Dark Goth Island Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

20 Best Dark Goth Island Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Do you like working at night? Is it hard to find your way in the dark because your room is too dark? If you have been experiencing this issue, then it is time you buy yourself a night light. Night lights can help illuminate your room so that you can see better even when the sun has gone down. The best part about night lights is that they come in lots of different shapes, sizes and designs.

1/20. ACNH Kitchen of Darkness

ACNH Kitchen of Darkness

To design a goth kitchen, choose some black brick walls and stone flooring to start setting up your goth kitchen. Craft plenty of ironwood furniture such as ironwood dressers, kitchensets and cupboards. You’ll also want to craft a brick oven and make it black; be sure to burn the pizza! Put tons of artwork on the walls – custom designs in support of what bums you out..

2/20. ACNH Haunted Forest Bedroom

ACNH Haunted Forest Bedroom

Remember the idea of creating a haunted forest? I could try re-creating that in your very own home! To make this dark forest bedroom design, we should start by making some mushroom wallpaper and flooring. Next, set up our furniture: you’ll want to buy a lace rug, simple wooden bed and antique console table. Be sure to include an essential candlestick too – it’s great for lighting the dark; also be sure to display my favorite gothic shirt on one of those mama bears in there somewhere! Lastly don’t forget about all that webbing everywhere like how spiders would do if they were around because…you’re in the forest so there are lots of bugs crawling around (in the darkness)!

3/20. ACNH Shift Graveyard

ACNH Shift Graveyard

You might actually find yourself standing in a cemetery because it’s just that spooky and mysterious. (Don’t worry- we’ve also written about some other places that might be too scary for you, so you can have all the choices.) As you stand here in this ancient place of the dead, ponder this: is death all we have to look forward to? Or is there something more out there for us?

4/20. ACNH Haunted Library

ACNH Haunted Library

If you wanted to set up a haunted library, decorating it would be part of the process. You’ll want to start with some classic library wallpaper on the walls and display some pretty spooky and drab items like spiders webs, cow skulls, cuckoo clocks- things that look like they’re ready for ACNH Halloween! Next you could purchase items from Nook Shopping such as skeletons (which are not only morbid but also practical), double sofas or chest of an imperial style- both giving your house great seating space. Your last step is including plants in your terrariums which will give your home a touch of nature even if goths appreciate them!

5/20. ACNH Entrance Spooky Cafe

ACNH Entrance Spooky Cafe

You might want to brew up a little something for yourself before you walk into the café. That way, no one will get offended by your choice in coffee flavor or drink style. You might want to head over to Starbucks and grab a cafetiere (French press) of the darkest roast you can find.

6/20. ACNH The Phantom of the Opera

ACNH The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is a play that has run for over 100 years. It’s also perfect for some goth-themed theater in New Horizons since you can have custom designed posters and setup your stage by laying down stone paths and placing iron fencing around it! One important part to add, when decorating this type of theater is the table with candlesticks on top near an antique pipe organ. This way, you’ll be able to set the mood with eerie lighting so it feels like an old, dark performance unfolding before your audience.

7/20. ACNH Nan’s Bedroom

ACNH Nan’s Bedroom

When you’re decorating a goth room, think about recreating villages to match some goth villagers. A classic example of this is the town of Nan: it’s full of manor houses and grand pianos in dark colours such as black rattan furniture. Hang up botanical wall tiles to finish the look, if that’s your style!

8/20. ACNH Goth Villagers

ACNH Goth Villagers

If you want to make your island a permanent haven for goths, then make sure all of your villagers are on the same aesthetic wavelength as you. Luckily, there are plenty of villagers to choose from, like Nan and Roscoe pictured here with their biker jackets on.

9/20. ACNH Dark Forest

ACNH Dark Forest

If you want your island to really stand out, don’t forget the natural areas! Pick out a favorite forest, and use paint or other items to make it look more gothic. You can decorate some of the plants with flowers — they’re small, but they’ll be noticeable! Or maybe use drapes made of brown and black fabric.

10/20. ACNH Entrance Gloomy Garden

ACNH Entrance Gloomy Garden

Want all your visitors to know that you’re the dark and mysterious type? There are ways to make them feel right at home, and not just with black furniture. Blacksmiths have even turned this colour into a science, creating blacksmith art that is both practical and elegant.
Some people like to think of themselves as heroes. They like to talk about how they’re saving the world from whatever.

11/20. ACNH Great Gothic Cathedral

ACNH Great Gothic Cathedral

Gothic architecture, as a term, is very catch-all. Take one look at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and it’s easy to see why. People often think architecture needs to be imposing in order to be ‘Gothic,’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth! If you want your Sims to live in a Gothic building, there are tons of ways to do it that don’t involve blanketing your world in pitch black.

12/20. ACNH Preschool Gothic Bedroom

ACNH Preschool Gothic Bedroom

The crazy idea in this list, and it is wonderful. Crafters will start by creating the look of black furniture in your bedroom including a low table, chest, chair, & table. You’ll also want to purchase toys such as dolls and puppies to create some blackness for that goth feel you’re going for here. The mirror has been mentioned multiple times in the title so it’s definitely an important part of creating this gothic room! Finishing up with some Nintendo Switch goodness is just perfect — finally we can have our video games without having them spoil little minds!

13/20. ACNH Black Flowers Everywhere!

ACNH Black Flowers Everywhere!

As I previously said, what does not stop me from loving black flowers is the variety in them. The cosmos are likely my favorite, but you can also breed black lilies and roses to adorn your island with. You can even add some darker flower colors like blue for a touch more elegance! Crafting such items as rose beds and customizing them to be black is yet another option when it comes to decorating your ACNH island.

14/20. ACNH Witch’s Walk

ACNH Witch’s Walk

Decorate your home’s entryway with Garden Statues, Decorative Urns and Torches from Amazon.com, and you’ll be on your way to a beautifully dark welcome for all your friends and family. Your guests will be impressed by the striking design of these items, and you won’t have to go through the trouble of creating them yourself. You can choose from plenty of options at affordable prices.

15/20. ACNH Museum of the Dead

ACNH Museum of the Dead

This is just one way to display your gothic museum of death. You can start by setting up some prison bars for the gates and place these items across the cliffs. You’ll also need to customize a few panels on each side of this large castle façade, as well as create a megaloceros fossil landscape that resides in-between them! This creates an oppressive and gloomy atmosphere for visitors who see it from outside the gate too.

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16/20. ACNH Black Garden Castle

ACNH Black Garden Castle

Loving the darkness? Bring your home into a world of black and white with this dark home decor hack! Using just walls and simple panels, you can turn your existing home into it’s own private castle — filled with solitude. It’s easy to do with some silos and lighthouses, too. Don’t forget to add in some flowering tulips in black and white, as well.

17/20. ACNH Dressed in Black

ACNH Dressed in Black

To begin with, dark colors are a staple of any goth theme. Black is the most dominant color in this case and it’s really all you need to get that “goth vibe.” But if you want some more pizazz, I would suggest adding some skull patterns or maybe even a vampire theme for your outfits!

18/20. ACNH Reception of Deadly Wedding

ACNH Reception of Deadly Wedding

I’m sure you’ve heard of the song “A Little Piece of Heaven” by Avenged Sevenfold. It’s like a metal fairy tale — well, a murder ballad is more apt — about a guy who murders his girlfriend and they get married in hell or something. I’d really like to listen to this song with my family, but it seems awfully inappropriate for that many people. Can anyone recommend any metal bands that might be good for this purpose?

19/20. ACNH Gothic Outdoor Spa

ACNH Gothic Outdoor Spa

Not exactly as I thought, but goths aren’t really vampires! They’re not going to turn into dust if they step outside or anything. However, one outdoor idea that can help soothe the strains of being gloomy all day long could be putting up a black-themed spa outdoors. To make this easily on your own, craft an outdoor bath by purchasing a poolside bed in its own shade of black and laying down some custom dirt paths- provided they are also coated in dark shades too. The outdoors just became cozier with the arrival of these perfect daytime relaxation spots!

20/20. ACNH Skull Lake

ACNH Skull Lake

As you can imagine, there is almost no limit to what gothic ideas one could create with a little creativity. The first and easiest idea most people come up with would be the shape of an island that’s been decorated in all black, surrounded by murky water. If you wanted to take it even further, you could design some fish for your paradise as well! You might want easy-to see ones or ones that glow under the light of your lanterns at night time. You may also consider creating a small lake nearby so folks have somewhere they can go fishing when they’re done being creative on land!

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