15 Best Moon Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is one of our favourite games of all time. Since the first title released on the Nintendo 64 in 2001, we’ve been hooked. Be it summer, winter, morning, or night – there’s nothing quite like finding a shooting star or sitting back and watching the scenery change with the seasons while you play Animal Crossing.

If you’re in search of some inspiration, look no further — here are my favorite moon designs that are the perfect way to show your lunar side. So if you’re a fan of the moon, be sure to check them out!

1/15. ACNH Lake Moon

ACNH Lake Moon
Image Source by @Patches_B

If the idea of a large lake terrifies you, then it’s time to take the plunge (insert cute & corny pun here) and build something a little different. This design is a great option for those who want to make sure that their space isn’t over-run with water features. A little creativity can go a long way.

2/15. ACNH Moon Room

ACNH Moon Room
Image Source by NoizDmmD

You’ll find the room rather bare at first; it needs a dash of magic to really light it up! To grab that magic, try placing a Zodiac carpet down first. Then, get some Zodiac wall and floor stickers and stick them wherever you please. This room is a great spot for all your astrology-themed items. You can get these from Celeste, so be sure to visit her when she pops by!

3/15. ACNH Road of Rainbow

ACNH Road of Rainbow
Image Source by @rslashAC

The rainbow moon area impresses everyone – except for Celeste, of course. To get your hands on one right away, go to Nook’s Cranny and pick up some kits! This should be easy enough to get done, since they’re available at all hours of the day.

4/15. ACNH Flowers Rainbow

ACNH Flowers Rainbow
Image Source by acforeva

Moon designs are a fun way to think about your floral associates, especially if you’re looking for cool ways to show them how much you care. For example, if the sun and the moon are fighting for your favor, then you’ll want to host a party on a night when the moon is full — but only if you’ve got some cool flooring that lets it reflect the light.

5/15. ACNH Golden Entrance

ACNH Golden Entrance
Image Source by orangeyall

Here’s an island entrance ideas with a twist — for maximum impact, build out your cliffs on either side of the entrance, and add some in the middle too. If you want to make your island a little more special, you can add some waterfalls toward the back of your entrance as well.

6/15. ACNH Moon Yard

ACNH Moon Yard
Image Source by @babymsrr

Your home is an expression of who you are. That’s why I love this next-level idea to make it even more you, while making it much more beautiful. Your home should be like a second skin that you’re always happy to enter — and this idea helps make that happen.

To complete the look of your yard, you’ll need a few extra things. First of all, you’ll need to create the illusion of an infinite night sky. For this, have your local painter draw some crescent moons on heavy paper and tack them to the wall behind your swing set. You can also customize their color to match the rest of your decor.

7/15. ACNH Cliffs Moon

ACNH Cliffs Moon
Image Source by @treasurehuntmat

If you’re planning a trip to an island, it’s vital to consider how you’re going to create some breathtaking views on your adventure. For those who want their holiday home to reflect the tranquillity of the moon (or the romanticism of a full moon) then this cliff feature is perfect.

8/15. ACNH Show Stopper

ACNH Show Stopper
Image Source by @newhorizonsblackmarket

My favorite Minecraft design has to be my very own personal town within a Minecraft world. For this design, to really get the most out of it, you need to create amazing cliffs for your villagers to gather. To make these cliffs, I used a variety of heights and staggered them so that my village would have an interesting layout. I also added in lots of waterfalls and flowers to give the area more of a natural feel.

9/15. ACNH Zodiac Pedestals

ACNH Zodiac Pedestals
Image Source by Votbear

Zodiac star fragments are a magical phenomenon that you can collect, but where do you display them? You could keep them in a box, or shove them in your pocket day after day, but that’s dull. The ‘Starry Seating’ I’ve designed lets you showcase your star fragments in style. Simply build some small cliffs, place cushions on top of each cliff and pop out your star fragments — display complete!

10/15. ACNH Waterfall Moon

ACNH Waterfall Moon
Image Source by @obliqueophelia

To make an ideal waterfall, you need to build three tiers of it. The topmost should be the largest, followed by the middle one and then ending with the lowest. Place a round moon in the center and two crescent moons on both sides to create some variation.

11/15. ACNH Space Station

ACNH Space Station
Image Source by @JoannePistonFan

You don’t need to be a star designer or an interior decorator to create an intergalactic-themed room. All you need is some awesome flooring and the right set of decor. Add as many space-themed items as you want and be sure to add a moon on the wall — everyone needs at least one of those!

12/15. ACNH Entrance of Crescent

ACNH Entrance of Crescent
Image Source by tashuhhx

Here’s a cheerful new idea for your residential entranceway. This design incorporates a crescent moon pathway made from your favorite path design — be that cobblestone or brick, or even teak. It’s a pretty straightforward process, but I’m just going to run you through it quickly as it’s been a while since I’ve done it. You need some yellow moons (probably the easiest color) and then you can place them anywhere across the side. Then you’ll want to place nova lights and shrubs but for the finishing touches make sure you get some golden roses too!

13/15. ACNH Island of Moon

ACNH Island of Moon
Image Source by @pja_chan

Here I’ve created a little Moon Island using three of my favourite resources: Stargazing, Watermelons and Moondust. Stargazers will love this Moon Island because it’s full of watermelons. Watermelon lovers will adore the Stargazing aspect — to create this area, simply start by adding a mountain surrounding your island, then add lots of stone paths to bring the area to life.

14/15. ACNH Picnic Area

ACNH Picnic Area
Image Source by @nicolescrossing

Turn your favorite ACNH picnic area into the most romantic spot in town with a single plastic sheet. The full moon will be shining brightly on you and your partner, making it a perfect setting for… well, let’s just say it’ll make an awesome setting for anything you’d like to do with that special someone.

You can finally get rid of all those random books and crappy picnic sets you haven’t used since college. The best way to get rid of these things is to place them on your cosmic picnic set — it’s a way to say “goodbye” to the clutter of your past and welcome the fun, unique lifestyle you deserve!

15/15. ACNH Stargazing Area

ACNH Stargazing Area
Image Source by @RainTheFren

See constellations that you’ve never seen before with these awesome stargazing areas (and other cool stargazing ideas!) Build up a nice little cliff area anywhere you like. Make sure to decorate it well with lots of Nova lights and star fragments. The crescent moon adds the perfect finishing touch to the whole thing!

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