kart courses. Some of these creations are so good that they could be the official courses in a future Mario Kart game.

1/15. ACNH Racer Track Mario Kart

ACNH Racer Track Mario Kart
Image Source by @christianusaph

First create a loop in the racetrack. You can do this by placing blocks next to each other, but also leave room for a 2px gap in between. This way you can add extra scenery in-between later. Decorate the track however you like, but be sure to include cliffs, blocks, stars and mushrooms. Also add some race car beds, obviously, and finally some fuel pumps.

2/15. ACNH Mushroom Yard

ACNH Mushroom Yard
Image Source by @blazethebrawler

You can now make your own beautiful Animal Crossing yard, complete with the very first Mario-themed items you could only get with special codes or by completing puzzles. All you need to make this dreamy wonderland is a bit of fencing, a bit of decoration, and maybe some customisation. Get ready to start making your very own mini-garden outside your house — it is super simple!

3/15. ACNH Garden Super Mario

ACNH Garden Super Mario
Image Source by @squanchyisland

This summer, why not try your hand at turning your backyard into a Super Mario level? The first step is to lay down all the bricks—oh, and maybe throw in a couple of question marks for good measure. If you’re looking to go even further, try sticking some question mark blocks up in the sky. They’ll take you by surprise when you least expect it.

4/15. ACNH Rainbow Road Mario Kart

ACNH Rainbow Road Mario Kart
Image Source by @hafuishalf

Who doesn’t love an amusement park with a Mario Kart theme?! You’ll first want to grab a custom design of your very own rainbow track. It will give you the perfect base for which to build upon.

5/15. ACNH Lounge Super Mario

ACNH Lounge Super Mario
Image Source by @08eipri08

The dream of every Mario fan is to have a room designed like the iconic gaming location, World 1-1. If you want to create this look in your home, we recommend our Mushroom Mural and Block Flooring. Apply them to your wall and your floor, respectively.

6/15. ACNH Lava Pit Super Mario

ACNH Lava Pit Super Mario
Image Source by stephylovexoxo

Want to visit Super Mario World in person? Then you’re in luck: Miitomo Island is just for you! This awesome addition to the ACNH island will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the time of Nintendo’s glory days. To make it, simply pay attention to detail and follow these steps.

7/15. ACNH Super Mario Waterfall

ACNH Super Mario Waterfall
Image Source by @Sergiojmnz

Build a large cliff area in the middle of your park. Place waterfalls on all sides and add some floating blocks and mushrooms around the area to pull it all together. You can also decorate the cliffs with coins, and maybe even add a Fire Flower for that extra dash of adventure!

8/15. ACNH Princess Peach

ACNH Princess Peach
Image Source by @acnhkohaku

Create a Mario-themed island! Grab a block custom design for your flooring, then lay that design to create a game path. Add lots of floating blocks and question blocks for a new twist on Super Mario Bros. fun, plus lots of coins and mushrooms for the perfect island experience.

9/15. ACNH Super Mario Arcade

ACNH Super Mario Arcade
Image Source by @ACNHPalm

When it comes to gaming, use your imagination! First, we recommend you consider video gaming as a form of soft exercise, and that it can encourage a healthy mindset for the future. With this in mind, you can’t just go for one machine—you’ll need everything from retro consoles like the NES Classic and Sega Genesis to full-blown arcade machines from the 90’s and today.

10/15. ACNH Goal Pole Super Mario

ACNH Goal Pole Super Mario
Image Source by @ACNHCarrie94

All Mario fans will remember the flagpole that marked the end of each level. So why not add it to your own fun DIY project? Here’s how to do it: choose a room in your home, and set yourself up with a little sand flooring (you’ll need some help from friends for this one) and some wood planks.

11/15. ACNH Coins Yard

ACNH Coins Yard
Image Source by @blazethebrawler

What’s better than having the best yard on the island? Having the best yard in the world! By adding this set of 12 pixelated blocks that are designed to look like Mario — yes, inspired by the actual Mario, the explorer himself — you’ll have a one-of-a-kind yard. This set not only looks cool but can also be useful for setting goals for yourself and your family.

12/15. ACNH Couch of Gaming

ACNH Couch of Gaming
Image Source by @DrLuigiDin

So you want to design your own gaming room, but you’re really not sure how to do it. But don’t worry! Gaming room designs are so easy — and this is just one example of how you can create an amazing gaming room in no time. First of all, get a couch and a table.

13/15. ACNH Mario Obstacle Guide

ACNH Mario Obstacle Guide
Image Source by @acnh_muffy

In Super Mario, the first level you need to complete is always Mushroom Kingdom. In a lot of games, this is a basic level that the game designer uses to help accustom the player to new controls and mechanics. If you want to make an island in your game more fun, this is the design for you! Create three courses, and separate them with some rope fencing.

Once you’ve got your tracks and sky-high hills ready, be sure to deck them out with some sweet car parts! You can grab plenty of spare tires and nice and wide rubber tires to use as decorations—just imagine those eyes light up when they see all the lovely tires strewn about (they might even wish they had a car). Be sure to grab plenty of coins to place along your tracks.

14/15. ACNH Bowser Castle

ACNH Bowser Castle
Image Source by @akatsuki_dazzle

This is the most true-to-life castle you will find anywhere. You know, you can tell it’s a Bowser castle because of the pipe on the right hand side, and because of the big doors in front. The doors are perfect for letting your friends through, or to block Bowser off from getting in on his own. It would be pretty hard for him to beat this castle without Mario’s help!

15/15. ACNH Madness of Mario Costume

ACNH Madness of Mario Costume
Image Source by @Mo_playsgames

The Mushroom Kingdom is a fictional world set in the Mario video game franchise. It is depicted as a monarchy with Princess Peach as its ruler, who often plays host to the heroes and villains of the series. The Mushroom Kingdom was first introduced in Super Mario Bros. (1985), wherein the player must save the kingdom by defeating King Koopa and his minions, the Koopalings.

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