10 Best ACNH Incline & Stairs Design Ideas

In New Horizons, you can build your own custom staircases that allow you to travel between floors of elevation in the island. If you don’t know how to build one yet, then check out this article for how to do it — and if you already know how but want some ideas for the best purpose for each different type of staircase, read on!

1/10. ACNH Waterfall Entrance Grand Museum

You can put as many staircases in a tunnel as you like! Let’s say you have an entrance to a museum which is rather boring. Make it into something more interesting with some fancy, multi-leveled staircases. To create your masterpiece, the first step will be to spawn four staircases (I’m sure the ones from Creative are still available) and place them on multiple levels of the tunnel.

2/10. ACNH Dinner Above Falls

Eat your heart out, Serenity—you’re dining atop the world by enjoying a meal on top of a pretty waterfall. This is perfect for outdoor dining, and it never gets boring because the scenery changes so much: each day brings a different flow of water and lighting. Check out the video below to learn more about this awesome idea!

3/10. ACNH Forest Abandoned Staircase

If you’re looking for somewhere to stargaze, or a cool spot for your sims to hang out, then this could be just what you’re looking for. You can add some character to your town by creating a scenic view from a secluded wooded area using this simple blueprint that only requires 8 pieces of the latest game item: the incline.

4/10. ACNH Greek Ancient Temple

Stone is definitely your best bet for constructing a grand staircase, so make sure to build up that stockpile of cobblestone! This Greek temple is one of the most well-known of its kind and was built in such a way that it appeared almost like a real person and not too blocky. To make your ancient temple look more authentic, you can place some athletic statues, valiant (yep) statues, or even beautiful statues in the area — hey, we’re not ones to judge. I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. The final touch: marble-patterned panels to create that authentic Egyptian look.

5/10. ACNH Beach Secret Stairs

The fox, Redd, is a real character — you’ll find him peddling his wares at the back of your island. To get to his double-edged sword shop, you’ll need to wend your way through the many levels of elevation on your island. A simple trick for getting there faster is to build a staircase leading down to the sandy shore. Beautiful backyards can be made with even a little space available! This person built a wooden walkway to lead them to the loft they now use to relax or host guests. The path was made just for them, and it shows in the beautifully crafted edges that look like they’ve been there for years. Then, accent it with some greenery and flowers (and maybe some carefully laid garden lights) so that it looks something like this picture.

6/10. ACNH Small Diving Spot

Ever feel like you’re missing out on good sea swimming spots? Now you don’t have to! Why not create your own? Island owners, it’s as easy as creating a small incline to a cliff: all you need is a bit of land, and a bit of water. Basically, it’s like

The beach is an ideal place to test out your new white wood set . If you’re worried about it looking stark, be sure to throw in a few wood paths & surfboards . Once you’ve mastered the beach, try using your new set at the mountain instead. And don’t forget to invest in a nice lighthouse , because after all, no one wants to get lost on the mountain!

7/10. ACNH Spiral Custom Staircase

If you’re looking for a place to stay in the old west, look no further than this rustic cowboy-themed tavern. There is even an attached room with four sets of spiral stairs (and two panels supporting them). Get all your old west-themed building materials at one convenient location — the mine! I was inspired by a popular video game while creating this custom build.

As an aspiring cowboy, you’re going to need some surrounding structures. First, decide if you want to build a barn or a corral. Once those are built, why not build a saloon or two? I’d recommend setting the western buildings up around a central corral for maximum authenticity. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

8/10. ACNH Castle Towering Gates

Your friends are stepping foot onto your island, and you want to make a good first impression by displaying what’s in store within your realm. So why not build a regal castle gate? You’ll want to set up some castle towers that stand out from the rest of your house, and put in some custom pathways and stairs to match.

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9/10. ACNH Garden Terrace

When working with multiple levels of elevation, you can get creative with the positioning of your inclines. Try to emulate this idea by positioning your stairs diagonally, creating beautiful floral gardens at the bottom. Next, build a small water feature from the cliffs above, to give the appearance that it’s raining — and when it does rain in Kansas City , people never know what to do.

Right, so garden chairs are in this week. If you don’t have any in your home, then craft a few before adding some flowers. And please do try to add some flowers. The previous paragraph suggests you ‘balance out’ your interior with pink blossoms. So don’t be like that guy who just leaves pink stuff lying around everywhere; that’s not good for anyone.

10/10. ACNH Reading Outdoor Deck

Libraries are practically a textbook case of obvious creativity. If you can’t see the potential for greatness in that mere combination of ‘books’ and ‘bookshelves’, then you probably don’t deserve the job. This design is an inspired way to reinvent one of the most beaten-to-death ideas on the server into something fresh, new and creative.

It’s a seating area. It’s for reading. It’s outdoorsy. It has benches. You could put trees in it, and you should put down cushions. On the ground. It’s all very simple, but if you follow my advice, you know it’ll be very well done!

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