20 Best ACNH Stargazing Area Ideas

I love when Isabelle gives us the local weather forecast on a day when a meteor shower is predicted! You can always count on her to give you the latest word on the weather — plus, if you’re lucky, she’ll even let you know about an upcoming meteor shower. That way you can make sure your friends are ready for it!

1/20. ACNH Stargazing Island

ACNH Stargazing Island
Image Source by @kimochi_crossing / @silvi_island

No need to worry about dealing with people in this one, even though it’s still remote enough for you to get away from the hustle and bustle. This creative islander has whipped up a place where they can gaze out over the ocean in peace. Just be sure to bring a telescope, so you don’t miss anything cool.

2/20. ACNH Research Area of Space & Stars

ACNH Research Area of Space & Stars
Image Source by @l0rfie

The moon is NOT a research center. You don’t have to convince us, nor does there have to be a foundation for you to build upon — the potential for your design is in its simplicity and its function. I think “that guy who did that one thing” would totally approve. (My bad, Neil.

3/20. ACNH Garden of Rainbow Celestial

ACNH Garden of Rainbow Celestial
Image Source by joined_for_avac

The sun filters in through the rainclouds and a rainbow appears, arching over an outdoor art installation. This room is full of a colorful mix of plants, cacti and succulent life. You can find every possible shade of star fragment or moon DIY here, and the placement is stunning! You can also spot a wide variety of butterflies and flowers that accent the space with their brightly colored wings as they flit around.

4/20. ACNH Beach Stargazing

ACNH Beach Stargazing
Image Source by jhsbum

You can set up a planet-watching station in a number of different ways, but here’s one that’s sure to please. I like the fact that this beach is based around a particular color scheme — yellow flowers as opposed to the green of some similar builds. Personally, I would have used blue as my secondary color rather than red, however — but maybe that’s just me being too picky!

5/20. ACNH Lounge Starlight

ACNH Lounge Starlight
Image Source by @emloves_el

Looking for the perfect way to add a little spice to your dining room? You can actually do it in a snap! A stylish floor pattern is a great way to make use of any empty space – and here we have an absolutely stunning example. Eye-catching details like the custom chair cushions, star-studded placemats and this amazing wooden dining table create an atmosphere that will leave all your guests speechless.

6/20. ACNH Moon Research

ACNH Moon Research
Image Source by solblade83

Some of our players have truly gone above and beyond in order to create imaginative, awe-inspiring islands. One player has taken this idea to the next level by creating their own mini-planet that’s actually an exact replica of the moon! They’ve brought the idea of space travel right down to earth, literally. I admit it: I’m jealous.

7/20. ACNH Pretty Pink Planets

ACNH Pretty Pink Planets
Image Source by @xsummerset_crossingx

What a lovely area to peruse while searching for your favorite constellations! I was definitely befuddled at the age of 20 years old when I learned that you could plant flowers on the beach. The color coordination is brilliant, and creates a space that’s unique to the player. It even sparks joy — or another of the emotions available for us humans to feel, anyway.

8/20. ACNH Bridge Celestial

ACNH Bridge Celestial
Image Source by spacearo

This walkway is going to make intergalactic travelers feel right at home. Put your feet up and relax on the land bridge as you take in the super-starry skyline, or cut through that sky-high path to get to the next galaxy! It’s a great look for any aspiring astronaut who wants an easy commute to their next cosmic conquest.
This walkway is going to make intergalactic travelers feel right at home.

9/20. ACNH Stairway towards Heaven

ACNH Stairway towards Heaven
Image Source by @mizerland.acnh

This area is super pretty. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this design — all of the elements are so well coordinated! The lights are gorgeous, and the view of the Aurora Borealis is breathtakingly lovely. Plus, the water looks like it was made out of stardust…

10/20. ACNH Picnic and Stargazing

ACNH Picnic and Stargazing
Image Source by @isle_clementine

One particular villager stands out from the others in Animal Crossing: New Leaf — Saharah. Her shop plays a main role in keeping your town polished, her camels exude uniqueness, and her carpets keep the player comfortable at all times.

11/20. ACNH Platform Moon Lake Crescent

ACNH Platform Moon Lake Crescent
Image Source by @txhaa_

This is the perfect location for a range of activities, and we’ve got everything covered — right down to a spot where you can see shooting stars at night! So whether you’re partying with friends, or meditating in the serenity of nature, bring everybody out for a day (or night) you won’t forget.

12/20. ACNH Observatory Deck

ACNH Observatory Deck
Image Source by Opsis13

I think we’ve all got some pretty talented friends, right? I’m really impressed with the small observatory that this player has made using custom paths. It looks like you’re stepping onto a handmade platform! The star and moon decals look really well placed here, too.

13/20. ACNH Moon Worshipping

ACNH Moon Worshipping
Image Source by @tinyst0ner.acnh

What a clear design to stare at the big rock in the sky. This night sky garden is well-designed with everything that’s needed for stargazing and even more. I’m most impressed by the DIY projects, which have made their way into this garden and seem to be fitting in wonderfully with the landscape. It’s beautiful to see how well they match the night sky.

14/20. ACNH Celeste Office

ACNH Celeste Office
Image Source by TankBoyRoger

Your favorite celestial buddy will no longer be content to watch the stars from above. Instead, she’s inviting herself over to your island for a little star-gazing party! With adorable astronomy-themed decorations and a cozy fireplace, you’ll never get cold stargazing with Celeste again.

15/20. ACNH Stargazing Patio

ACNH Stargazing Patio
Image Source by @birbsnest / @ac.customdesigns

Here’s a cool spot to chill out and enjoy the view. If you’ve got a little extra space, or even just your own yard, why not expand your home horizon with this quaint little observation patio? Natural stone paths will lead you up to this area, letting you look out across the sea. And if that’s not for you, man… Feel free to just enjoy the open sky!

16/20. ACNH Psychic Stall

ACNH Psychic Stall
Image Source by sailorsaturn09

This is a small business that highlights Moon Island’s major attractions: cool views of the moon, and a unique combination of outdoor mysticism and island living. This stall could really turn into something special if you choose to expand it—the owner could hold psychic readings and readings from tarot cards, or he/she could add some small tribal figurines to make this lean towards mystical rather than urban.

17/20. ACNH Welcome Aliens

ACNH Welcome Aliens
Image Source by qr-closet

Here’s a place dedicated to all of your favorite aliens. This is absolutely the best spot in the city to hang out with friends and watch the moon while sipping on some delicious coffee. It’s perfect for those who love to look at the stars or hear tales from the universe, and are looking for something new and exciting to do during their free time.

18/20. ACNH Mountain Star Studded

ACNH Mountain Star Studded
Image Source by @PrettyNPastel

The positioning of the white hyacinths and star fragments is so perfect — it’s almost as if this little island belongs in outer space, but has been grounded onto land by chains of rocks. The best part is that I can use this to my advantage! I used to have a hard time drawing meteors, but now I can create them effortlessly on my island! Who knew that stargazing could be so useful?

19/20. ACNH Stargazing Area of Zodiac

ACNH Stargazing Area of Zodiac
Image Source by sassafrassloth

There’s nothing quite like a celestial shower to inspire awe, wonder and romance. Now you can bring that magic into your own backyard! The fountain in the middle of this design acts as the perfect touch of class and sophistication, while each of the floor lights are an excellent way to call attention to your favorite zodiac signs. Any Aries or Virgo can tell you that these lights are definitely a must-have!

20/20. ACNH Camping Below Stars

ACNH Camping Below Stars
Image Source by @wysteria.isle

The only place to get the full aurora borealis experience is through Tiny Island’s Camping Tent. This cozy tent has space for two, and will ensure that you get the best view of even the faintest auroras. You can camp out on the island forever!

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