10 Best ACNH Mermaid Room Inspo & Mermaid Design Ideas

While diving and swimming around your island, can you find a scallop? I like the New Horizons Decoration set, but I can’t quite figure out how to use it. Is there anything I can craft with it?

1/10. ACNH Bathroom Undersea

The mermaid theme is extremely popular, mainly for girls. We think it’s time to put a new spin on the mermaid look and move away from the sea.

Bathroom elements are important. In ROBLOX land, they are very important. You can create a mermaid bathroom if you want to — but make sure the bathtub is long enough, the shower booth isn’t too close to the ground, the washer is deluxe and isn’t the exact same shape as all your other stuff, and that you get it all in the right place.

2/10. ACNH Bedroom Modern Mermaid

In this bedroom, you’ll find wall art that show off how you can expertly augmented your bedroom while still reflecting your own tastes. There’s some mermaid-themed wall decor, as well as a mermaid lamp and shell speaker — but there’s also other, more subtle touches to speak for the other 90% of the room. Like the bed and bench that are customized to better fit the color scheme.

3/10. ACNH Castle of Mermaid

Give your home a wintery mermaid makeover with this DIY. You’ll need large snowflakes, small snowflakes, ice lanterns, and a lot of decorating on your part to get the look. But don’t worry — I’m here to help you get through this. Follow these steps and in no time at all you’ll have created your very own icy underwater oasis.

The great thing about this aquatic tank is the color options. You can choose from a variety of different ice colors, or go with something more bold. I, personally, recommend the pink option — it really brings out the inner child in you and makes you feel all sorts of bubbly and excited inside.

4/10. ACNH Salon Beachside

Find shells on the beach, collect pearls from your island’s inhabitants, and be sure to comb your island’s beaches daily. You can use them to craft interesting decorations for your home ACNH island.

You can’t be a world class mermaid without the supplies to decorate your home or office. Luckily, we’re here to help, with a wide range of mermaid furniture and ornaments. We’ve also got mermaid dressers and finger nail tables, so you can be sure that you’re stocked up on everything you need.

5/10. ACNH Deep Sleep Deep Sea

This is a lovely design that’s sure to get you up and running — in a bed. This bed also enshrouds the deeper, aquatic life into the heart of your home. You’ll need shells for this one, but you can be sure that you’ll get more than just a bed. Read about others that have used the same design: a handful of items will contribute to your underwater experience.

6/10. ACNH Playground Mermaid

Here’s a fun idea for your next bug beach house that doesn’t go overboard with the bugs — just some basic decor plus a few special items made from items found in nature. Just remember to craft your nova light during a solar eclipse, and don’t forget to mine for extra star fragments throughout the year to craft those moon chandeliers!

7/10. ACNH Island Mermaid

A mermaid’s home is her castle. A mermaid’s private island is her palace. With yonder seas beckoning, your imagination is likely running wild with ideas for a new undersea kingdom of your own. But where to start? When I first began making my own ‘creation’, I got so confused by all the options available from sea-shells to coral and other ornaments.

8/10. ACNH Living Room Coral Reef

Shells and mermaids are all the rage, so why don’t you join in on the fun? Our shell table and mermaid chairs are a great centerpiece for your kiddo’s seaside room — or maybe you can find them a cool beachside apartment to rent. Either way, they’ll love this trendy set!

This mermaid also put some star fragments on the floor, along with standard furniture items like a dresser and a clock. The fragments give the room an ethereal look, which we’d expect from the abode of any magical creature!

9/10. ACNH Mermaid Royal Wedding

When planning for the big day, you know you want the best for the special occasion! And who can blame you? So rather than go with traditional items, why not try making something to fit the theme of your wedding and location. Like adding some custom beach-y decorations on your aisle when getting married at a beach. You can use any decoration or pattern you want, and make it your own!

10/10. ACNH Parlor Pretty Pink

Are you looking for a ACNH Halloween décor idea that will really wow your guests? Well, look no further than this amazing mermaid parlor! Crafted from the highest-quality materials, you can take a look at this room and see how well it’s decorated: the furniture, the wallpaper — even the flooring is an example of how to make an intimate space come alive with color and personality.

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