Animal Crossing New Horizons Spooky Halloween Island Ideas

20 Best ACNH Spooky Halloween Island Ideas

No matter what your Halloween preferences, something about the season just lends itself to the naturally spooky. With all of the pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, it’s easy to take a cute-spooky approach to decorating your ACNH island. Here are some ideas for building things you’ll love this Halloween!

1/20. Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle

If you’re a scary vampire, or just enjoy that gothic aesthetic, this is what your island needs. You’ll be the talk of the acnh neighborhood ideas when you transform your home into a creepy haunted castle! Your friends from the mainland will be begging to come over for a fancy cocktail party, and with all the extra room you’ll have to throw one! And if you don’t like Halloween, this is still a great way to upgrade your home.

2/20. Jack O’ Lantern Room

Jack O’ Lantern Room

You know I love me some Halloween, but it’s not always about the scares. If you’re looking for something a little more chill, sexy, and fun, then this pumpkin room might just do the trick! This room is great because it has a strong focus on orange, which is the perfect fall color. Oh, and pumpkins — I’m big on pumpkins.

3/20. Halloween-Ready Pumpkin Patch

Halloween-Ready Pumpkin Patch

Now that you’ve got a brand new pumpkin, don’t take it for granted – there’s lots of cool stuff you can do with pumpkins! While carving is first in your list, and a must-experience activity, there are other pumpkin-related activities you can try as well. However, after making exciting plans to do this or that with your pumpkin, don’t forget to ask yourself if the idea is seller-friendly.

4/20. Witch’s Botanical Potion Shop

Witch’s Botanical Potion Shop

I am a hungry graduate student with very specific tastes, so if you are looking for potions, I will gladly craft them for you. Love potions? No way! Who needs love when you have a cauldron of science-y goodness on hand? Of course, I’ll be sourcing my ingredients from local suppliers, so availability might vary.

5/20. Spooky Graveyard

Spooky Graveyard

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the only thing scarier than walking through a graveyard is if it’s a desert. Sure, it’s a pretty spooky build during Halloween, but come winter you’re going to be shivering and gasping every step you take through these oh-so-arid grounds.

6/20. Spooky Island Entrance

Spooky Island Entrance

The island itself is a great starting point for anyone looking to branch out into the Halloween-themed area. As one of the earlier islands, it has become a staple for custom designs and decorations. It also has many of the commonly used items needed for Halloween builds, but is still a work in progress!

7/20. Eerie Island

Eerie Island

The Iron & Stone Fences are an excellent example of a high-quality Halloween decoration. Each set includes both fences and statues to achieve a consistent, spooky effect. The gray color scheme and somber feel give these items a chilling, uninviting look that is sure to impress all of your friends next All Hallow’s Eve.

8/20. Haunted House on a Hill

Haunted House on a Hill

The house on the hill looms over you. You can feel it, watching — judging. What secrets does it hold? Who has lived there in the past? Too many questions, not nearly enough answers. The rain and darkness obscure your vision and make the clattering of the stone statues guarding the entrance all the more terrifying.

9/20. Witchy Spooky Kitchen

Witchy Spooky Kitchen

You haven’t had a chance to get your witch on in a while, right? Then this spooky kitchen is sure to tempt you back into the kitchen. With wood paneling and plenty of brick ovens, it’s easy to channel your inner witch and conjure up some scary good pastries. Or if potions are more your thing, then get ready to experiment with alchemy.

10/20. Abandoned Bridge

Abandoned Bridge

The lanterns, pumpkins and flowers, the roses, vases and their stalks all line up neatly, creating a neat effect. The arch and fencing are a great addition to the area — each has a shield bearing the symbol of an owl, providing character and humour to a spooky place. It may be scary for some, but for most it’s just perfect for Halloween!

11/20. We’re Watching You

We’re Watching You

Peachy! Not. The news that Peach surprise was going to be a new Mario character sent shockwaves around the internet last week, with many fans questioning if Peach’s personality was too sweet and innocent to warrant a major role in such a violent game. Some even made comparisons to the sweets-loving serial killer Hannibal Lecter, who dined on human flesh…

12/20. Halloween Market

Halloween Market

It’s the time of year for spooky-cute fall fun! You can decorate your outdoor areas with adorable scarecrows, pumpkins, and more. It’s great for spending quality time with your villagers, too — especially when the sun starts to set!

13/20. Corn Maze

Corn Maze

Corn mazes have long been the central pillar of any successful Halloween festival. Not only are they a great focal point to focus on design — they’re majorly functional, too. It’s a perfect place to hide prizes, and you can even host an IRL festival with your friends (if you have a Nintendo online pass).

14/20. Scary Display

Scary Display

In the sky, the stars and glowing purple mushrooms are the only things that can illuminate this creepy scene. The skeletal mount is a re-creation of an undead, skeletal horse pulling a carriage. Blathers came up with the idea (or at least, *he* thinks he did). Yet even his little owl hands were probably not enough to put together so many tiny bones.

15/20. Halloween Entry Passage

Halloween Entry Passage

To help you beat back the ghouls and goblins, this spooky scene includes a bubbling cauldron, soft candlelight, a ghostly jack-o’-lantern and lighted pumpkins — perfect for any night of trick-or-treating!

16/20. Seer’s Parlor

Seer’s Parlor

If the creepy spirits aren’t going to come to you, you’ll just have to go to them. All sorts of mystical things are made fun and easy with this crystal ball and tarot set. The layout includes dried flowers, insect heads, candles, and even a round table — making it perfect for hosting a more casual get-together. Invite your friends over and pass around some palms, fortunes, or just make some fun ghost pals!

17/20. Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary

Ever wish those zombies lying in your cemetery would stay dead? Now you can put their bones to work in an entirely different way. If you’re into dead things, this is the build for you. Not quite like a traditional Halloween graveyard, this Pet Sematary inspired site is a sleek nod to the book and movie of the same name.

18/20. Haunted Orchard

Haunted Orchard

For Halloween this year, we’ve got a special treat for you! A spooky, unearthly harvest has brought these special pumpkins back to life through their own kind of magic. In the dark of night, the skin of these pumpkins glows a bright orange and purple, helping to create an eerie atmosphere.

19/20. Halloween Carnival

Halloween Carnival

As you enter this seemingly abandoned carnival, you’ll notice the subtle intricacies of the hand-made decorations in disrepair — from the creepy doll and skeleton to the biology dummy. Don’t get drawn in by the sweet cotton candy! Though I’d be lying if I said my favorite thing was the architecture, as it’s what drew me in to begin with.

20/20. Spooky Secret Garden

Spooky Secret Garden

A garden like this is meant to be enjoyed quietly. And while you can certainly get all the joys of a life-sized town, everywhere you go and everyone you see by playing Animal Crossing, it’s still a little weird. It’s fun, but in a weird way. So for now just celebrate your Animal Crossing-style home garden with these gorgeous works of art!

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