Animal Crossing New Horizons River Design Ideas

15 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons River Design Ideas

What to do with the river areas in New Horizons? A lot of people ask us about it, so we wanted to offer you a chance to get some ideas for decorating your island. We’ve built this list with everything in mind, from a wide variety of cool stuff to help you design your own river and make it one of the most popular places in your very own game.

1/15. Small Market Midnight

Small Market Midnight

For years, I’ve wanted to visit the Florianópolis flower market in Brasil. It features a stunning view of the surrounding cliffs and stars shining bright in the sky. A lovely collection of flowers and plants are displayed along the shore next to wooden fencing. The area is also lit up by many types of lights around the stalls. You can sit at an outdoor table, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy this stunning island design!

2/15 Chilly Channel

Chilly Channel

This landscape design is everything I love about Christmas. It’s the combination of snow, lights, and holiday cheer. But it’s not too festive. Something about the imperial decor, sunken river, cliffs, flowers, and trees makes this design feel like a winter wonderland. And all of this lies between two houses, each house with its own yard decor. There are white nova lights, white garden lights, and even white street lamps used in this design.

3/15. Books Blankets, and Brooks

Books Blankets, and Brooks

What’s the first thing people do after moving into a new home? Set up a reading area, of course! Because with a new home comes new hobbies! Imagine how happy your visitor is when they find out they can come over and read books in peace. With this setup, you can use any book-related items to make the decor; even the patterns on the picnic blanket and tassels can be decided by you.

4/15. Waving Waterway

Waving Waterway

I like bridges. They’re just so charming. So picturesque! But maybe you don’t care about that sort of thing? Maybe you want to create a scenic river-crossing that’s more in keeping with your island personality. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be a swan to make a graceful crossing of the water with this floral-accented stepping stone bridge design !

5/15. River Rock Garden

River Rock Garden

The tranquil rock garden is still a critical part of the zen garden design, but can also be used to create some variety. To add this Zen Garden feature, you will need a small block of land in the river, decorated with stone recipes. First, add bamboo as decor, such as bamboo trees and bamboo walls, to create the zen portion of your rock garden.

6/15. Rattan Juice Bar

Rattan Juice Bar

Animal Crossing’s Animal Island is a wonderful place for a day at the beach. You can sip on some tiki juice at a riverside tiki bar, sit in rattan furniture, and relax with some beachy items. To get the beachy look, you can sit two den desks around each other, flip them over, and add a lot of rattan stools in front.

7/15 Jungle River

Jungle River

This home design is almost entirely natural. It has a jungle theme and features trees, logs, flowers, plants, and a river. If you’re looking for the core of your jungle design, try finding bamboo trees and bamboo grass. These items can be placed around a river for a natural look. You can also craft a few log stakes to place around the tree trunks to represent bridges in your jungle river.

8/15. Love Connection Bridge

Love Connection Bridge

A bridge is the perfect way to decorate an island. But not just any bridge will do — a diagonally placed bridge that connects your two islands is the perfect design. First, you must connect your islands with a path of flowers. Then, simply place your heart-shaped pathway on each end of this diagonal bridge. This simple design will unite your two islands together and beautify the bridge, which can be made less boring with a few additional touches.

9/15 Canal Cottage

Canal Cottage

Look at cottage design. It’s adorable, isn’t it? If you design it to fit your islander’s preferences, then you can personalize its look in a few simple steps. Your villagers can enjoy the yard, too. Just look at that hammock! It’s made of bamboo and cotton to match the country style of the cottage. And it would be perfect to enjoy the scenery while lounging in the shade.

10/15 Floral Riverwalk

Floral Riverwalk

Celeste would delight in this beautiful flower garden walkway. Lush flowers and tall plants line the sides of the path, letting visitors see the sky as they walk along a vibrant, fragrant river. A perfect addition to your island! Celeste would love visiting this tropical Palm Tree Garden Walkway, which features exotic colors and plants.

11/15 Art Gallery Floating

Art Gallery Floating

If you have a classic (or just plain odd) statue in your yard, the time has come to bring it into the 21st century. This well-known statue is an example of traditional art, but these days viewers want more than royalty — they want characters! To bring this statue into the modern age, try placing it near a river.

12/15 River Cafe

River Cafe

Start your very own island cafe — complete with a wooden floor and iron furniture. Add plants that you find on your travels to give the space some genuine character, and finish it all off with a few azalea bushes to get that outdoor garden feel. Write down how you would like to read the content as you draft, and it is guaranteed that when you are done, the article will be more readable.

13/15 Sinking Stream

Sinking Stream

The mouth of the river is a very special place. The falls are located at the center of it all, making for a truly amazing sight! It’s surrounded by an array of colorful flowers, and you’ll also find statues of lion-dogs there, too. They’re placed on each corner, as well as a tiki torch in the middle.
Friendly Rebuttal: That’s a really pretty bridge you’ve got there.

14/15 Tiered River

Tiered River

There are several things you can do with your island floor to make it look more natural. One of these is creating a “sunken river.” To do this, start by lowering the floor level down to the lowest point, which will create a channel in the shape of the river. After that, decorate the area with waterfalls and natural-looking trees and bushes.

15/15 Brick Boardwalk

Brick Boardwalk

A simple addition to your garden can turn an area into a complete destination. An obvious theme and recurring style bring the look together, with brick bridges, brick pathways, and brick fences — a classic combination. The area is balanced with garden wagons and street lamps lined up along the walls. You can make this idea yourself by adding some custom-created pathway styles or even change the theme completely and use stone or even create a beach boardwalk.

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