38 Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Garden & Flower Bed Ideas

38 Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Garden & Flower Bed Ideas

I see Curt walking around his house, watering flowers. I decided to make a garden for him in his yard. It looks like something out of an arboretum or botanical gardens, but it just didn’t look right – the arrangements are uneven and messy! If you have this same problem in your life with designing flower gardens for yourself, then why not check out some ideas at New Horizons? There’s plenty here to inspire you as well if your green thumb needs some inspiration!

1/38. ACNH French Castle Garden

ACNH French Castle Garden

Let’s continue to travel across Europe for garden ideas. Here we have this French-inspired castle garden you can try out.

To start, setup your house as a grand palace by crafting two silos to act as towers, stone lion dogs guarding your door, and some iron stone fencing protecting it.

Then (not too far in front) set up an athletic statue as a centerpiece for the garden you’re going to create here! You’ll also want some small hedge sections – like ones with statues or monuments like Tower of Pisa – so that they are all at one place and contain flowers planted there instead of being spread all over the landscape without any good design sense or plan whatsoever.

Once you add some pretty white flowers and take a break from gardening because honestly who wants do anything anymore after setting up such an impeccable work of art?

2/38. ACNH Mini Melon Patch

ACNH Mini Melon Patch

If you want a garden that is completely different from your last one, then melons are worth checking out. This design has carefully placed rows of crops with custom standees for vineyard backdrops. You can plant some of your favorite flowers! These melons aren’t the beach balls you might be used to- they’re actually pumpkins for this design!

3/38. ACNH Butterfly Garden Spiral

ACNH Butterfly Garden Spiral

When I saw the spiral river for the first time, it was really surprising. I never thought about how it would look like in a garden. For now, you can imagine what one might be like and make your own!

Start out by laying down some dirt path that is spiraling into a circle shape – on top of this lay many colorful custom designs such as rocks, flowers and leaves scattered throughout to create an eye-catching effect.

In between these two rows of plants are log stools with butterfly models attached to them placed randomly around at random intervals along with other lovely items such as hedges or stone benches; also scattered throughout are unique shrubs hidden among all those pretties!

There’s no real pattern to those things either which makes this experience more whimsical than anything else (butterflies!).

4/38. ACNH Village Brewery

ACNH Village Brewery

If you’re under 21, keep scrolling. To make this brewery area, clear out a decent sized field to set up your dining space with log tables and benches placed in neat rows.

Craft some pitchers and pots from clay for table-side drinking at the heart of the village gates, which have been fashioned to look like quaint market stalls too!

5/38. ACNH Violet Garden Fountain

ACNH Violet Garden Fountain

Sometimes, the struggle for setting up flower beds can be planting flowers that go well together. It’s important to remember this when selecting a variety of flowers! I really like the deep midnight color and various styles of these player’s flower choices: black, purple, and blue.

You can start this idea by laying down some pathways if you prefer; I do really love how sleek this design is but if you have stone or brick paths then there is no problem with using them as well! Then set up a standard garden sitting area with a fountain in it.

What I want to point out here is how carefully each individual flower was placed-some are horizontal (such as roses), vertical (like marigolds) or even diagonal(the lilies). They’re all in neat rows which help increase the wonderful appeal of your beautiful gardens!

6/38. ACNH Garden of Magical Mushrooms

ACNH Garden of Magical Mushrooms

If you’re into a fairycore aesthetic, and are looking to create your own enchanted Garden of Magical Mushrooms, then this design is for you.

Here’s how: First off, pick a small wooded area with stones on the ground that look like flowers and colorful mushrooms – lay down paths of stone-like materials.

Next up is crafting plenty of mush lamps in as many colors as possible! And finally scatter some hyacinths for the perfect final touch!

7/38. ACNH Center for Flower Breeding

ACNH Center for Flower Breeding

I lack patience for breeding hybrids of flowers. But maybe I never had the right conditions like this one, where the plots are heart-shaped and stone pathways create a nice atmosphere between them? Once you design your own plantings to match this idea, add some color variety with blossoms from various breeds and colors. That way there will be room for those rare hybrids to bloom!

8/38. ACNH Backyard Tropical Garden

ACNH Backyard Tropical Garden

Your tropical paradise can be made with all the beautiful flowers that are available. First, plant your custom dirt and log pathways to represent the land near a water body or on a beach. Next, place palm trees everywhere- an essential for any tropical scene! Your best bet is to also add in plenty of yellow, white and green flowers throughout all areas of your exhibit space with a warm color scheme.

9/38. ACNH Elegant Garden Wedding

ACNH Elegant Garden Wedding

Weddings should be elegant occasions. The garden where they happen ought to be even more elegant, especially if it’s a wedding arch and an aisle made from stone path.

To start off with, lay down some white stone path as the long aisle for your guests to walk down.

Then add in a grand ACNH entrance way with a Bunny Day topiary on it (or any other type of flower) which you can use for decoration or just enjoy them while walking by!

You’ll need something like Turkish-Day pedestals and floating biotope planters too though; otherwise there will only be grass beneath your feet when you step inside the circle area that marks the spot where guests enter at first.

10/38. ACNH Garden Square Bunny Day

ACNH Garden Square Bunny Day

If you’re going to save your decorations for next year’s garden, I would make a centerpiece with the fountain. You could also use Bunny Day topiaries and egg planters to decorate the perimeter of this centerpiece.

11/38. ACNH Blue Beautiful Garden

ACNH Blue Beautiful Garden

Sometimes it is helpful to make a monochromatic garden design, just for simplicity’s sake. As for what color goes with this, that is purely your decision. Maybe you can try blue and take the time to breed plenty of flowers together- maybe you could do some flower breeding (think blue hyacinths/roses/windflowers/pansies)! Either way once all these flowers have been set up in rows and surrounded by picket fencing as well as wearing your favorite Blue outfit or turning on a Rocket Lamp which will add flair!

12/38. ACNH Artistic Vineyard

ACNH Artistic Vineyard

And now we’re getting into the garden designs that are truly remarkable. To set up this vineyard, you’ll need tons of custom designs on simple panels, standees, paths and displayed as artwork.

Setup simple panels with a lattice work pattern and standees with grapevines to add texture or rows of beds (if your space allows).

You can also add in small community paintings areas too – display these as easels or iron garden chairs for seating.

Add in a fountain area with some barrels for wine then place an iron chair at one end along the water’s edge to rest while admiring your view! Other final setups include adding rattan furniture near a poolside bar/restaurant (with umbrella) and sit back sipping drinks by the pool all day long!

13/38. ACNH Mystery Tea Garden

ACNH Mystery Tea Garden

If you want to put together a secret waterfall garden like the one above, start by setting up multiple levels of elevation and carving out a small cove. Don’t forget about waterfalls as well! Once all that is done, decorate with cherry blossom branches for great effect. Finally enjoy your peaceful afternoon tea in this tranquil space among cascading falls on your iron garden tables and chairs with included teacup set!

14/38. ACNH Garden Standees

ACNH Garden Standees

ACNH’s new custom standees are a versatile item for any creative person who needs to spell out words. Once you create your own, select a beautiful area of the woodland (or garden) and set up on one side of it with cherry blossom trees in season. If using trees isn’t your thing, try another idea such as setting up the standee on a small picnic blanket or some cushions so that when reading your favorite book outdoor life just got easier!

15/38. ACNH Island Garden Park

ACNH Island Garden Park

Carefully sculpt a small inlet with terra cotta tiles to create an island, then decorate it with unique garden benches. Next, install a fountain and fill the space around it with colorful flowers that you’ve planted yourself.

Finally, make sure everything is situated near one another so they look like they’re all from the same garden!

16/38. ACNH Garden Spa Café

ACNH Garden Spa Café

Start by setting up some ACNH stalls with flowery patterns. Use wooden stools and chairs, as well as tea kettles and sets. Then purchase a cypress bathtub or simple panels to set up the spa area – followed by colorful flowers that you enjoy!

17/38. ACNH Garden of Butterfly

ACNH Garden of Butterfly

Start by selecting a tree as the centerpiece of your small butterfly garden. Around it, setup log stools with models of butterflies that you’ve obtained from Flick. Then, set up benches and stone pathways around the area to complete your little oasis for nature lovers!.

18/38. ACNH Moonlit Square Garden

ACNH Moonlit Square Garden

My favorite item is the moon. It can transform any scene into a starlit wonder with its brightness and beauty. If you do happen to have the recipe for crafting a moon, then make sure that it’s central focal point in your garden – an iron bench located under your beautiful DIY moon-centered decor! Around it add many plants like cypress trees and azaleas (plants with white flowers) as well as shrubs such as hedges so that they’ll form small sitting areas or even statues of sporting figures instead of just one statue on display like I have mine!

19/38. ACNH Japanese Rock Garden

ACNH Japanese Rock Garden

A garden should be a place to enjoy some peace. You can get this kind of peacefulness in your garden by adding a traditional Japanese art form – Zen! This type of tranquility is found in rows and circles, so you’ll need custom designs that resemble these shapes in the sand.

It’s best to make these yourself or take ideas from other places online like Creativebug or Pinterest. Next, pile rocks into the center of your sand circles as well as crafting stone stools and rocks for them all around.

To really go all out on this project, craft an outdoor bath using hot spring water brought from afar-it will create a relaxing atmosphere upon entry into the garden space during warm days with little wind that allow for relaxation without additional effort required on part of its creator (you). And lastly but not least: add mambo trees and bamboo fences to complete everything else needed!

20/38. ACNH Garden Maze

ACNH Garden Maze

This one, however, seems to be more fun than all the other ones! Clearly you’ll need hedges here and some landscaping materials as well; it will take quite a bit of them! What’s really nice about this design? It creates that garden setting with flowers sporadically replacing sections of hedges throughout the maze – which makes everything feel like it belongs among plants even though they are made out of metal structures instead..

21/38. ACNH Shop of Small Flower

ACNH Shop of Small Flower

If you are more of a seller than a grower, this player created an adorable flower shop with some pretty and creative displays. To keep the look fresh and updated, try switching out your flowers for new ones every once in awhile.

22/38. ACNH Garden Statue Walkway

ACNH Garden Statue Walkway

Here’s a fun idea for an entrance on your island: A custom pathway with ornate hedges along the sides can create a gorgeous design.

Planting some flowers that complement each other is also important to make it look fancy, so don’t forget to place shrubs and plants inside the flower beds. Finally, decorate your path by adding statues or anything you like!

23/38. ACNH Pretty Pink Paradise

ACNH Pretty Pink Paradise

While cherry blossoms are blooming, you can make the world look like this. Just lay down a custom pink path in front of your house, and decorate with some other neat designs like hearts and flowers! Then, create a cute outdoor tea set for one to enjoy.

If you have time to kill during the day – perfect time for me- go ahead and setup some chairs on that boardwalk as well! My favorite flowers are windflowers because they’re so darn lovable looking 33.

24/38. ACNH Garden of Fruit & Vegetable

ACNH Garden of Fruit & Vegetable

Hey! I am sad that you don’t have access to every kind of fruit. However, if you do happen to be able to grow a garden with some fruits in it, then by all means plant them! If not, there are other options like using wooden planks or using pots which mimic flowers and trees.

25/38. ACNH Julian’s Shiny Moon Garden

ACNH Julian’s Shiny Moon Garden

If Julian is one of your neighbors, then he deserves a magical moon garden! You can still try this idea regardless if he’s not on your island. If you want to make this design for another villager, I recommend altering the colors accordingly so that it matches their color scheme.

26/38. ACNH Spot of Red Mushroom Rest

ACNH Spot of Red Mushroom Rest

Here is another design that uses a single color to encourage garden charm. A feeling of harmony can be achieved by surrounding the area with red foliage and flowers like hibiscus or camelias. It also works well if you add in a log bench for somewhere to relax after enjoying everything about it!

27/38. ACNH Island Rainbow Moon

ACNH Island Rainbow Moon

Start by creating the island, then create a moon centerpiece in the middle. Next, add all of these different flowers and plants them into sections to keep from having two identical flowers on one side of your island. Furthermore, make sure you have plenty butterflies modeled onto logs at different heights so they don’t get lonely being up high without anyone around – otherwise we’ll just have a garden!

28/38. ACNH Garden Fairy Rock

ACNH Garden Fairy Rock

If you’re not a nincompoop like me and prefer your material organized, then adding fairy or magical theme to create the garden is definitely a good idea. You’ll need to surround your rocks with this custom leaf and floral pattern, as well as planting plenty of fruit trees in order to add life! Your garden will still look cool because there’s no real reason for flowers other than their beauty. Maybe some pinks are acceptable too?

29/38. ACNH Community Herb Garden

ACNH Community Herb Garden

Maybe growing herbs is more your speed? If it is, you can design an herb garden like this. This player has a unique way of displaying plants that looks great and makes business sense too.

They have neat iron shelves set up, as well as bars over their shop doors to act as prison doors! I like how they planted the saplings right next to each other- the trees don’t grow that close together so it creates a really nice effect!

Finish off with some signage made out of wood advertising your plant inventory for all visitors on your island.

30/38. ACNH Market Square Garden

ACNH Market Square Garden

One idea for a plant market is to set up some stalls and have different vendors sell plants, similar to this design. It’s supposed to be more of an elegant selling experience than growing your own plants.

31/38. ACNH Berry Patch Beachside

ACNH Berry Patch Beachside

In the beginning, your island’s beaches are often very bland. Perhaps it is time you turned one of them into a berry garden (for whatever reason). It will be interesting to think about picking flowers for your fresh “berries.” I never thought about doing this before, and yes-it looks lovely! Fence off two small sections by crafting and building some barbed wire fencing. You can always make a wooden plank path running up the middle too! Then just craft some wooden signs that advertise what they sell so people know how juicy they look.

32/38. ACNH Garden Bamboo Pond

ACNH Garden Bamboo Pond

Creating a pond in your garden is an excellent way to add beauty and luxury to the area. The right design can be found online or at stores, such as this Kero Keroppi bridge design customized by hand for me. My flower scheme- red because it’s an iconic color and pink would’ve been nice too! Finally – plant plenty onto bamboo trees near your new fancy looking pond nearby where they will add some more elegant scenery than just mounds of earth alone.

33/38. ACNH Waterfall Entrance Garden

ACNH Waterfall Entrance Garden

The game is gorgeous, no doubt about it! The circular lake and waterfalls are just stunning. There’s a lot happening in this scene- the valiant statue surrounded by shrubs, forced perspective bridge leading into an epic garden spot? All that and more make up for one amazing gaming experience!

34/38. ACNH Rainbow Path Garden

ACNH Rainbow Path Garden

Here’s another great way to use the wide variety of flower colors. Simply set them up along a path leading up to anyone’s front door, or any other doorway you choose! To make this idea happen, create some custom stone or brick pathways in front of your house (or someone else’s I guess?). Then line the walk with a plethora of flowers organized into plenty of colorful rows and strategically placed floor lights. Populating this pathway with flowers makes for an incredible effect!

35/38. ACNH Global Floating Islands

ACNH Global Floating Islands

One of the most important things to create a garden is water. You will need to dig out square islands and position them so that you can easily hop from one island to another without the use of a pole vaulting. The only problem with this plan is that unless your yard has big enough space, there won’t be enough room for all those other structures in Gulliver’s Travels! But don’t worry – just add plenty of flowers around your landscaping and no definite pattern here; go wild with it!

36/38. ACNH London Italian Gardens

ACNH London Italian Gardens

First you want to make a large rectangular lake with a smaller island in the middle. Then, add some small waterfalls into the background that pour into your lake as well as crafting a fountain on top of it. Around its perimeter display shrubs, flowers and statues for this remarkable breathtaking venue.

37/38. ACNH Winter Icy Flower Bed

ACNH Winter Icy Flower Bed

You can create a beautiful garden in time for the winter season by getting ready early. The idea is to use wedding pipe organ flowers as an artistic display, and also add some bunny topiaries. Add blue and white flowers that work well with this theme, like tulips and lilies of the valley! Morah’s Landscape Painting makes it even more elegant with its finishing touch!

38/38. ACNH Alhambra Gardens

ACNH Alhambra Gardens

Imagine a lovely garden full of lush greenery and gorgeous decorations. Start by laying down some beautiful stone paths, kitty-corner to each other – this helps make it less crowded. Next dig out a small pond in the middle of the garden with an elegant statue sitting on an island in its center, then set up plenty of custom panels around as well; they should have window patterns like what can be found inside those windows! Also plant your favorite fruits trees at one corner for summertime picking near hedges and iron furniture along with biotope planters floating above ground so more greenery is easily added without digging up my roots!

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