25 Best ACNH Kidcore Island Design Ideas

When you’re looking for a truly unique vacation experience, opting for a kidcore island is an absolute must. This adorable aesthetic has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and has grown to encompass everything from rollercoasters to teddy bears. Here at Kidcore Island, we’ve been making unforgettable memories since 2011 (and counting!

1/25. Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge
Image Source by @wakuwaku.crossing

Your island will be a cutie if you just build it a bridge! Sure, you won’t be able to use it to get from place to place, but hey, who cares about feasibility? It can still serve as a great landmark, and attract more visitors to your island. Simply leave a strip of land across a river and lay down some rainbow custom pathways. Boom! Instant cute.

2/25. Garden Picnic

Garden Picnic
Image Source by @elmleif

If you need to tone things down, then give your picnic the night off. Instead, add a more subdued touch to a current design by creating it at night. Lay out a full blanket and set up party lights around it for that nighttime garden vibe. Add miniature torches for even more ambiance, along with plates of food and drink items found in your ‘town.

3/25. Block Toy Playroom

Block Toy Playroom
Image Source by HumanTail

Kidcore is your one-stop shop for interior and exterior design for kids! We help you bring the kids’ toys to life, both with the look and feel of any specific toy and in the safety of your own home. For example, our wooden block table and chair set will have your kids feeling at home while they build up their imagination with their favorite toys.

4/25. Colorful Playground

Colorful Playground
Image Source by @milk_crossing

Creating a kidcore playground isn’t that innovative of an idea. It’s one I’ve seen before in parks, but have you ever considered putting one in your lobby? Just some colorful custom paths and even some chalk drawings like hopscotch. You wouldn’t believe how much fun it is! I made my own island’s hopscotch board. It’s a blast!

5/25. Mini Gas Station

Mini Gas Station
Image Source by @ethos.isle

The first step to setting up your own convenience store is constructing a display area for merchandise. Set up a retail counter, complete with some colorful and creative wall art. Then add a shiny classroom desk, along with a desktop computer.

6/25. Frog Pond

Frog Pond
Image Source by @shinhorizons

Want to make your very own frog pond, but lacking the necessary supplies? Don’t worry — you’ll be able to do so in no time using items you most likely have lying around your home. Materials used: a waterscaping kit and ‘rainbow’ sidewalk/train track bricks (not sure how else to describe these things). Really wish I had an image of this, as the original is currently unavailable for download.

7/25. School Play

School Play
Image Source by Chelle-of-Dorne

Creating the perfect preschool was the question on our mind, but now we’ve got it. With this special ACNH island design, you can set up a cheerful haven for kids to play and learn together. It’s the perfect environment to build your own private little world—and to keep them off the streets, at least for a few hours. Since it’s so simple, I bet you can have it done before dinnertime!

8/25. Mira’s Comic Book Shop

Mira’s Comic Book Shop
Image Source by @acnh.ky

Making a comic book stand for Mira’s yard is the perfect way to make your village colorful and fun. To begin, set up a couple of stalls with colorful patterns. Display stacks of comics on the countertops, then add some colorful custom paths and wooden block tables to complete the look.

9/25. School Cafeteria

School Cafeteria
Image Source by @acnh_zorah

Creating a cafeteria is the ‘in’ thing for restaurants. This new trend in dining originated in Korea, and has taken America by storm. Now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon! Simply set up some stalls of varying colors, purchase some food from local vendors, and you’re all set.

10/25. Gummy Bear Village

Gummy Bear Village
Image Source by @shinhorizons

In Animal Crossing, there are no gummy bears to be found. The most frustrating aspect of this game is the lack of gummy bears. Given the creative freedom you have in this unique world, I figured it’d be fun to play around with designing a small town. Which is why I settled on creating a few cliffs on my own—and then I got to work.

11/25. Imagination Treehouse

Imagination Treehouse
Image Source by @chibixtohru

One of the most endearing childhood memories, for many of us, is playing in a treehouse. Imagine being able to recreate that childlike wonder— without breaking any limbs! The key to this toy is its simplicity. It’s not just a bunch of random pieces all thrown together. With only 70 pieces, you can build your own little hangout from scratch. Be sure to include some trees here too.

12/25. Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck
Image Source by @amazing.pancakes

During the summer, ice cream carts sell all kinds of treats. They’re a must-have for every child’s summer adventure, but this year, things are changing! This time, instead of an ice cream trailer or truck, I’m selling ice cream on an Animal Crossing cart.

13/25. Kidcore in a Candy Store

Kidcore in a Candy Store
Image Source by @kisstina.crosses

The idea of a candy store may seem pretty common, but you can easily switch up the theme. Kidcore, for example, is a great theme because it’s colorful and fun! A few creative touches on your part — like using light blue and pink — can really accentuate the theme. Pay special attention to how many simple shapes you use to create your displays, too; it makes the shop pop!

14/25. Super Mario Playground

Super Mario Playground
Image Source by phoebebuffaye

Nintendo’s new mobile game, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run , is now available on the App Store! And it’s been a massive success. The game took just over 24 hours to knock Pokemon Go off the top spot as the most downloaded app in the US, and has since been topping charts worldwide.

15/25. Tiny Toy Town

Tiny Toy Town
Image Source by @marcel.crossing

Kids (and adults!) who imagine things are bound to want a place on which to act out their adventures. In order to set up such a place, you will want to first think of it as a 3D world, and work out the topography of your landmass. Next, you can customise some toy buildings to make them look like the colorful ones you’ve seen in your real life.

16/25. Fire Flower Garden

Fire Flower Garden
Image Source by @plush_island

This Super Mario-inspired garden is a great idea for kids, or adults who still love the old school Mario games. You can plant your own fire flowers, similar to the popular game.

17/25. Rainbow Market

Rainbow Market
Image Source by @meowymums

For your next party, set up a custom color-blocked table design by following a simple algorithm. Start by setting up some alternating patterned pathways (rectangle and circle). Along the main column, place your colorful stalls. On the stalls you can set up anything from record boxes (bookshelves) to biotope planters (planters), candy machines (cupcake jars), toy boxes (trunks), or even golf bags (hats!).

18/25. Colorful Canal

Colorful Canal
Image Source by @meowymums

One of my favorite things to do when I’m on vacation is to visit local thrift shops, looking for ways to repurpose items for my garden. I recently went on a trip to Hawaii, and visited a unique store called ‘The Thrift Store By The Sea’ — and that’s where I found the perfect item for my garden project!

19/25. Woodshop Class

Woodshop Class
Image Source by @chelle.of.dorne

Let’s bring over your woodshop hobby into the Animal Crossing world with this outdoor woodshop design. Start with setting up the floor. You can use terra cotta tiles with a custom rainbow border.

20/25. Bathhouse and Laundromat

Bathhouse and Laundromat
Image Source by @Tae65866291

How can you possibly create an outdoor area that is completely unique to your property? Here’s a simple way: Set up two small areas with some custom-made flooring. In one area, place plenty of automatic coin-operated washers and dryers, and in the other area, place cypress baths. Just think of the conversations you’ll get to have with your guests!

21/25. Holiday Town Square

Holiday Town Square
Image Source by @runestar_crossing

As Christmas approaches, many people often associate the holiday with a certain snowy town from their favorite video game series. Naturally, these people might be inclined to add a few custom pathways and some cute decorative elements to their towns. This is exactly the kind of thing that my readers do, so I’m confident you’ll enjoy this lovely design! The following steps will help you quickly and efficiently modify your town map to resemble Waterfall Island.

22/25. Kid’s Birthday Party

Kid’s Birthday Party
Image Source by @samtheruffian

You’re never too old for a party, and this one’s sure to be a blast. Adult Children Never Have House Parties are the perfect way to take you back to your youth — but with hilarious consequences! For this party, you’ll need wooden dressers and a stereo.

23/25. Ketchup’s Tomato Patch

Ketchup’s Tomato Patch
Image Source by @marcel.crossing

To create this adorable backyard environment for your daughter, start with a dirt path, which can be made of tomato-shaped planters. Paths between crop sections should be made from trees and bushes, which are represented by the tree’s bounty lamps. If you want to get fancy, use the mush partition to divide up sections of your yard. And don’t forget to decorate your branches with apples!

24/25. Outdoor Preschool Classroom

Outdoor Preschool Classroom
Image Source by Chelle-of-Dorne

Outdoor preschool areas are a niche market, no doubt. So when it came to designing the outdoor space at my own home, I took my experiences with the children I taught and made something fun and educational for my own kids — after all, “play is how children and adults learn more than any other activity”. To make your own outdoor preschool area, start by setting up custom simple panels that look like windows, cubbies, and walls.

25/25. Roller Coaster Ride

Roller Coaster Ride
Image Source by @acnh_zorah

Have you ever been stuck on an island with literally nothing to do? Me neither! But if you happened to find yourself stranded in an uncharted region, what would you do? A rollercoaster might be the answer. If you’ve got the stamina to ride one all day, that is. So let’s get building — and no cheating by using a plane or helicopter to fly over the mountains!

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