15 Best Pirate Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s off to find buried treasure that awaits in the deep! What better setting for a pirate theme than a remote ACNH tropical island? Customize your own slice of paradise with in-game items and custom designs that will prove you’re no landlubber. Put together a collection of the greatest booty — and share it with the world!

1/15. ACNH Be careful of Pirate Bay

ACNH Be careful of Pirate Bay
Image Source by Bluebear255

A lot of people look down on pirates because they take what isn’t theirs and cause trouble. While this is true, some pirates are really just misunderstood — they’re not really that much different than any other resident advisor. While there isn’t really a ‘hidden area’ in our office, we do have a lot of great ideas that need to be put into place to make real improvements around the property!

There’s a lot of land at your disposal in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It can be fun to lay out decorations and add foliage to make it more lively, but don’t forget to also use the game’s many underground caves and secret entrances to your advantage! Be sure to stock up on DIY Wooden Signs, as they’re the perfect decoration choice for making these hidden locations look like everyday features of the town.

2/15. ACNH Study Oceanside

ACNH Study Oceanside
Image Source by @peonycrosser / @afterglow.horizons

If you want to seem like a real pirate, you have to think about the small details. You need that nautical feel in your study or man cave! There are so many ways to do this: hanging a compass on the wall, playing sea shanties, ensuring your desk is made of sturdy wood. Don’t settle for an ordinary study — settle for an extraordinary study!

3/15. ACNH Dress the Part

ACNH Dress the Part
Image Source by @vox_corvi

Not only does Gullivarr offer a range of pirate-themed apparel , but you can also create your own! If you’re not a big fan of anything on offer in the shop, then there are plenty of options available for you to design your own, pirate-style clothes and accessories. The site provides a blank canvas, where you can draw whatever you want to ensure that your very own pirate look is as unique as possible.

It’s easy to dress up as a pirate. You can go with the classic pirate regalia of crisp white shirts and gold-spangled waistcoats and jackets, if you’re feeling particularly dandy. If you’d prefer to leave the pirate captain’s job to someone else, why not dress up rather like a crewmate? Formal wear’s fine for ACNH Halloween, unless you want to go for something a little less formal.

4/15. ACNH Post Trading

ACNH Post Trading
Image Source by DrDolathan

You might not be posting up in a trading-post-turned-island, but you’re still able to trade goods and services with players who pass by your territory. In order to create an efficient system for selling to passersby, you’ll need a shop that can accommodate both you (to take stock of your goods) and them (to check out the goods).

5/15. ACNH Pirate Private Beach

ACNH Pirate Private Beach
Image Source by cariaislinn

Set sail and enjoy the Caribbean breeze with your new pirate’s cove. You’ll be feeling like a true captain as you hide away your booty, weapons, and treasures in one place. This storage solution is the perfect place to gather friends for adventures that take you to uncharted lands.

6/15. ACNH Black Buccaneer Market

ACNH Black Buccaneer Market
Image Source by ActuallyTofu

Redd is not known for his scruples, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow in his footsteps. He docked his boat at a black market private island — but let’s make it a little less… piratical. This black market design changed the island’s look to suit Redd’s clientele by following these simple steps.

Scouts honor, I’ve found the perfect costume for those nautical-themed parties your friends are always throwing. (You have a lot of friends.) What’s great is that all you really need to stash away “the booty” are a few items to keep in the beach cabana or captain’s quarters. My favorite part is the “Wanted” sign.

7/15. ACNH Pirate Pier

ACNH Pirate Pier
Image Source by elonmusksbitch

This design goes to 11. In the best way, of course. It’s a tropical beach paradise straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, but in boardwalk form. Build your own marketplaces and houses for your fellow pirates to show off their ill-gotten goods, like wild animals from far away lands and golden headpieces that once crowned the heads of royalty.

8/15. ACNH Entrance Ahoy!

ACNH Entrance Ahoy!
Image Source by prisonerindurgesh

There’s no place like home. But you can create the illusion of that place with this fantastic way to decorate your island, and make it feel as though you’re on a tropical getaway all year round. After a few years of exploring, your friends and neighbours may be tired of fighting raiders and zombies, but they’ll have no problem slipping into their pirate gear when they get to your door!

9/15. ACNH Security Sea Life

ACNH Security Sea Life
Image Source by kemijskasan

Do you need to keep the pirates out? Well, listen up, because this designer has the answer to your prayers: a pair of overprotective fish! One is slightly smaller, while the other is slightly more ferocious. In one tank sits a miniature Kraken; in the other, sharp-toothed piranhas. These fish are well-trained in keeping intruders at bay.

10/15. ACNH Study Pirate

ACNH Study Pirate
Image Source by Alfrreddo

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the latest entry in the Animal Crossing series. You’ve managed to leave your old life behind and set sail for a new land with a fresh start. Choosing a site for your new house will be one of the first decisions you make — but you don’t have to settle for something mundane or ordinary.

Your ship can be seen bobbing at the dock through a series of large windows — you’re practically on the high seas! Your theme will look like it’s come directly out of a painting, especially if you decorate with things like the Fish Painting and Anchor Statue.

11/15. ACNH Tavern Open Air

ACNH Tavern Open Air
Image Source by HappyyItalian

To attract sea robbers, build an open-air tavern in your village. Sea robbers prefer the warm sunshine, so make the tavern a little outdoorsy by using plenty of barrels and candles to represent barrels of ale. You can also use decorative hooks on the walls for swords, and don’t forget to freshen up the place with some water features.

I love that this pirate island is actually a massive diorama built on top of a special terraforming device, which actually keeps it isolated from the rest of the museum. It’s a really brilliant solution, because let’s be honest: despite their good-natured nature, even the best pirates like to keep their more illegal antics on the down-low.

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12/15. ACNH Spot X Marks

ACNH Spot X Marks
Image Source by gimmedembells

The key to a great design, whether you’re a home owner, an interior designer, or a pirate, is keeping things simple. That’s why the X Marks The Spot cross-stitch pattern includes only the most essential items for any one looking to outfit a marauder’s island: crossbones, anchors, crates of rum and — natch — a treasure chest.

13/15. ACNH Booty Boxes

ACNH Booty Boxes
Image Source by Bluebear255

Gullivarr is the perfect app for pirates, and people who want to live like a pirate, just not on a boat. I mean, it’s hard to fit that amount of treasure into your pocket! Gullivarr comes fully loaded with realistic sound effects and an eye-popping display when your pirate does what pirates do best.

You’re going to want it to look realistic, so all your islanders know you’ve been hard at work plundering and pillaging. With enough fake treasure, you’ll be able to create a little horde of dishonestly-gained goodies, which will come in handy when you’re ready to switch from pirate to private lender for your islanders.

14/15. ACNH Treasure Interactive Maps

ACNH Treasure Interactive Maps
Image Source by @AcnhSummer

Take your crew on an adventure together with this custom-design game of pencil and paper! Draw the path, race along the lines and see who can find the treasure first. Ready to go in a flash, this island is perfect for gettin’ yer sea legs under you on land.

Once the ice has been broken, here’s a fun party game that almost any group can play: the Scavenger Hunt. You can truly flex your puzzle-master muscles, and give out clues about finding specific items all around you, or hide them in plain sight. Give out a series of cryptic clues using the chat function, then watch your best pals betray each other in the hopes of capturing the prize!

15/15. ACNH Drop Few Bells

ACNH Drop Few Bells
Image Source by @nookspiration / @afterglow.horizons

While this isn’t how pirates carry their gold (they wear it around their neck!), you can still leave your mark in the sand. Use wooden plank walkways to lead your visitors through the hot sand, and scatter a few ‘doubloons’ along the way. It’ll look like a crewmate tipped the coffer on his way to town to cash in his bounty.

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