15 Best Lounge Area Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a great way to unwind and recharge your batteries. If you’re feeling stressed out, take yourself off to the campsite and play around with an adorable otter-like thing. Add a few fish to his boat to see if he’ll give you a set of furniture in return! It’s weirdly relaxing — try it out.

Do you have a dream world in your head that only comes alive when you close your eyes? If so, then we’ve got the perfect video game for playing in it. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an open-world exploration game where everything’s customizable. This is a game where you can design literally everything : from cafes, bedrooms and resident yards, to relaxation rooms and tiny corners of calm.

1/15. ACNH Corner Cozy Crafty

ACNH Corner Cozy Crafty
Image Source by townofmido

If you enjoy artistic hobbies such as knitting or painting, why not bring a touch of your own creative flair into the Animal Crossing: New Leaf world? Have a room dedicated to creating that special something, whether it be crocheting, sewing or painting. Do your friends want some hand-knitted scarfs? What about a framed painting of their favorite villager? Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of handmade craft!

Creating a cozy space for your creative hangout is important, but you need to remember that first and foremost you’re still supposed to be working! This delightful, virtual space has been designed with comfort in mind. A plush carpet, a low coffee table, and even a small kitty circle provide the perfect distractions to keep your focus on the task at hand!

2/15. ACNH Outdoor Bricked Café

ACNH Outdoor Bricked Café
Image Source by @Peaachesncreamm

Your next home is your castle — a place to be proud of, where you can relax and turn up with your friends. With the freedom to personalize just about everything in your new domicile, you’ll have plenty of ways to express yourself at home. Choose a spacious open-air layout if you want to keep things chill and simple, or go all out by creating a private den for reading or studying.

3/15. ACNH Nursery Plant

ACNH Nursery Plant
Image Source by acnh_eliza

Need a place to chill out and reconnect with nature? How about in your very own, completely customizable greenhouse lounge! The options for customizing your little oasis are endless. You can build a variety of plantlife, from huge monstera vines to small moss balls. Mix and match the many varieties of pots you can craft on your workshop table to suit your personal style.

4/15. ACNH Concert Outdoor Venue

ACNH Concert Outdoor Venue
Image Source by sarahsaysrawrr

Few things beat the joy of a nice summer concert, especially the soothing tones of someone playing guitar. K.K. Slider is your man for this job; if you’ve got a spare outdoor venue, you can pop him in there and let him play his heart out. Don’t worry about him getting tired — he never stops strumming.

5/15. ACNH Picnic Pier

ACNH Picnic Pier
Image Source by @puddlescrossing

A museum aquarium is a great way to add some watery fun to your home decor. Reward yourself for a hard day’s work with a tropical picnic on your own private pier. Enjoy your own sunset over the ocean on a custom blanket, or snag a QR code to get your design going even faster. And, of course, don’t forget the cushions.

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6/15. ACNH Lounge Autumnal

ACNH Lounge Autumnal
Image Source by MsNookChannel

It’s Autumn time again, and we’re officially starting to feel the cooler temperature in the air. While we have loved the warmth that comes with Summer, it’s always nice to see leaves changing colors and beautiful pumpkins decorating our homes. Thankfully, Amy Christoffers, a loyal fan of All Chalked Up, has shared her pumpkin patch masterpiece with us today!

We all know that siesta time is a great way to unwind and let your mind wander. But one startup takes relaxation to the next level, creating an entire garden of gourds. This creator showcases their creativity with a custom pumpkin-design hat and the watermelon version of the beach ball — two items that add a splash of color to the rows, proving how it can be fun to fill your days with gourd-related activities.

7/15. ACNH Bohemian Space

ACNH Bohemian Space
Image Source by avocadogs09

That boho-chic bedroom you have been dreaming of is pretty much a reality now. And it’s all thanks to the lovely pictures below. Modern meets rustic, with a twist of old-fashioned quaintness. I’m just in love with it!

8/15. ACNH Season Sakura Lounge

ACNH Season Sakura Lounge
Image Source by MilkMellow

The weather outside is in full bloom with the season’s hot new trend! The designer behind this gorgeous garden was inspired by Japan’s cultural cherry blossom obsession and its connection to fashion, as well. But you don’t have to walk the runway like a geisha — although you could — to embrace the trend at home or work.

For the ultimate Japanese garden experience, bring in a stunning water feature. Sharp rocks and gorgeous miniature trees will create a feeling of tranquility. To get the full sensory treatment, add some outdoor furniture that lets you look out over the scene while you sip on matcha. Now that’s a garden worth taking a picture of.

9/15. ACNH Salon of Nail

ACNH Salon of Nail
Image Source by cheekyfun27

You’ve been planning on opening a salon, haven’t you? But you didn’t have the courage to go through with it. Now, thanks to this project, you can arrange your perfect salon! This creator designed this lovely home decor as an inspirational display of how one can create a specialized space for pampering and relaxing in the comfort of their own home.

10/15. ACNH Shoreline Stargazing

ACNH Shoreline Stargazing
Image Source by xoxo_goldie

If you’re like me and we’ve got a 4-inch unicorn figurine on your desk, then you probably want to hangout with her while watching the sunset. And what better way than with this magical celestial lounge design? As an avid outdoorsman, I love to spend my time surrounded by the beautiful nature that is in my backyard. However, it’s nice to have a nice little escape from reality when you need to relax after a long day of work.

11/15. ACNH Bathhouse Secret Garden

ACNH Bathhouse Secret Garden
Image Source by yeahheywhatsupbye

It’s no secret that the Japanese are among the most innovative cultural groups in the world. But we never would have thought to add a splash of water flooring to our fantasy bathhouse! The city of Hotaka in Japan has done just that — and it’s as relaxing as it is visually appealing.

Let’s be honest; baths are the best. But you’ve also got a job to do — catching bugs, planting trees, whatever it is that catches your interest in the game. With Golden Lighthouse Bathhouse, you can take your mind off of all of your responsibilities for a little while and just relax.

12/15. ACNH Personal Library

ACNH Personal Library
Image Source by stephieacnh

Bookworms unite! With this in mind, your home can become a haven for literature lovers. As one small example, check out this cream-colored wonderland by Interior Designer Jennifer Lee — it’s proof that imaginative lighting can even add magic to the libraries of our favorite stories.

13/15. ACNH Study Ultra Luxe

ACNH Study Ultra Luxe
Image Source by jhsbum

We know, you want to be here. But this is your life, and you can’t see yourself sitting in a room with only one color — even if it is a rather nice shade of green. We get it; we like colour in our own lives. And we think a little variety might suit you better than this dark study does, after all, this is the 21st century. So we made a living room for you.

Relax, study and work in a cozy space. Whether you’re doing a group project or studying for your next math exam, this space is ideal for those looking to be productive while they unwind after a long day at school. With soft leather couches, comfortable chairs and a variety of amenities, the library makes it easy to kick back and get ready for that big exam or business pitch.

14/15. ACNH Fireplace Crackling

ACNH Fireplace Crackling
Image Source by @miss_acnh

Looking for a gorgeous new space to create truly remarkable holiday memories? Look no further than Monarch’s stunning winter lodge. Picture gazing out over stunning sunsets while you’re nestled in front of the crackling fire, or welcoming loved ones with cozy holiday cheer as they walk through the front door. No matter what time of year it is, you’ll be able to make magical memories with Monarch’s stunning winter lodge.

And if you want to do some decorating with your fireplace, mix up some cocoa and don’t forget Santa’s cookies. It’s the little details that make fireplaces cozy, so go ahead and invite your friends over for a fireside chat.

15/15. ACNH Relaxing Fountain

ACNH Relaxing Fountain
Image Source by Button

Dream of a wishing fountain, but don’t have time for a meteor shower? Introducing the Illumination Fountain — a magical setup designed to make wishes come true. This charming bench area features cozy lighting and ambient music that will set your imagination on fire.

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