20 Best Rural Island Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Rural Aesthetics is the idea of taking inspiration from rural scenery and turning it into an interior design trend. If anyone ever tells you that they have an ‘island’ themed coffee table, don’t worry — they’re probably not trying to tell you they own an ACNH island Ideas. They’re just applying their love of peaceful, natural scenery to their decorating choices.

1./20 ACNH Mountain Village

ACNH Mountain Village
Image Source by @vivs_arts

ACNH terraforming is your best friend. OK, it’s not sentient, but you know that by now! With this feature, you can make a illusion in a cozy valley town nestled bettween the woods right out of a storybook. To get this effect, make sure that your village resembles a small town situated around a central plaza.

2./20 ACNH Farms and Orchards

ACNH Farms and Orchards
Image Source by @kevoteh2

If your building is set in a rural area, it’s important to be mindful of the landscape around you. In particular, how you plan and plant your yard is crucial — don’t let the walls of your home become a distraction to the eyes of passing drivers! Keeping your trees clustered together will give passersby a glimpse into the kind of orchard you work hard to maintain.

3./20 ACNH Garden Shed

ACNH Garden Shed
Image Source by McKarmey

Gardening, like cooking and crafting, is a great way to make friends in the villages. If you’re looking for a new pastime, try searching for some fertile land to till or a small plot of fertile land that you can lease from an accommodating villager.

4./20 ACNH Shop of Ramen

ACNH Shop of Ramen
Image Source by @sulky.crossing

What could be better than a charming roadside eatery? How about the restaurant that has absolutely everything, from the décor to the taste? Everything about this restaurant is a delight for the eyes, and it’s difficult to capture all the tiny details. From the electric pole to the shop sign, you’ll be dazzled by all of its wonderful details.

5./20 ACNH Clothing Countryside

ACNH Clothing Countryside
Image Source by @acnhfashion

Rural clothes are all about tradition and aesthetics. To tap into that, you’ll want to explore rural clothing staples, such as natural fibers and pastels. All-American layering is a great way to get the look of an old-fashioned farm girl without looking like a pioneer. As for accessories, there’s no better place to start than with the basics — pearls, silk flowers, and lots of buttons.

6./20 ACNH Communal Spaces

ACNH Communal Spaces
Image Source by gabsutasu

A town without a centralized meeting point? That’s unthinkable! Your islanders might know each other by name, but everyone should make an effort to get to know one another better. This is why you should create a central gathering point for your villagers on the island. Give them somewhere to enjoy the sunshine together.

7./20 ACNH Common Map Layout

ACNH Common Map Layout
Image Source by moonbell-cottage

Don’t worry if your unique selling proposition isn’t perfect — it doesn’t need to be. Building a unique selling proposition can be a lot of work. Knowing exactly where to place an advantage or how many benefits you need to highlight in order to make your startup stand out from the crowd can take up precious time and energy. Instead of focusing on the details, try using what you have.

8./20 ACNH Paths of Stone

ACNH Paths of Stone
Image Source by scoutfinches

Overgrown stone paths are in vogue — wherever you put them. If your island is green and ‘overgrown’, then it’s the perfect type of island for adding this feature. This is because you’ll find a big variety of ready for use overgrown stone paths out there that you can integrate into your island with ease! Not only that, but your users will love them!

9./20 ACNH Rural Ponds & Lakes

ACNH Rural Ponds & Lakes
Image Source by @KrisWoodfine

Perhaps you are a fan of the rustic. Then we have just the thing for you! This quaint pond will add that country feel to any town. The pond itself is small, making it perfect for anyone with limited space but still wanting a nice water feature. There are many ways to play with this.

10/20. ACNH Empty Spaces

ACNH Empty Spaces
Image Source by amoonlitmaiden

One of the most important features in ACNH is how much space you have — and that’s not just in your town. While the compact size of your island might seem small, there are plenty of ways to make the most of it! Outdoor spaces are beautiful and a great space to unwind after a long day. These spaces are also used to run and sleep, so plan your island space wisely!

11/20. ACNH Decorated Yards

ACNH Decorated Yards
Image Source by acnhstarby

If you reside in a rural area, then you already know that you have a couple of options for decking out your home. You can go rustic with an old-fashion washtub, or you can set up shop in a quirky little cottage. Regardless, you won’t be lacking for furniture options.

12/20. ACNH Rural Waterfalls

ACNH Rural Waterfalls
Image Source by @sproutmori

We don’t have waterfalls on our island because they’re too expensive and we haven’t gotten around to it yet, but when we do, we’ll place them somewhere in the park. We don’t have waterfalls on our island because the budget is already maxed out.

13/20. ACNH Seating Secret

ACNH Seating Secret
Image Source by skwivr

It’s a safe bet that if you’re reading this article, you probably don’t want to be discovered. So when you’re planning your secret hideaway, make sure that its remote side is less than 500 ft from any roads and is at least 600 feet away from the nearest neighbor.

14/20. ACNH Market of Farmer

ACNH Market of Farmer
Image Source by @hugsy_crossing

Nook’s Cranny is proudly selling a wide selection of produce from the town’s independent farmers — so you know it comes fresh and it’s local! Sell whatever you’d like on your front lawn: flowers, hand-made crafts, homemade pies and pastries, or even your own farming supplies. Build up a reputation for safety, quality and accessibility, then you’ll have no problems striking it rich with this lucrative business venture.

15/20. ACNH BusStop

ACNH BusStop
Image Source by @keju.crossing

Building a country bus stop is one of the most fulfilling and easy craft projects for anyone looking for a little country decorating inspiration. All you need are a couple chairs, an awning and most importantly, some chandeliers for that extra bit of class. Don’t be afraid to go wild with your project. It’s just a bus stop!

16/20. ACNH Village Area Japanese

ACNH Village Area Japanese
Image Source by @sai_crossing

Rural Japanese villages are like Studio Ghibli movies — they’re full of beautiful, charming things. I know you can’t afford to travel to a remote island for your wedding location, but if you’re having a destination wedding then you absolutely should have it on a rural Japanese village. Here’s why!

17/20. ACNH Clotheslines Open Air

ACNH Clotheslines Open Air
Image Source by @maja.crossing

In this age of technology, it’s easy to forget the simple things. For instance, taking care of one’s clothes by putting them on a clothesline to dry. That is, unless you get a brand new Natural Dryer from Sure Laundry. Sure Laundry’s product offers five variations in design and style to suit every personality.

18/20. ACNH Pink Countryside

ACNH Pink Countryside
Image Source by @berrycrosser

Your favorite colors are pink and green. But what if your favorite colors were pink and green? If you’re a fan of cherry blossoms but do not live in Japan, don’t worry! A Tokyo-based designer has recreated the beauty of sakura season with her latest series — Sakura Island. The aptly-named artist’s newest creation brings the beauty of the traditional Japanese countryside to your home, all year round, watermark free!

19/20. ACNH Fields of Flowers

ACNH Fields of Flowers
Image Source by @NilaCrossing

To fill empty area in your island, we recommend planting flowers. Violets and dandelions are always a good choice, but they don’t provide the same visual punch as tulips or sunflowers. Using your NookPhone, you will be able to customize your flower colors and plant various types of flora (depending on what is currently growing in that field).

20/20. ACNH Kitchen Rustic

ACNH Kitchen Rustic
Image Source by PegasusWrangler

Consider giving your ACNH character’s kitchen an equally unique furniture set or wall decor. Perhaps a set of wooden shelves for food storage and for displaying their favorite cookbooks. Or a potted herb garden that can add a pop of green to the space. With plenty of room for your character to sit down, relax and enjoy their meals with friends!

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