15 Best Lighthouse Design Ideas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We’ve seen all these islands at night that seem to be spectacular with their lighthouse designs. We’re beyond excited to get our hands on one as it seems we’ll be able to set up the beacon in any laminar region of our choosing for roughly 5,000 miles total. Obviously, being able to customize the color of the lights may be better than having a solid green light to direct ships during the dark of night.

1/15. By The Ocean

By The Ocean
Image Source by @nookimchi

Design an awesome lighthouse and place it washed away by the water. Build your house near the coastline, making sure to add a steep cliff around the area where you plan to build your house. If you will be providing the same effect, then try adding a waterfall.

2/15. Mini Island

Mini Island
Image Source by Smitopi

If you live in New England then this might be relatable. To begin, dig out a huge lake on your island but make sure to leave an island in the center with a path leading to it. You can add a custom wood-like design to the bridge for the illusion of a wooden bridge.

3/15. Downtown Forest

Downtown Forest
Image Source by @C_LJ282000

When it comes to bringing a rural setting, or a more quaint village to your island, a lighthouse is the way to go. It’s my go-to design choice for authentic and realistic surroundings, but it’s absolutely perfect for people like you. To start, simply add a mix of cedar

4/15. Clifftop in Winter

Clifftop in Winter
Image Source by @sleepyluck

This is a very simple design that, on any island and all year round, can be done with the following steps: Add a large cliff area to your island with a smaller cliff on top. You can then place your lighthouse either elevating the smaller cliff or on the larger one.

5/15. Town Vibes

Town Vibes
Image Source by @randitouille

First and foremost, start by laying down some stone flooring on your island. Follow it up by supplementing with stone fencing as well and be sure to put your lighthouse at the very edge of your island. You can also add a wind turbine if you want.

6/15. Natural Lighthouse

Natural Lighthouse
Image Source by @soyaholic_

To make your island beautiful, you need to do a few things first. First, you have to build a couple of cliffs near the beach of your island. It is close to the water with a lighthouse up on the edge of one of the cliffs. Finally, make sure that there’s still plenty of room for decoration inside your cove!

7/15. On The Rocks

On The Rocks
Image Source by @AlasdairStuart

Not everyone knows that you can place items over the rocks around your island. And this is such a simple structure and looks stunning too. Especially because it feels very realistic and true-to-life. Super easy to build as well: just put the lighthouse on top of the rock and there you go.

8/15. Train Tracks

Train Tracks
Image Source by @denisesaur_

If you are looking for creating an old-school abandoned train station design, then maybe you should add some of the industrial area to your island. The designs include a one of a kind custom flooring and custom train tracks along with your own custom danger sign.

9/15. Pier Lighthouse

Pier Lighthouse
Image Source by @melovesgigiland

The pier is a must have in any tropical paradise. I mean how are you supposed to relax and enjoy your beautiful tropical island if there isn’t a way to walk alongside the water? The trickiest part about this is building a bridge across the lake. You want to make sure it’s custom enough so

10/15. Tropical Lighthouse

Tropical Lighthouse
Image Source by @_sweetieloves

You can transform your island by creating a tropical paradise with this lighthouse design you can start by designing the floor to match the style of a boardwalk, try this cool one out! Then add just the right features, like a lighhouse and wooden stakes. Be sure to add an additional seating area for guests.

11/15. By The Beach

By The Beach
Image Source by cooooookieeeee

This lighthouse was designed to look stunning when placed next to a beach. It features the same vibrant blue color scheme and the same style of tower. First you will need to create a small cliff area, and make sure it has an incline so it is easy to get up. Next, place your lighthouse at the top, and then decorate with landscaping tools.

12/15. On The Bridge

On The Bridge
Image Source by @PoppyPier

Add a lighthouse forest to any level by creating a series of small cliffs. After you’ve laid them down, make sure there is a path of land leading across the water. Then add your custom design and voila! A lighthouse forest instantly appears.

13/15. Rural Lighthouse

Rural Lighthouse
Image Source by @melissaa_ac

To achieve this effect, simply build two enormous cliffs on your island with enough capacity for running water.
It’s much nicer if it’s near the sea.

Because you may add a waterfall running between them, make sure the bottom cliff is somewhat larger than the top cliff. You may even excavate a pool at the bottom of the cliffs into which your waterfall will flow.

14/15. Blue & White Beach

Blue & White Beach
Image Source by @HumbleZebra

If you’re not sure how to decorate certain sections, this design is simple and suitable for any taste. Begin by placing a blue and white striped lighthouse as near as possible to the ocean. You may also use a blue and white kid’s tent that matches the colour scheme. Add some flowers and hedges, and don’t forget to provide a picnic table so your people may enjoy the summer sun.

15/15. Painter’s Place

Painter’s Place
Image Source by @ahnahleesa

Seriously, Animal Crossing has a fantastic area for aspiring painters. You may even add some musical instruments or a stage so that you can put on some shows. Begin by constructing a two-level cliff well beyond your shore to produce this adorable design. Place your lighthouse atop the hill. Add an inclination along the back so you can also go up to it. Then go back down the rear of the property to one of the rocky places. With a few simple tools, you can convert it into your own outdoor creative studio.

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