15 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Library Designs Ideas

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: the style to go for if you’re trying to create a relaxing space is coastal. The sun-soaked hues and airy vibes are definitely my go-to interior design choice. There’s nothing better than curling up with a book and watching the sun set over the sea. If you want to try it out, here’s some of the best designs I found.

1/15. ACNH Reading Coffee Shop

There are many ways you can make your own little coffee shop/library hybrid in your home. Whether you have downstairs neighbours or not, have a certain area of your house dedicated to your little creation! Although this might seem a little bit odd, it will surely bring fun and smiles to the faces of everyone who comes over. It’s a great place to invite friends over for a cup of tea or coffee and perhaps even some late-night studying.

2/15. ACNH Reading at Office

This Office library indoor is a mix of business and pleasure but you’ll feel less like you’re working, and more like you’re relaxing in your comfy new library. It might be hard to believe that your home office can really look this good — but we have the perfect design for you. Start with adding bookshelves and wooden flooring, for the perfect amount of comfort and style.

3/15. ACNH Library in Bedroom

Your bedroom is the ideal place for a number of add-ons. What if you could have your own personal library? I mean, what could be better than having a library in your bedroom — and why don’t you always think of that? You can use it to add some extra value to your decor and have some extra space to store all those books you’re never going to read in a lifetime.

4/15. ACNH Reading Area

This ACNH library is a soothing addition to any island! And it doesn’t take much space, either. Start by adding your favorite flooring pattern and watch your book cases grow. You won’t be able to put the books down.

5/15. ACNH Museum of Library

Tough to beat that one. I’d be glad to see you try, though. To me, this combination of outdoor museum + library is one of the most fascinating ideas in the entire world — and it’s even more incredible when it comes to life in the form of this unique architectural design! So what do you need to recreate this? Just a cliff, waterfalls and a few bookcases!

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6/15. ACNH Library Old Fashioned

I love it when I find a chance to make something luxurious — not just for myself, but for my customers as well. And that’s what this project is all about: allowing you to create a custom-designed outdoor space that’s both useful for relaxing and looks great. It’s an elegant way to add a little classiness to your island, without breaking the bank!

If you want to give your leather sofas a break — I personally think they can get pretty boring after months of sitting in the same spot, day in and day out — then why not decorate with some other materials? Here are a few ideas: 1. Decorate with carpeting 2. Paint the walls a different colour 3. Add a fireplace 4. Even add pillows to the floor for reading 5. Let your imagination take over!

7/15. ACNH Book Maze

You can use this bookcase maze to make a village library! It’s great for when you have that one friend who loves books but likes to take them out of the library so they can own them. They like to travel with their favourite books and they tend to forget to take them back where they got them from (I mean, can you blame them? Books are heavy!).

8/15. ACNH Idea of Bookshop

Either way you look at it, this is a store that sells romance novels. And crime thrillers. So if you’re looking for a great place to keep your books, you’re in the right place. First, lay down a layer of wooden flooring.

9/15. ACNH huge Library

If you can’t bear to be without a book in your hand, get this amazingly cool library – it’s actually the perfect reading area for your island. Just add some wooden floors and a roof, and before you know it you’ll have a building that even bibliomaniacs will swoon over. Just don’t forget to add lots of bookshelves!

The goal here is to make your office as extremely minimalist and as uncluttered as possible. Take a cue from the nearby Apple Store and other similar modern establishments. Get this done by completely eliminating existing furniture in your office, and replacing it with stark white surfaces.

10/15. ACNH Nook Library

Build your very own library on your very own island, in the comfort of your very own house. What better place to create a tranquil reading nook for you and all your best friends? First, lay down some spooky grass — you know, just because it’s ACNH Halloween! Now that you have a nice floor to work with, draw out the perimeter of your library.

11/15. ACNH Outdoors Small Library

This design is great for small spaces, like a studio apartment, because it allows you to build an unconventional bookshelf while still maintaining that “living room” feel you’re going for. Just lay down some stone flooring in the area and adding some stools to create a seating area.

12/15. ACNH Study Area

The first step to arranging your dream library is creating that urban-librarian aesthetic. There’s nothing better than a few bookcases, a nice wooden table, and some chairs — you can even get creative with the layout, too! Place your bookcases against your walls for a nice roomy feel. (You’ll probably want to make sure that you lay down some flooring as well so that your furniture doesn’t get damaged.

13/15. ACNH Library Miniature

A tabletop bookshelf is a great addition to every little village! It will give your villagers a place to store their books and they will feel like intellectuals. This amazing decor piece is so small, but it adds character and improves the overall look of your playground. Grab a few of them and place them under a shaded tree or in your own personal garden!

14/15. ACNH Library at Beach

You can put plants anywhere and everywhere in your backyard. There’s no better area to add a lot of greenery than the library — it will make you look like an avid reader and the envy of all your friends and neighbors. The farm to table food movement is alive and well, so why not bring that same idea to your backlands?

15/15. ACNH River Library

This reading nook will make you feel truly relaxed. Once you’ve placed some bookcases in your cliff walls, decorate the area with a cute blanket, a few tiny tables, and some small pillows. You can also add a window to let sunlight in!

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