15 Best ACNH Hotel Lobby & Hotel Designs Ideas

I’m on a mission to create my own Animal Crossing-inspired bubble tea restaurant. If you’re like me and love creating different rooms of varying styles in your home, but none are fancier than an island hotel & ACNH entrance ideas — then this might be for you. There are many great styles out there, so I decided to share some of my favourites with you.

1/15. ACNH Budapest Grand Hotel

ACNH Budapest Grand Hotel
Image Source by K9Sun

Despite being built for the business community, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a hotel for everyone. With its diverse range of services, this abstract building is sure to impress even the most storied of travellers. Made from multiple panels, each with their own customised design, the façade of this abstract building invites wanderlust and curiosity in all who walk by it.

2/15. ACNH Roman Classical Hotel

ACNH Roman Classical Hotel
Image Source by @blacktyde.ac

A great hotel lobby should make visitors feel they’ve just stepped into a palace! Create a romantic grand entrance with our Roman Palace Props. These Roman columns, Roman fountain, Roman archway and Roman wall will transport your guests back to the glory days of ancient Rome. It’s a theme that people can really connect with and enjoy.

3/15. ACNH Fitness Hotel Center

ACNH Fitness Hotel Center
Image Source by @liffykitty

What is fitness but a way to be better than the competition? So, why not make your company’s health and wellness centre a great way to keep your employees in shape. This will also mean lower insurance premiums and happier, healthier employees. You can even set up classes to help exercise newbies get started. And, of course, purchase a few laptops (and a printer) for your office area for general use.

4/15. ACNH Inn Room Countryside

ACNH Inn Room Countryside
Image Source by @elkre.crossing

If you’re not a big fan of busy city life and you prefer to live in a more tranquil part of the country, a small inn may be the perfect place for you! To get that chic, ‘country chic’ look, you should create a wallpapered design with seagrass wallpaper. You can also finish off the look with herringbone flooring.

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, so invest in this donut memory foam mattress that does justice to your rest. It’s perfect for your children, too. For $10 off your purchase, place an order here .

5/15. ACNH Hotel Cozy Lobby

ACNH Hotel Cozy Lobby
Image Source by CaribouCrossingACNH

Think of the lobby and check-in as the first impression of your hotel’s personality. If you want to go for a friendly look, use white walls and some compact den desks to match. Keep it simple with a few chairs, tables, a coat stand or two and maybe even a cabinet for the receptionist to keep their stuff in. You can also get creative with colours like blue or yellow to give it a fun touch. If you’re into that.

6/15. ACNH Hotel Antique Lobby

ACNH Hotel Antique Lobby
Image Source by icecatcream

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Nintendo of America, and I got to see Animal Crossing: New Leaf in action. One of my favorite parts of the game is this hotel lobby that you decorate yourself. It’s possible to fill it with a bunch of clutter and make it look like a typical hotel lobby, but instead, this is what I decided to do.

I love this room because it has so much going on, but there’s one thing I can mention that’s my favorite part: the phonograph. It makes it feel like I’m inside a real-life Jules Verne novel. I also like the iron shelf, which gives me a place to put my hat (and anything else, really). The vacuum is kind of cool, although I don’t know how practical it is for use within the house.

7/15. ACNH Holidays Hotel

ACNH Holidays Hotel
Image Source by @emilys_new_horizon

Christmas is a magical time, and it’s captured in these hotel room ideas. Start by setting up a nice green wall in your room, and you’ll be on your way to creating a lovely little holiday getaway from the rest of the world. Why does this matter? Because holiday spirit should never be confined to just one month out of the year, and it should definitely never be confined to just your home.

8/15. ACNH Inn Oceanside

ACNH Inn Oceanside
Image Source by @honeycomb_island.acnh

If you have an ocean-adoring heart, like I do, you’ll love the Mermaid Hotel! It’s got everything a mermaid could ever want — including a whole bunch of my decoration items. Create a desk out of any item and add a laptop for checking in. You’ll need shells to decorate the place, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those along your travels!

9/15. ACNH Speedy Counter

ACNH Speedy Counter
Image Source by chanberry_acnh

You have a lot on your plate when it comes to hotel management. Responsible for making sure the guests are happy, you’ve got to pull double duty with your other responsibilities. One of these is keeping the lobby clean and well maintained — but you don’t want to lose out on valuable time doing it! And I’m sure you have better things to do than spend hours vacuuming and mopping every week, right?

10/15. ACNH Feng Shui Japanese

ACNH Feng Shui Japanese
Image Source by @ikebana_acnh

This is the finest room in the world hands down. If you want to wallow in luxury, keep reading to find out how you can be one of the first to book a stay at this hotel — themed on Japan’s Heian Period (794-1185). The decor resembles that of a typical imperial palace, and the suite features original items from the period.

11/15. ACNH 5-Star Lobby

ACNH 5-Star Lobby
Image Source by @poshesque

There are very few things in life more luxurious than a plush apartment with high-end finishes and an open layout. This design idea is for you if you’re looking for a home office perfect for both work and play, with a luxurious vibe that fits your life. Read on to find out how you can start making yours!

Get a fancy coffee table from IKEA and a few rugs to complement your beautiful lobby. Put up some plaques on the wall as decoration, but please don’t let these be the only decorations in your hotel. Also, if you want to spruce up your lobby, make sure that you don’t do it at the cost of quality of service.

12/15. ACNH Imperial Suite

ACNH Imperial Suite
Image Source by @holliston.acnh

If you like the luxury life and have a little extra cash, this is the place for you. Stay in one of these extravagant suites and bask in comfort as you enjoy your stay in history’s finest pieces of furniture. I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep in a bed that belonged to Napoleon?

Of course, if you’re looking for a luxury hotel experience, you can’t go wrong with the Hotel Nikko San Francisco! Featuring a zoo and an aquarium, the hotel boasts a variety of wildlife to complement its already rich indigenous heritage. The Emperor Suite, on the other hand, is truly fit for royalty. For example, it has a 50 inch LCD TV that sits perfectly within view of your luxurious bed.

13/15. ACNH Lobby Moonlight

ACNH Lobby Moonlight
Image Source by @crossing.te_fiti

Is your office a little on the drab side? If so, this white office may be just what you need! For those who prefer to work in a bright and colourful environment, this office is sure to not disappoint. Start by hanging up some bright green wallpaper and painting your walls red. Complement that with some white iron parquet flooring for the perfect finishing touch.

White is a must for any home office. Stick to white, and avoid colors and patterns. By limiting colors, you’ll avoid distracting your employees from their work. Avoid desks and opt for a comfortable den with a variety of different chairs.

14/15. ACNH Hotel Boardwalk

ACNH Hotel Boardwalk
Image Source by @ACNH_Barkenos

Beach houses are great because they allow you to relax and enjoy the beach without having trouble with renting an apartment or dealing with landlords. However, it can be a little difficult to rent a beach house for a reasonable price, due to the supply and demand for these types of homes. To solve this problem, use your own home as a beach house!

15/15. ACNH Breakfast & Fancy Bed

ACNH Breakfast & Fancy Bed
Image Source by @emilys_new_horizon

Want to decorate your home, but don’t have a lot of extra cash? Look no further than these animal-themed furnishings from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. For a fun and functional kitchen counter, place a den desk and then line it with wooden stools. Want to make a niche spot for those who like to sit and relax? Furnish your house with an even bigger den desk and get something like the party popper.

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