Animal Crossing New Horizons Orchard Designs Ideas

14 Best ACNH Orchard Designs Ideas that Inspire you

The orchard on your island looks amazing, but it can also be quite a lucrative business. After all, who doesn’t want to become a Bell-ionaire? It’s super simple to move fruit trees and relocate them around the island. But what kind of design should you be going for? Where do you even get started with this process? I’ve got ya covered here in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

1/14. Orchard on the Lake

Orchard on the Lake

The feeling of taking your time and designing something spectacular is perfect for this orchard layout. Every section has been intricately designed with wooden decking leading around the area, each one different from the other. This example features apple trees, but you could create it with any fruit you please! There are also multiple designs to choose from in order to maximize your customization options: mixed and matched styles that look great together. Another bonus is a view of a lake – what more could we ask for? You’re going to need some rocking chairs as well; maybe even use them as stepping stones on dry land if they happen not be too water-logged while in storage during winter months!

2/14. Orchard Café

Orchard Café

What’s more fun than a picnic in the apple orchard? Picking your own fruit right from the tree, walking over to our cafe and eating it there! First, build an orchard by lining up trees any way you like. Then take some fencing to section off small area for our café. We recommend adding a custom stall with your favorite fruit design, and adding all of the furniture we’ll provide with this kit as well as any other pieces that catch your eye along the way. Looks good enough to eat yet?

3/14. Apple Orchard Store

Apple Orchard Store

This apple weighing station is the perfect choice for you and your family! Weigh yourself on our scale, then pick up a bagged fruit straight from this beautifully designed orchard. It’s easy to use and super stylish – the colors coordinate so well!

4/14. Clifftop Orchard

Clifftop Orchard

Create a place for relaxation with your own custom orchard. First, build up a cliff and add an incline leading to the top of it. Fill the top of you cliff full with fruit trees in whatever pattern you like! Finish off this look by adding seating areas, flower beds and even some paths around them all! This will create one spectacular view that is sure to keep guests coming back time after time.

5/14. Rock Garden Orchard

Rock Garden Orchard

After working so hard to create a beautiful garden, you will want something to fill the space. Fruits and trees are both perfect for this backyard, as they can be placed together with stones surrounding them all throughout. In order for your rock garden not to seem too empty and blank at times, be careful not place trees or flowers too close or else you won’t get the full benefits from it each day.

6/14. Checkerboard Orchard

Checkerboard Orchard

You want your island to be more natural and lush, so why not plant some fruit trees? This orchard is the perfect addition. It will create small paths through between your trees and let you see every tree perfectly too! Plant as many fruit trees as you like-the more fruits there are in a row, the richer you’ll feel.

7/14. Traditional Orchard

Traditional Orchard

This idea is for you if you want to keep a more traditional orchard design. This creative way of displaying fruit trees would work well with an island style garden, and will help make harvesting your fruits much easier. The signs are also helpful in identifying each type of fruit tree that grow here.

8/14. Orchard Market

Orchard Market

Open your own fruit market! There are many different ways to do this, such as setting up some custom ACNH stall design in the center of your orchard area and filling them with fruits and boxes. You can also add designs to the floor like wooden planks, wood slices, and so on if you want a more colorful look. Finally place trees around that area for an aesthetically pleasing design..

9/14. Walkthrough Orchard

Walkthrough Orchard

Everyone wants to have a walkthrough orchard on their island! This is a way for villagers to see the different fruits such as apples and oranges. You can do it too by sectioning off each of these areas, labeling them with signs so that people know which fruit tree goes in which area. After you divide up your orchard this way, encase some fencing around the middle of each area like how we did here..

10/14. Orchard Fields

Orchard Fields

Want to try something a little different to the traditional orchard layout? Then try creating these super cool fruit tree fields. Each area is fenced off and holds one specific type of fruit tree, so you can have your favorite kinds in each part of your orchard. You’ll start by sectioning off a part of your island and pop down dirt paths for each field before placing trees into each area – watch as it becomes reality with just some plants!

11/14. Campsite Orchard

Campsite Orchard

To add that extra cosy feel to your campsite, place the trees strategically around it for a little more forest. Add some seating and make sure you have a fire pit for those colder nights – perfect with roasting marshmallows or even roasting hot dogs over the flames!

12/14. Colorful Orchard

Colorful Orchard

This orchard is the perfect way to keep your villagers happy. It features pretty colors and flowers, as well as a variety of tables and chairs for picnics in the area. You can also crank up the ambience with some lanterns if you like that idea!

13/14. Orchard Island

Orchard Island

This heart-shaped orchard is so adorable, and you know that spreading the love by re-creating this amazing orchard on your own will make someone’s day. Just set space aside on your island at least a few feet deep and start by digging a heart shaped river leaving an island in the middle. This can be as big or as small as you like, just leave some room for trees; if you want to add all of the same fruit trees then it’s totally fine too! Finish off by adding a custom (or different) sign to complete its look and voila: You’ve got yourself one cute little spot in town.

14/14. Orchard Smoothie Bar

Orchard Smoothie Bar

What can you do with an orchard full of fruit? You can set up a smoothie bar and throw fresh fruits into the blender. Now, how about creating some custom menus to let customers know what’s on offer! To take charge of your successful business venture, add a stall with a blender and also create an adorable table as well – all while successfully attracting that sweet jock villager demographic!

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