ACNH Museum Design Ideas

18 Best ACNH Museum Design Ideas for Inspiration

One of the most rewarding parts about ACNH Museum Design Ideas is filling out your museum. And if you’re anything like me, you’d do almost anything to make Blathers happy!

Despite customization being such a huge part of the game, there really isn’t any way to customize how your own museum looks and feels quite like what you can do with your house – except that there are some customizations outside it as well.

With a little creativity though, why not turn your own island into something memorable by adding in these ideas for using decorative items or making changes?

1/18. ACNH Traditional Japanese Entrance

ACNH Traditional Japanese Entrance

It’s hard not to put a traditional Japanese item on these kinds of lists since there’s just so many Japanese items in-game!

Cherry blossoms, bamboo, and stone ponds are among the features found at this entry. Another really great idea for a new build would be to incorporate these objects with an outdoor museum or garden entrance set up.

Just make sure you don’t go too overboard here; The Entryway is really basic looking by default so try not overcomplicate things or add something that doesn’t fit the theme.

Spotlights light it up at night (though if you choose to keep adding more lights then your budget might start being stretched thin) but maybe host an event like gala or forum with your friends where everyone dresses fancy and discusses fine art -or pretends they know what they’re talking about in any case!

2/18. ACNH Skeleton Garden

ACNH Skeleton Garden

The players who have a lot of spare bones lying around will probably love this design. It’s one of those cool ideas that makes the best out of an excess of bones. This build places completed skeletons in a garden, making it look like it might be dinosaur’s natural habitats. With plenty shrubs and roses arranged just so, it looks great! I especially like the addition bench because is gives you a place to hang out or take rest if you’ve been walking all day at the museum which houses them (um for sure).

3/18. ACNH Jurassic Entrance

ACNH Jurassic Entrance

This museum entrance welcomes visitors to the classic island vibe along with a few extra touches of dinosaur displays.

At night, spot lights light up the dino exhibits and there is also a helpful sign pointing you in the right direction! This place looks really cool when it’s dark out too.

4/18. ACNH Purple Museum Entrance

ACNH Purple Museum Entrance

Did you know that purple was historically associated with upper-class people because the dye for clothes came from a rare breed of snail? So it was used almost exclusively for Roman senator’s robes.

Even today, purple has a particularly regal feel to it – just like royalty! It’s perfect as the choice color scheme and aesthetic at New Horizons Museum & Science Center which is known to be high class.

The trouble is there are only so many pieces of merchandise available in their store; but this builder made sure they had plenty by adding some creative and beautiful details such as ‘fish bones’ swimming in front of an aqua waterfall right inside the entranceway!

5/18. ACNH Fountain Lover’s Museum Entrance

ACNH Fountain Lover’s Museum Entrance

Museums are one of my favorite places to visit in the real world. I really miss being able to view them for myself! The design is so beautiful, and it makes me want to explore every corner as soon as possible.

Besides this perfect spot on an island, there are also plenty of other attractions you could visit when you’re done taking pictures: fountains and waterfalls bring a lot of beauty into this design.

And not only do angels protect the fish from predators but they also give good luck too- even Davids!

6/18. ACNH Classical Garden and Museum

ACNH Classical Garden and Museum

If you like a whimsical, almost classical Greek feel on your island, this might be an idea worth re-creating.

Marble statues and plenty of flowers helps to give entrance to the museum a classy & timeless feel. A fountain adds some sound and vibrancy with gardens filled with light for nighttime or daytime activities.

7/18. ACNH Paleontologist’s Entrance

ACNH Paleontologist’s Entrance

So far, entries on this list have used dinosaur bones. But what if you had a lot of them? You could extend your indoor collection by placing an entirely new dino exhibit on the lawn of the museum! It’s not illegal to do that.

They can’t stop you. There is also plenty of room for some flowers nearby, which add color and texture to any area around town.

8/18. ACNH Haute Arte Museum

ACNH Haute Arte Museum

Can you imagine a place without any ratings? How would an island be rated if there were no statues, bones or paintings to earn points? What about a five star rating with absolutely nothing going on in it-isn’t that what “five stars” is meant for!? This idea doesn’t seem like the artists would have wanted!

9/18. ACNH Rosy Red Entrance

ACNH Rosy Red Entrance

This is a simple and beautiful museum entrance. The statues and benches help to make it feel more welcoming, but the main attraction are the flowers that line its path.

Sometimes doing something so simple can be better than having an elaborate setup – like this one does with architecture in general.

10/18. ACNH Blathers & Study

ACNH Blathers & Study

Don’t you think it’s weird that Blathers, a crucial part of island life, doesn’t have so much as an office? Well this poor homeless owl is the backbone of any and all scientific advancement on our islands.

And yet the guy doesn’t even have a desk! The player felt Blathers’ pain by turning his museum entrance into a study for the professorial owl.

Now with bookcases, desks and beds in place he has somewhere to call home – assuming he ever leaves his museum at least.

In reality though it’s not cruel but natural to make him sleep outside; after all birds don’t need human homes like we do.

11/18. ACNH Natural Entrance Idea

ACNH Natural Entrance Idea

This museum seems to be in the middle of nowhere but it’s a perfect setting for anyone who wants nature on their doorstep.

There are plenty of flowers and trees, not just pumpkins at this design! The flags out front give it more formality and a suitcase is also included which adds an extra touch. This idea offers great places for both walks or hunting for fossils when you need some fresh air!

12/18. ACNH Neighborhood Museum

ACNH Neighborhood Museum

This museum blends right in with the neighborhood ideas. It looks amazing and is really well-put together, too! Besides that, a little stream makes it easy to catch fish and fill out the aquarium section of this place.

What if you could build your own museum near your residential area? I would visit every day!

13/18. ACNH Rock Garden Entrance

ACNH Rock Garden Entrance

This ACNH entrance idea is a lot different from the traditional Japanese style. In contrast to the more Shinto-esque entrances, this one goes full zen garden with gong and rocks.

If you wanted to take it further, adding your own personal touch like rocks in your rock pool would be an easy way for you to add some personality into it!

Not too sure about how much you’ll warm up to this museum building? This could be a great way of hiding that as well!

14/18. ACNH Royal Entrance

ACNH Royal Entrance

Here’s a painstakingly detailed build. It features gold roses, star fragments statues and harps. These are some of the finer things in life! There is indeed a museum behind it all, which gives this building more meaning than just the collection of items it contains within its walls alone.

The blue roses help to balance out colors while there isn’t too much furniture or flowers to add an overwhelming forest feel into your home/village but enough for you as Animal Crossing owner to feel like you can relax around them (and enjoy!).

Honestly, this is what I picture the Louvre looking like if it could be ported over into my favorite game – Animal Crossing on 3DS!

15/18. ACNH Trevi Fountain

ACNH Trevi Fountain

This is a really great idea! You can put up statues and fountains outside of your museum, connecting all the pieces together.

And what’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about creating or buying custom panels for this project – they’re already part of the game! What a wonderful way to extend your limited space with something so intricate and engaging-all because you had imagination.

Iron garden benches are an absolute must here, because there will be plenty of sitting in front on these builds which shall last for hours upon end.

16/18. ACNH Tropical Twilight Museum

ACNH Tropical Twilight Museum

This is a gorgeous island build that looks its best at dawn or twilight. It’s also worth building if you have plenty of shells left over and don’t want to sell them, because they’re placed out front in order to extend the exhibits into the outdoors while still looking neat.

Invite your friends or favorite villagers who wander by for pictures on top of it!

17/18. ACNH Rococo Museum

ACNH Rococo Museum

This museum entrance is a beautiful depiction of the Rococo style, with flowers and street lamps adding to the classy atmosphere. The waterfalls make it look like a painting, but this would be great for new players who want something simple to do on their own island!

18/18. ACNH Peaceful Woodland Museum

ACNH Peaceful Woodland Museum

If you would like an option for a low-key forest or just something that has lots of trees and plants, this is the design for you.

If you want to paint, there are plenty of areas in which to do so – and if it ever gets really lonely out there, Blathers will always be happy to listen!

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