10 Best ACNH Mermaid Design Ideas & Mermaid Room

The entire underwater world of Animal Crossing is built upon crafting and collecting. Need wood for your latest furniture design? Better craft some by cutting down a tree. Want to accessorize your house with a sculpture, or dress your character up with some new clothes from the Nooklings’ shop? Time to craft! And it doesn’t stop there.

1/10. Coral Reef Living Room

Coral Reef Living Room
Image Source by @PeriwinkleACNH

Mermaids are the hot trend in home decor, and I’ve been feeling it since the first time I walked into the Mystic Mermaid boba shop. The entire store is designed to make you feel like you’re underwater, from the glass tables to the beautiful blue-and-white tile work on the walls and floor. This designer certainly loves their seafood — but more importantly, they love their mermaids!

2/10. Royal Mermaid Wedding

Royal Mermaid Wedding
Image Source by @heathhorizons

Creating your very own aisle of love is a very easy process. You can start with laying down some custom items that you can create or download, such as seashells and mermaids .  These additions will surely make your image more magical and full of passion.

Next, set up the tables and lights for your event. I like the idea of a  seating area that allows people to rest their feet after a long day of events, but also nicely introduces some beachy decor so that everyone feels inspired.

3/10. Pretty Pink Parlor

Pretty Pink Parlor
Image Source by cinnamon_swirlix

This is my interpretation of what a mermaid’s room would look like, if they had a home, that is. Try to picture it: a sun-shaped vanity, an elegant mermaid sofa with a peacock-feathered pillow and a mirror to accentuate her gorgeous tail, matching chair and flooring. A little out of the ordinary? Maybe. But that’s what makes us unique!

Your bedroom is the most important room in your house, and you should take care to decorate it with items that will create a truly magical atmosphere. The first step is to throw out any old mattresses you have, as they are among the worst offenders for creating a poor sleeping environment. Instead, spring for a quality mattress such as a memory foam mattress , which can help you sleep better.

4/10. Modern Mermaid Bedroom

Modern Mermaid Bedroom
Image Source by kptizzle

Mermaid-themed bedrooms are all the rage. But how can you make them your own? Follow these tips to create your own mermaid-inspired room that’s customized and unique.

Starry garlands and whirlpool baths are two of my must-have items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf . The starry garland is crafted from star fragments — an item you can only obtain by befriending hidden characters or buying it as a special item at Re-Tail. Whirlpool baths also require a rare special item: a bathtub sticker.

5/10. Deep Sea Deep Sleep

Deep Sea Deep Sleep
Image Source by Faerieheart

This design is a love story — a story of how two worlds collide, and how two players work together to create something beautiful. Using a series of items from the same mod, this player uses the same materials to craft a bed and light source for their lovers’ home. The shell bed serves as a place for two to sleep, while embracing the deeper aquatic life.

You’ll have to go shell collecting if you want some friends in your living room. Those summertime shells are just the thing to craft a crescent moon chair for nighttime reading sessions. And since you’re going under the sea, you might as well find some star fragments to craft a wall-mounted aquarium.
Your startup will likely fail without a clear action plan.

6/10. Undersea Bathroom

Undersea Bathroom
Image Source by comeawaymelinda

Water, water everywhere! This mermaid bathroom is a beautiful place to be. It’s filled with aquatic sea life right down to the floor and wallpaper. I love how you can take this underwater fantasy and bring it into your home — and bathroom. The top 10 items you’ll need to make this design come to life are listed below. Remember, don’t forget the ocean-themed flooring!

You can decorate your bathroom like a true sea princess with just a few items from the block. You’ll want to get some pots and pans, namely a long bathtub, shower booth, and deluxe washer. Purchase a wooden full length mirror and a basic sink, too.

7/10. Mermaid Playground

Mermaid Playground
Image Source by Shiningli

We’ve all seen mermaid furniture, but none of it is functional. This beachside idea will be a great addition to any home. Here’s an outdoor sofa for the modern mermaid — made from seashells and pearls, this piece is sure to impress friends and family members alike.

You’ll need to gather star fragments from the ground and from the moon to create this attraction. Don’t forget to grab them from Celeste when she visits! You can scatter your collection around the land, or use ’em as cute little stars to stick in your hair.

8/10. Mermaid Castle

Mermaid Castle
Image Source by @GirlyxChan

I’m sure you’ll agree that mermaids are all the rage right now, and I definitely think they should be a design theme in your home! However, it’s not just wallpaper and curtains that you need to make a room look like the bottom of the ocean, oh no. If you want to create an undersea world on dry land, then we’re going to need a few key items.

You can customize these pillars to suit the colour scheme of your room, too. You can set the whole thing on blue and have a more aquatic feel. Or go with pink for a more bubblegum-inspired look.
And that’s it! All done!

9/10. Mermaid Island

Mermaid Island
Image Source by marynoster

Finding a quiet place to relax is hard when you live on a tropical island full of talking animals. The secluded shore island seems like the perfect solution — until you realize getting there is a nightmare, and this new private paradise is actually pretty public.

We’ve got an amazing line-up of mermaid and shell items here, just for you. Light up your life with our shell floor lamps, or turn heads with our mermaid lights. Shell fountains are also a huge hit, as well as shell archways. We’ve also got the best selection of mermaid clock towers anywhere — I’m not even kidding!

10/10. Beachside Salon

Beachside Salon
Image Source by ImmaBadW0lf / Rachelle-GrandLake

I’ll give you full credit for the idea, but I have to admit that the ‘mermaid sofas’ are a bit weird. They might be popular among the Pokemon Go crowd, but I’m not too sure about beyond that. And that’s a real shame, because your home items are otherwise really cool.

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