15 Best Summer Island Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing’s upcoming update will include a new summer ACNH island Ideas, which will allow players to enjoy a variety of beach-themed rooms while also enjoying the season’s warm weather. You’ll be able to avoid pesky tourists, lost luggage, and sand in your shoes, while still enjoying all of the natural beauty that this game has to offer.

1/15. ACNH Cafe at Beach

ACNH Cafe at Beach
Image Source by crossinglife

Everyone loves an outdoor cooking area. So build one! Outdoor cooking areas have a wide variety of uses in any Sim’s life, as they are perfect for hostng parties, impressing loved ones with your grill skills, or simply enjoying some time out of the house. In this article I will explore the different types of outdoor cooking areas, how to get the most out of them, turf vs stone vs cement and much more.

2/15. ACNH Getaway of Tropical Island

ACNH Getaway of Tropical Island
Image Source by meekaio

Let’s face it–we all love palm trees. They’re a staple of tropical destinations and vacations. So when you’re thinking about tropical resorts, don’t you think of palm trees first? In New Horizons, we’ve created the perfect place for your tropical desires to come to life! It’s time to add some tropical flair to your island with coconut, hydrangea, hyacinth, and hibiscus plants.
Good luck!

3/15. ACNH Honey Farm Artisan

ACNH Honey Farm Artisan
Image Source by Henedion

Beekeeping, it’s a hobby for the daring! Who would have thought that Animal Crossing had the tools to keep your very own bees? By setting up hives and bee houses, you’ll be able to produce loads of honey to keep your friends buzzing. You’ll need to provide lots of pollen for your bees to work effectively. For best results, have flowers in every corner!

4/15. ACNH Flower Market Fragrant

ACNH Flower Market Fragrant
Image Source by tengo3nombres

Click and drag the mouse to create a flower shop that will delight all your friends and family! Build stalls overflowing with your favorite flowers. Anything like sunflowers, poppies, and lilies. Bonus points if you’re able to offer all eight of the floral options available in-game!

5/15. ACNH Court of Basketball

ACNH Court of Basketball
Image Source by Yue

You want to be the star of the acnh neighborhood ideas, don’t you? Then invest in your own custom basketball court. Just add some ground tiles and you’ll be set in no time! This is perfect for summer, so it’s perfect for those who love to play basketball — especially if you think your friends might show up to a pickup game.

6/15. ACNH Cinema Outdoor

ACNH Cinema Outdoor
Image Source by ttong27

The summer is almost over, and you haven’t had time to enjoy your backyard. It’s time to get a projector screen so you can watch movies or sports in your own outdoor theater! You can order the exact tiles that I’ve used for my movie theater matinee setup.

7/15. ACNH Zen Sauna and Spa

ACNH Zen Sauna and Spa
Image Source by mzladyperson

When guests are in your sauna, they’ll be impressed. With Sahara’s flooring made of river stones (with water splash effects built right in!) and other accessories like oil diffusers and candles, you can ensure they feel amazing while they’re there.

8/15. ACNH Comfort Lazy River

ACNH Comfort Lazy River
Image Source by @acnh_nooksisle

A relaxing pool is essential when you need to de-stress from a hard day at work, or to entertain friends or family after successfully building a zen garden nearby. Don’t have time to fill your pool with water? No problem! You can always build it out of dirt, sand, and/or any other easily accessible natural materials; plus, you can always place it around a small section of your newly renovated mini-golf course.

9/15. ACNH Cozy Campsite

ACNH Cozy Campsite
Image Source by @Grabibouille_AC

Island villagers have been asking us for a while now to make a camping game. We think it’s a fantastic idea — and we’ve come up with just the answer! You can build your own campsite and give island villagers the complete camping experience. A barbecue grill, picnic table, and ice chest are necessities to create the full camping experience… Just be sure to keep them out of reach of bears.

10/15. ACNH Grounds Forest Picnic

ACNH Grounds Forest Picnic
Image Source by @Fleursacnh

Give your kids a true taste of the Wild West with a picnic in the forest. Strap on those cowboy boots and set up camp with the checkered blanket and rolling chair—just make sure it’s away from any bears, who can smell picnic food from miles away. Then build a little play area for kids to crawl around and ride their bikes when they’re done eating.

11/15. ACNH Great Lemonade Stand

ACNH Great Lemonade Stand
Image Source by ThePoopycorn

Lemonade is always in season, and when it’s hot out, people will be queuing up for a glass. Make sure you’re the first to give them what they want. Set up your own lemonade stand on the beach, in a park or in your front garden — wherever there are lots of people around.

12/15. ACNH Party of Summer Pool

ACNH Party of Summer Pool
Image Source by Unknown

Animal Crossing villager’s love to lounge at the community pool, but these pools are small. So use your imagination and your inner-architect, and help them have a splashtastic time! Customize your pool by adding colorful balls, floaties and inner tubes. Admire their beautiful sun-kissed skin as they relax in the pool sludge that comes from the bottom of the pool.

13/15. ACNH Party of Luau

ACNH Party of Luau
Image Source by @quackidees

Welcome your friends to the party with our beautiful set of Hawaiian lei. They come in a pack of 24 so you’ll have enough for every guest and can host your own Hawaiian themed luau! The lei are made of soft, warm fabric that feels great around your neck, and are long and drapy for extra style points.

14/15. ACNH Arcade Retro

ACNH Arcade Retro
Image Source by FoxieMoxiee

ACNH is the first and only place where you can get a piece of the arcade action. Come have a beer with us, or grab some food from The Good Fork — either way, you’ll be relaxing in a place unlike anywhere else. And it’s all thanks to our unique arcade cabinet selection, which features video games from the days when you had to provide your own quarters before getting a chance at Pac Man. We also have an assortment of pinball machines.

15/15. ACNH Light Patio Twinkling Fairy

ACNH Light Patio Twinkling Fairy
Image Source by @ENDYMlON

Are you ready to build a summer patio? You deserve it, after all your hard work. A summer patio is key to enjoying the warmer weather. Maybe add some twinkling fairy lights, soothing tunes, and a favorite blanket for cool evening breezes. Drop in some white furniture, or try wicker. You can even use blue chairs and mis matched plates to give off a nice Caribbean vibe that will really put you in the mood!

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