15 Best ACNH Ramen Shops & Stalls Inspo Design Ideas

Feeling like you need a break from the hustle and bustle? Well, there’s a new island in town, and you can go whenever the mood strikes! It’s a whole world of fun, so give it a try, then come along with me for this month’s DIY project. Today we’re making your very own ramen shop… perfect for kicking back and enjoying that bowl of steaming goodness!

1/15. ACNH Sit Down Ramen Shop

ACNH Sit Down Ramen Shop
Image Source by @itomoriicrossin

The ultimate dining experience? Right this way! For a delightful dining experience at your convention, choose these ‘booth-styled’ custom designs any day. These are the perfect décor for your ramen restaurant booths, which can be customized to suit your every need. Eat up!

2/15. ACNH Ramen River Spot

ACNH Ramen River Spot
Image Source by @nookimchi

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your people is to create something that will lift their spirits. Creating a scenic riverbank just outside of your village will do just that, and it’s all thanks to you! A river is one of the most natural ways to keep moods high, and when built correctly (and with a few complimentary additions) it can become a positive focal point for your village.

3/15. ACNH Blossom Ramen

ACNH Blossom Ramen
Image Source by thatgeekscrossing

When the cherry blossom season rolls around, you know it’s time for ramen. And this idea is ready to pounce. Maybe you can gather a bunch of basic panels for the walls: just some screen and wooden panels to give off that classic Japanese vibe. Then go ahead and drop down some wooden floors to really bring it all to life.

4/15. ACNH Ramen Bamboo

ACNH Ramen Bamboo
Image Source by burymeatseas

Your home deserves some ‘pop’. And I’m not just talking about the taste of those colorful little bubbles. You’ve got a lot of options for adding wood to your home, but none as easy to clean and move around as this clever floating desktop organizer. It’s important that you add some personalization to make it your own, so be sure to include both custom wallpaper and wooden screen designs.

5/15. ACNH Cooking Nook Ramen

ACNH Cooking Nook Ramen
Image Source by ReneeLeilani

You know what they say — New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. And while some of us are still trying to keep them (the gym-going, the eating right) most of us have simply accepted that we won’t live up to our own standards — and that’s perfectly okay. So what if you throw out those resolutions completely? Chances are, the ones you came up with were never that important to begin with.

6/15. ACNH Ramen Big Restaurant

ACNH Ramen Big Restaurant
Image Source by KeepInStyle

This DIY project isn’t easy. There are a ton of little details to go after, but I’ll try to help you get started. In the first stage, you can install your favorite wooden flooring — any brightly-colored boards will do. Remember to add some stalls filled with panda bear faces and rice balls. Very Asian-inspired!

7/15. ACNH Market Street

ACNH Market Street
Image Source by @iggydeleon

Designing a market stall isn’t too difficult — but you will need to spend some time and money on a custom design. The choice is yours. While you can leave your market stall as plain dirt (I know, it’s tempting), you’ll make a better impression on customers if you create them in bright colorful patterns. Not only that, but your stalls will stand out against the competition and let people know exactly where to find you.

8/15. ACNH Ramen Indoor Shop

ACNH Ramen Indoor Shop
Image Source by emmastory

If you’re one of the many small business owners feeling the squeeze from rising rent prices and a tough economy, why not invite customers in for a bite to eat — literally. Collect a series of garden furniture to set up in your store (a great way to bring the outdoors in). Next, grab some hats customised with ramen designs as bowls. Your customers will love them…

9/15. ACNH Ramen On Deck

ACNH Ramen On Deck
Image Source by @nookimchi

If you’re building a Japanese-style island but don’t have the space to do it justice, fear not! This amazing noodle shop can help. If your island is big enough, you can just add a few stalls and decking so that nothing gets in the way of beautiful architecture and impeccable style.

10/15. ACNH Ramen Colorful Area

ACNH Ramen Colorful Area
Image Source by @marimomush

New to island life? Or just looking for a change of pace? Stop into this colourful ramen restaurant for some extended R&R. Simple panels, bamboo designs and stools can act as the basis for an authentic Japanese noodle house from these designers.

To all my fellow students going through their junior year, I hope you found some inspiration here! Good luck on your final projects.

11/15. ACNH Ramen Easy Store

ACNH Ramen Easy Store
Image Source by jedi-bat-ninja

With the custom designed ramen hat, customers will not only get to design their own bowl, but also customize their own seat. The best part? You can choose a base colour as well, so your tables and seats perfectly match your business’s theme. If you create your own set of customized printables for bowls, chairs, and chopsticks, you’ll have a single easy-to-use tool that you can pop into any location.

12/15. ACNH Ramen Yard

ACNH Ramen Yard
Image Source by PanDxss

If you’re not exactly a fan of gardening and care more about quick meals, ramen might be the right choice for you. You can even make your own, fresh bowls of ramen noodles with this new contraption! However, it doesn’t grow on trees, so you’ll need to head on over to the local shop of your choice and grab yourself some instant ramen.

13/15. ACNH Stalls Vibrant

ACNH Stalls Vibrant
Image Source by @kkdaisys

Asian cuisine has a strong following. Do you think you could turn yours into a business model? This isn’t something that can be done overnight, but if you really want to make it happen then it’ll take some time and dedication to your craft.

14/15. ACNH Ramen Hidden Area

ACNH Ramen Hidden Area
Image Source by LunarisLux

The seating arrangements first. Placing tables in front of the entrance, will cancel out your chances of having fun office gatherings at lunchtime. In addition to that, it’ll deter people who like to have a one-on-one lunch date with their colleagues. So make sure all your booths (or cubicles) are facing each other, and that each table can seat 4 people comfortably.

15/15. ACNH Ramen Lakeside

ACNH Ramen Lakeside
Image Source by @KkumaKid

It’s the little things that can really make a big difference, and this lakeside ramen stall really shows that. It’s so easy to put together, too! You can fit this simple ramen stall into pretty much any area in your town. Just add wooden flooring and a custom stall to put your steamer baskets on. Then add some tables and chairs for an authentic Japanese feel!

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