15 Best Picnic Area Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In the world of party planning, no rule is more sacred than ‘thou shalt never have fewer than eight different types of food at a picnic’. That’s why New Horizons players are doing things differently — by turning this rule on its head, of course! From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to pizza bagels, you can be sure your guests will be very satisfied at their upcoming events with the wide variety of snacks available.

1/15. ACNH Stargazing Picnic

ACNH Stargazing Picnic
Image Source by Electra0319

This would be a great DIY project for an astronomy or aliens enthusiast. Although it’s not as flashy as some of the other suggestions, it packs just as much appeal for those who look up to the heavens. Lots of guests want to make their party space unique — but not everybody wants to shell out cash on lavish decorations. This is a great option for those who want elegance without emptying their bank account.

Nova Lights work well for any space-themed party, whether you’re looking for something to illuminate your night picnic or to provide some extra ambiance during a starry space-themed party. For a more scientifically inclined gathering, set up your own little ‘space hub’ by swapping out the Nova Lights for a Celestial Satellite, Lunar Rover, and Rocket!

2/15. ACNH Dining of Community

ACNH Dining of Community
Image Source by @foolyorcooly

Bring your friends and family to the park with you for a picnic. It’s all about creating a comfortable space where everyone can have a seat — in this case, with their own bright and colorful cushion. This is the perfect spot to eat, talk, and feel the day slowly slip away around you, one bite at a time.

Giving each of your animal friends something personal to set up at their home base is a great way to make sure that they feel welcome and loved. For example, maybe the Jock animals like athletic equipment for their home, or maybe the Lazy villagers prefer snacks to keep them happy during slow moments at home. As long as your animal friends has what they need, you’ll have the cutest village ever!

3/15. ACNH Sandy and Sunny

ACNH Sandy and Sunny
Image Source by @crossingrosie

If you visit an island this summer, it’s practically a rite of passage to picnic on the beach. The sand on your toes, sun on your face and sandwich in your hand, all make for a delightful combination. Sandwiches are so passé. Step up your game with these amazing ideas for beach-side snacks that are the most awe-inspiring thing since sliced bread.

As a prospective customer, you already know that your patio or backyard is large and spacious — at least, that’s what the realtor told you after you bought the place. You can’t see it yourself though, because it’s covered in plants. Plants are nice, sure — but they do make things inconvenient when you want to host a big beach picnic with your friends and family.

4/15. ACNH Wonder Winter

ACNH Wonder Winter
Image Source by @acnhmidori

When’s the last time you had a picnic? It might be high time you planned a picnic in winter. What’s more exciting than a crisp, snowy day? Picnics make even the coldest winter air seem warmer. Make your own winter wonderland by laying down custom tiles. Just swap out the seasonal florals for winter specialties like holly bunches and snowdrops!

5/15. ACNH Party of Tea

ACNH Party of Tea
Image Source by wownoob12345

Do you need a reason to sing the Mad Hatter’s tea party song? I thought not. The Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party Pop Up Tent is perfect for any person who wants to enjoy their favorite stories in a safer and more private environment. What are you waiting for? Make your next party a real event!

Decorate the table with your favorite accessories. Tea parties are best when they have a few snacks and desserts that are just right for your tastes. Enjoy the cupcakes made of clouds, the cotton candy-filled shoes, and the beautiful pastel colors to complete the tea party.

6/15. ACNH Lunch with Gnom ies

ACNH Lunch with Gnom ies
Image Source by @fenhold_island

Picnics are a lovely way to experience the outdoors. If your friends can’t join you on the material plane, then don’t sweat it! Just place a few garden gnomes ’round-bellied cuties’ in your yard’s garden. These digital spirits will spring to life and help you with everything from lawn care to making sure your picnicking is as fun (the unicorns will be there, too!).

It’s time to get back to nature and trade in your usual lunch time table for a picnic blanket. And no, I’m not talking about that sad old school picnic cooler that you’ve been hauling around for years. Spread out the blanket, lay down under the sun, and breathe deeply. There’s something about enjoying your lunch with a lovely view that makes you remember what life was like before technology got in the way.

7/15. ACNH Garden of Rainbow

ACNH Garden of Rainbow
Image Source by nicolemarie1824

Forget picking just one favorite. Embrace the full spectrum with a rainbow-themed backyard picnic spot that lets you enjoy all kinds of adorable critters, wildflowers and the beauty of the outdoors. Humans have been drawing vibrant rainbows since the beginning of time — and they’re still going strong! Today, we’re making them even bolder by adding color to spaces both big and small.

If you’re feeling a little bored, go on, invite a gnome to the picnic! Focusing on one element (a fun doll) and adding another element (a rainbow of flowers) allows the first element to stand out even more. When life gets dull, you can sit in the sunlight and enjoy a meal with gnome friends — right there.

8/15. ACNH Summer Spread

ACNH Summer Spread
Image Source by spadelilly

Summertime is just around the corner, and what better way to fill your days than a picnic? This summer-themed picnic space has got you covered with bright, bold colors that are sure to stand out in the sunshine. Since you’ll be soaking up the rays all day, there’s no excuses for not working on that tan of yours. And it’ll be easier when you have essential summer accessories nearby — like a barbecue grill and hammock.

9/15. ACNH Picnic Campground

ACNH Picnic Campground
Image Source by Boo_is_dead

I get so excited when Isabelle announces that a new camper has arrived! It’s almost enough to make me forget the flowers and run through my island to reach the campsite faster — and that’s saying something, because I love my flowers. So why not put your own personal touch on your campground with a glampground?

This picnic space has a table and a blanket in the grass — in other words, it’s perfect for the whole neighbourhood! And if one friend brings their extra friends, that’s okay with us! It’s fine if you want to bring your dog, too.

10/15. ACNH Snack Springtime

ACNH Snack Springtime
Image Source by uzuriels

If your favorite colour is pink, you’d better plan on spending a good chunk of spring out in nature on your island. Why? Because the cherry blossoms are in bloom! If you want to make the most of this once-a-year happening, why not laze around outside wearing as much pink as possible?

Spring is here! Time to grab a blanket and head outside. Nothing says Spring like cherry blossoms, so what better way to enjoy the new season than with this adorable blanket? You can also read a great book while you’re enjoying your perfect Sunday, as long as it’s something light and fun. Something like The Stand or The Hobbit — there’s no need for anything too serious when you’re on holiday!

11/15. ACNH Picnic Brunch

ACNH Picnic Brunch
Image Source by @isle_clementine

The perfect brunch is a decadent, mouthwatering way to spend a weekend day with your friends and family. And your new friend, the Hopper Pancake Breakfast is here to make every brunch amazing. With a crispy chicken strip tossed in maple syrup, two eggs over-easy or sunny side up, topped with pancake batter and syrup, you’ll be glad you joined all of us islanders enjoying the best brunch in town.

Your stress is a lot like a garden. It dies if you ignore it. Let this cushion garden help your worries grow by focusing on what you love, instead of the problems in your life.

12/15. ACNH Simple and Classic

ACNH Simple and Classic
Image Source by @geeacnh

When you’re designing your next kitchen island, consider not only how great it will be to use, but also how it will make people feel. Sure, you might have a large budget and can buy all the materials (or designs!) you want — but don’t let that small part of your brain that worries about cost get in the way of creating something wonderful.

With those gorgeous Hyacinth Lamps providing a dusky glow and the sound of the waterfall lazily spilling into the rivers below, there’s something uniquely appealing about keeping things simple.

Right off, this rewrite is more approachable to new visitors who have never heard of Hyacinth. It’s written with clear and simple language so that anyone will be able to understand what I’m trying to say.

13/15. ACNH Area of Marshmallow Roast

ACNH Area of Marshmallow Roast
Image Source by @zibbycrossing / @crossinginspiration

There’s nothing like a campfire to bring people together, and your residents should feel that sense of community within their new home. A great way to achieve this is to create a marshmallow roasting area in your garden! All you need is a small, covered area with seating, a log-themed path leading to it, and a fire pit in the centre to make the whole space feel warm and welcoming!

14/15. ACNH Picnic Fairycore

ACNH Picnic Fairycore
Image Source by notjoejonas

The Fairycore picnic area was made using a trendy New Horizons aesthetic. Here, you’ll find the perfect blend of natural charm and subtle magical touches that go into creating Fairycore life. A whole studio is built-in, complete with a Redd original on the easel — especially for this commission!

Mush fancies itself as a more whimsical, more interesting version of the average furniture company. I must say, they’re not wrong. The idea behind the company is that you can make your house into a home by making your house into something unique and magical — even if it’s only lightweight foam. The outdoor swing, wheelbarrow overflowing with flowers, and paths designed to look like log slices are thoughtful touches to this fairy paradise.

15/15. ACNH Atmosphere Autumnal

ACNH Atmosphere Autumnal
Image Source by @sleepyluck

Summer is my favorite time of year to be in Animal Crossing. It’s when everything comes alive and the days are so long! This creator really took advantage of this season , using the natural surroundings and lots of sunshine to create a beautiful space that I want to spend all day in. I love how the picnic area is set up with a blanket that matches the tablecloth. It’s such a lovely detail.

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