Animal Crossing New Horizons Library Ideas

15 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Library Ideas

Ah, the library. Home to some of my greatest childhood memories, and a place I still find refuge in as an adult. If you’re on the lookout for a new place to read and escape for a bit, look no further than this list of awesome library designs.

1. Mega Library

Mega Library

You’ll love this one. You’ll never go without a book again, with this massive library on your island! With lots of books to choose from, it’s designed for reading. And the best part is that it’s not as hard as it looks to build. All you have to do is build a cliff and wooden floors on both levels. Fill the area with a lot of bookcases, and space them out like walls.

2. Reading Area

Reading Area

I’m so excited about the ACN Health Library idea! It’s something I would love to use. To keep this tiny idea space-efficient, you can use a custom tile flooring pattern. Make it as beautiful as you want!

3. Study Area

Study Area

Oh yeah. And now you can bring the library right into ACNH using the natural world. All you need is a few wooden bookcases and some furniture to sit. If you want, you can put up some brick walls or even an outdoor bed to chill on if you’ll be studying for a while.

4. Mini Outdoors Library

Mini Outdoors Library

Your office must be a pretty big place, given the amount of work you’re getting done! But even huge, empty offices can feel a little boring. If you’re looking to liven up your space a bit, we’ve got some tips for you.
Friendly Advice: Whoa. It’s tiny! And that’s good thing.

5. Library Nook

Library Nook

Add a fence around the outside of your reading nook to help it feel more like home. To create a library themed nook, I would add antique furniture to this space. You can finish it off by putting it in an actual corner of your island to make it feel even more cozy.
Friendly Rewrite #2: Add a fence around the outside of your reading nook to help it feel more like home.

6. Bedroom Library

Bedroom Library

Your ACNH bedroom is a blank canvas, and you want to make it perfect. But what if there were a couple of creative design ideas for your room? Your bedroom and library combo might be the perfect thing for a cozy night in. Imagine a snow-falling wall theme or adding a desk and chair to one corner of your space. You can also add a bunk bed along chair and desk here for the ultimate place to read.

7. Office Reading

Office Reading

This at-home library is both business and pleasure. The room is filled with comfortable furniture, cozy flooring, and regal accents. Before construction, pick any window style wallpaper you like and add wooden floors. Then, incorporate a fireplace and bookshelves to create the library. Add a trophy stand and desks to finish off the look.

8. Reading Coffee Shop

Reading Coffee Shop

You’ve just found the perfect location for this new coffee shop that you’ve been working on. But now you need to know how to make it cozy and inviting for your customers. One way is to decorate with a coffee-inspired theme. This place needs a little bit of everything: an area with a few books and chairs, a café stall, and cozy lighting.

9. Old-Fashioned Library

Old-Fashioned Library

Let’s get cozy with style. This luxurious reading corner includes a custom decking design for wooden flooring effect, followed by bookcases customized in a few different colors. A leather sofa and a fireplace finish the look. Leather sofas can get old after a while, so it’s good to have a few other options to choose from.

10. Library Museum

Library Museum

Creating an outdoors library is a fantastic idea for all eco-minded entrepreneurs. To have an outdoor museum + library combo, start by building a cliff next to your museum. Then add a waterfall running over the edge in the background. Design a bookcase next to the water and add stacks of books, log furniture, and lots of paths with wooden tables and chairs. Add a few fossils or any other design that comes to mind.

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11. Bookshop Idea

Bookshop Idea

You can now create your own stunning bookshop. Start with some wooden flooring and arrange your bookcases around the edges of the store. To create a library-like feel, be sure to line the shelves with books. And don’t forget to customize and populate your store with shelves and bookshelves that work for you!

12. River Library

River Library

You’ve got options when it comes to creating the perfect reading spot — whether on the edge of a cliff overlooking a waterfall or in some sun-dappled meadow. But wherever you choose, make sure to include the following: plants for color, diffuser for aroma, blanket for comfort, and books for entertainment. Oh, and not to forget: a little table!

13. Book Maze

Book Maze

You want to create a library maze and reading area for your villagers. To do this, start by lining up bookcases in zig-zag pattern. Leave aisles in between the bookcases and create a reading area at the end of the maze. You can add a little wooden incline that leads into the library space to make it feel like a sunken library maze. In your seating area, make the floors fancier and add different types of seating.

14. Miniature Library

Miniature Library

You’ve just finished building your dream library and you want to share it with the villagers. One of your friends, however, has told you that they’re having a hard time finding space to expand their home. Find out how this seasoned village member is fixing the problem with a quick trip over to their farm. Could it be you too?

15. Beach Library

Beach Library

Well, what a lovely day at the beach! The sand is rough, but it’s all worth it in the end. First, let’s lay down some decking. Then, for that cozy reading area, add some custom glass windows and panels. To bring in that farm vibe, add plants off to the side. Add as many bookcases and stacks of books as you can so you can read in peace.

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