15 Best ACNH Lake & Pond Design Ideas

You probably have something in mind. But to really get that water feature just the way you want it, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. First, you need to decide whether to go for the natural look or a fun one, then we’ll help you find what you need to make it happen.

1/15. ACNH Side Lake Castle

ACNH Side Lake Castle
Image Source by @eleganthorizons

Sometimes the best way to make a landscape look like a castle is to have a small part of the landscape actually be part of the castle. In this case, we used panels and silos to create a castle that really ties the whole scene together.

I’m giving this player an A+ for their creative landscaping! They really elevated the entire project with just a few tweaks. All that’s left to do is decorate the area with your favorite shrubs, flowers, and trees. I think the pansies and camellia bushes compliment each other well in this royal scene.

2/15. ACNH Fishing Spot Forest

ACNH Fishing Spot Forest
Image Source by @gizzycove

Creating a natural woodland aesthetic in your home is surprisingly easy. First you’ll need a few cedar trees and perhaps some sort of pond. But the real trick is to create this appearance with only the finest craftsmanship. Read on for more!

When you’re just starting out, your main goal should be to get the fishing rod stand so you will catch all the fish your heart desires. You have to craft a wooden stakes, bench, and pot before starting your fishing. Now, you can have all the fun you want!

3/15. ACNH Lake Crater

ACNH Lake Crater
Image Source by lala0HANA

This is a wonderful addition to any garden that utilizes multiple levels of elevation. Chose your favorite spot, and get started. To create your fantasy pond, first, create a water body that you’re happy with. Around it, create at least 2 or 3 levels of cliffs by sculpting some sandstone and placing it around your water body. Don’t forget to stagger the cliff pieces for that extra bit of detail!

4/15. ACNH Lover Lake

ACNH Lover Lake
Image Source by @matth_ryoji

I’ve seen a lot of wedding-themed lakes, and they’re all pretty similar. It’s fun to use other materials like wood, though — I saw one made out of an old wooden boat hull! That was pretty awesome, especially the way it reflected in the water. This example uses whitewashed stone pathways, but you could go with grey cobblestone or even gold brick.

5/15. ACNH Dock Sightseeing

ACNH Dock Sightseeing
Image Source by @CreekOlea

Use water to create a lake in the game, then create a dock and surround it with fencing so no-one falls in. Place a telescope nearby so you can enjoy the view. A stunning way to relax, but also a stunning addition to your own personal home game!

6/15. ACNH Watering Hole Flamingo

ACNH Watering Hole Flamingo
Image Source by elijahshandkerchief / @tommy_crossing

Flamingo statues are so come-hither, it’s perfectly logical that I should want to place them at a nearby pond. To get the look of a natural water hole, I used plastic flamingos as water lilies and left my pond dry.

7/15. ACNH Pond Moonlight

ACNH Pond Moonlight
Image Source by @mikazuki_island

Sometimes, life gets a bit hectic. There’s not time for you to hit the beach for a little R&R. But why not bring a little bit of that tranquility into your own backyard? With a few simple additions and a great view, you can replicate an authentic island vacation right in your very own back yard!

8/15. ACNH Pond Duck

ACNH Pond Duck
Image Source by reallifegolz

Duck ponds have long been a tried and true decorative feature, but where I live in the city, it can be a real pain to get them installed, as you often have to seek permission and maybe contribute towards the cost of getting them installed. So, inspired by the duck pond seen above.

9/15. ACNH Swamp Garden Pond

ACNH Swamp Garden Pond
Image Source by @livyofthevalley

The ponds may look small, but they’re actually quite large — especially when you want to make them for two frog villagers. Mixed in with the marshland, these players made a custom pathway as well as some ACNH islands for mum cushions (which are super cute!). The end result? A lovely backyard waiting for you to customize your own path and islands.

10/15. ACNH Pumpkin Spooky Pond

ACNH Pumpkin Spooky Pond
Image Source by Unknown

Halloween is a time of year when people go to extreme lengths to create the best costumes, carve the most intricate jack-o’-lanterns, and bake the most delicious treats. However, at the end of it all, it becomes apparent that most of these same people have no plans for celebrating ACNH Halloween beyond the first day.

So, now that you have your pond and benches, don’t forget to build some lanterns. You’ll also need fences and towers so that the area can be considered a ‘garden’. To make your garden look 100% spooky, you should also probably add some lantern sets. Essentially, anything that seems like it could fit in a graveyard will be great!

11/15. ACNH Lake Waterfall

ACNH Lake Waterfall
Image Source by jennnxu

This design is inspired by the amazing landscapes in Hawaii. You can create this look with a bit of work using both land and water elements. Start by creating the lower landscape, then sculpt cliffs around it to give the illusion of depth and height.

12/15. ACNH NY City Harbor

ACNH NY City Harbor
Image Source by @catrinacrossing

Creating the perfect cityscape is no easy feat! To begin, you want to think about what’s essential to your city. In New York City, it’s the Statue of Liberty, so make sure you have one! Then work on the lay of the land—I personally like working with elevated cliffs as they add a touch of dynamism to the scene.

13/15. ACNH Frog Colorful Lake

ACNH Frog Colorful Lake
Image Source by @inspoxrxndom

If you’re looking for a fun and colorful island, why not create one that looks like a frog? It’s obvious, really — but making it happen is simple. You should probably try to make the most out of the special parts available for you on the Custom Designs portal — the path, chalkboard, and puddle designs are great for Frog Island.

14/15. ACNH Picnic Umbrella Lake

ACNH Picnic Umbrella Lake
Image Source by @uaeBesoR

Want the best place to relax after a hard day’s work? Join the club. A nice lake can be good for the soul, and it’s even better if you get to share it with your friends and family. These custom-designed picnic blankets will have everyone asking where to buy one! You’ve got to admit — it’s pretty cute!

Place the last of the items, a few pillows and cushions, on top of the blanket. You can even have your friends over for an outdoor picnic, complete with rocks and candles making up an outdoor bath. When your friends ask you where you found the amazing blanket, simply point towards the lake—because there isn’t anything like that view!

15/15. ACNH Lake Lapcat

ACNH Lake Lapcat
Image Source by @matth_ryoji

Lake Lapcat has arrived, and is ready for your own personal customization! This smooth ceramic set comes with everything you need to create your very own modern kitty lake. Simply purchase a few floating blocks and question mark blocks from the most recent Animal Crossing expansion set for Nintendo Ceramics™.

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