25 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Stall Design Ideas

25 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Stall Design Ideas

There are a lot of possible uses for stalls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons — and if you’re the creative type, you can think of even more! They can add more options to your island designs while also providing you with some money-making potential. Here are some of our favorite features from the game, along with tips on how to incorporate them into your own custom island design!

1/25.ACNH Book and Coffee Shop

ACNH Book and Coffee Shop

The best part of this design has to be the customized stalls, panels and shop sign. Not only does it match in color, but also there is a Tom Nook version of the Starbuck’s logo. In response to not just your needs or wants-but everything else you want or need-you can craft many different things out of bookshelves and wood!

2/25.ACNH Surf Shack

ACNH Surf Shack

In our hypothetical situation, the ‘big boss’ has decided that you’ll be putting together a beachside surf shop in your grand opening event. You’re probably excited, but for those of us who aren’t exactly familiar with setting up a surf shop, things can get a little confusing.

3/25.ACNH Fortune Teller Stand

ACNH Fortune Teller Stand

I see and I know what is going to happen in the future, so it’s really not hard for me to design a stall. The only thing you need to do with this idea is purchase one item-a fortune teller set–and then customize your stall into something fancy like purple beads or just display some custom sign that says “fortune telling”.

4/25.ACNH Stand Snow Cone

ACNH Stand Snow Cone

Who says snow cones are just for summer? And who says summer has to last only four months in the year? If you’re set on making a business out of selling snow cones, why not make it the year-round kind? You can even debut at a winter market! Sure, they may be a bit more refreshing in the summer — but if your customers are looking for a sweet and cool snack to beat this heat, you’ll have perfect treats for them.

5/25.ACNH Circus Tent

ACNH Circus Tent

Step right up and enjoy the colorful show. This fun idea is actually quite simple to set up, requiring minimal effort from you. In order to create this colorful spectacle on your island, you need cliffs on each side of the main entrance tent-as well as panels and stalls made with a stripe pattern-placed in front of these structures so that they can be seen easily by potential visitors. To advertise for this event at your venue, make use of an eye pleasing sign which will also complement anyone who comes through the entrances into your little “show”..

6/25.ACNH Food Market Japanese

ACNH Food Market Japanese

You’re going to enter a world of culinary bliss when you step into Marutomi’s newest restaurant, Octopus’ Garden. With their creative spin on traditional Japanese food, and their charming display of live octopus swimming in an aquarium while you dine, they’re sure to become your favorite sushi bar. Be careful when it’s time to order — with all the delicious options who knows which one you’ll pick?

7/25.ACNH Flower Shop Greenhouse

ACNH Flower Shop Greenhouse

You don’t have to make the stall or any other part of your build the “star” of the show. Maybe it should complement something else in your design! You can start by customizing and setting up panels that resemble stained glass windows, like you would for a greenhouse.

8/25.ACNH Pirate’s Cove

ACNH Pirate’s Cove

Create your own pirate-themed stall at the beach! When you’re putting together a acnh stall design of your own, you’ll need to place some sand pathways first. Then, place boards onto the sand pathways, so your customers can look at all the attractions in your stall. Customize your stall by having wooden patterns match the ramps, and also placing items like paper tigers and scorpions on the counter.

9/25.ACNH Delivery Stall Flower

ACNH Delivery Stall Flower

If you’re in the florist business, you should make sure your stall is designed with love and care. A homey touch will let customers know they’re visiting a shop they can trust, and get them to stick around longer than they might otherwise. The wooden look is nice and all, but it doesn’t really scream “I’m a florist.” Adding green plants is a simple way to change that.

10/25.ACNH Newspaper and Magazine Stand

ACNH Newspaper and Magazine Stand

If you’re still one of the people who reads magazines and newspapers, then by all means give this newspaper stand a try. This idea is very simple because all it really requires is crafting stalls and purchasing a bunch of magazines. With the magzines acquired from here, you can stack them up to create magazine racks for your merch or use them as decor! The possibilities are endless!

11/25.ACNH Valentine’s Day Boutique

ACNH Valentine’s Day Boutique

A stall is a place where people can do their business and take care of household needs. A den desk provides an intimate setting for couples to enjoy each other’s company on Valentine’s Day. By adding some romantic decorations, including chairs and tables, you will enhance the romance of your event! This festive day should be appropriately celebrated with espresso drinks served by mixers or baristas who are dressed in cute outfits representing all types of hearts (the ones you’ll find decorating the walls!).

12/25.ACNH Victorian Vineyard

ACNH Victorian Vineyard

Here is a design for you to make that takes the attention away from individual stalls, and instead focuses on landscaping. It includes making some small waterfalls near cliffs with two bridges over it as well as displaying your statue in the middle of this vineyard. Additionally, there are plenty of panels made out of lattice fencing with vines popping out on both levels – one side features wine bottles behind a stall set up for selling nothing but cider and a custom cake hat, while the other has an eatery menu board!

13/25.ACNH Carnival Pier

ACNH Carnival Pier

A carnival pier offers up a variety of attractions for all types of guests, including those who are looking for something to do during the day. This is an opportunity to create some new experiences while also enhancing your brand experience. For example, you could set aside a boardwalk path near the beach and place items on the stalls that are perfect for a summer-themed experience.

14/25.ACNH Honeycomb Stall

ACNH Honeycomb Stall

For the best and most productive hives, make sure to plant flowers that provide nectar for the bees. Tulips and daisies are ideal because they bloom in spring, which is when a lot of bees are born. Friendly Tips: Don’t use trees that require a lot of water; this won’t work unless you’re running a bee farm on the beach and have a source of water nearby.

15/25.ACNH Market Square

ACNH Market Square

It’ll be Christmas in no time, and the best way to celebrate with your family is to host a Christmas market where you, your family and friends can do some shopping! That’s why Christmas markets are a great alternative to traditional malls — they allow you to meet with your community, express yourself and have fun as you sell delicious baked goods, accessories and party supplies.

16/25.ACNH Camp Bus Summer

ACNH Camp Bus Summer

You can use New Horizons stalls to make a bus. You first need the stall roofs and then you’ll need something to show your puppy and dolly plushies on like countertops or standees. To create windows for each corner of the bus, get some custom stands that look like windows (you will have three total). Next buy a sofa for diner for driver’s seat before crafting wheels out of tire toys!

17/25.ACNH Apothecary Shop

ACNH Apothecary Shop

This design is a dispensary and apothecary shop that focuses on providing islanders with all of their medicinal needs. If you’re planning to open an indoor stall, your first step should be customizing the design to match your own style. Once this has been done, place some simple panels in order for customers to browse through what’s available before buying.

18/25.ACNH Stand Pink Lemonade

ACNH Stand Pink Lemonade

Make your own lemonade stand setting by customizing the decor to include pictures of lemons, a banner and sign advertising for your business. Craft iron chairs & tables to give customers an area in which they can sit down out of the summer heat. Add trees cherry blossom that provide shade while keeping with the theme that is associated with pink lemonade!

19/25.ACNH Outdoor Soup Stall

ACNH Outdoor Soup Stall

If you’re looking for a warm meal while traveling outside during the winter months, then try out this design! In order to make it easy, use four soup kettles and create some panels that look like menus. Then honestly craft two iron garden chairs so that people will have somewhere to sit when they eat their delicious hot soup.

20/25.ACNH Blue Palace

ACNH Blue Palace

Sometimes, a small-time indie wants to make a big impact. The Blue Palace is an ideal venue for such occasions. Only those who rent this out will be able to tell others they once had a party in an actual castle. To create your own Blue Palace: Simply begin by adding two levels (easily done via the Creation Kit). Next, add some custom details like castle windows, doors, lighthouses and more.

21/25.ACNH Vinyl Record Shop

ACNH Vinyl Record Shop

You can start selling some of your favorite K.K. Slider songs by setting up a music stall at the market with an eye towards customization and merchandising ideas that tie into music as your theme day after day!
Set out some items like amps, portable record players, record boxes, and even display sample records for fans to buy that will help you bring in customers!.

22/25.ACNH Pompompurin Bakery Marty

ACNH Pompompurin Bakery Marty

Want a pony-themed bakery for yourself? Look no further than the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, which encourages players to decorate and make their own customized version of the Ponyville Bakery. You’ll love the experience and the yum yums!

23/25.ACNH Food Market Spirited Away

ACNH Food Market Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a breathtaking classic that you simply must see. In this scene, a spirited girl has been imprisoned by an eerie witch in her lavish bathhouse… and so she builds a market between two of her villagers’ homes instead! Create your own by placing a market between two houses, decorating it with stained glass windows and crafting some wooden stools. It’s all up to you!

24/25.ACNH Outdoor Keroppi Garden

ACNH Outdoor Keroppi Garden

The villagers have recently been added and are highly sought-after by collectors. Toys from the new Sanrio village can be found in their homes, along with other items that will make your island more lively! Start this idea by sculpting cliffs for a row of zen fences on top of them – you’ll want to set up stalls underneath these. Then customize the stall so it looks like shingle roof tiles, add some simple panels as your sliding doors, include Kerokerokeroppi items such as cake and bridge (and his friends), then towards the end just add zen or imperial fencing down a path to complete this unique look!

25/25.ACNH Glamping Tent Doggy

ACNH Glamping Tent Doggy

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, there’s a solution! Go ‘glamping’ with your pet instead. It’s just like camping — but better. Instead of roughing it, go for luxury in both the tent and its surroundings. Settle on the floor with your pet, put up bunk beds for him, and provide a window into his world through customized standees.

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