15 Best ACNH Fun Pink Island Design Ideas

I’m an animal lover to the core, which means I also love conservation efforts. And there’s no better way to help save Earth’s animals than actually going out there and helping them, right? Enter Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, which is set in a brand-new world that players can explore, collect resources from, and use to build new homes for their favorite animal friends.

If you’re a guy and into bright colors, then this article’s not for you. For the rest of you: if you’re looking for a complete makeover, then look no further than the ultimate head-to-toe girly ACNH makeover.

1/15. ACNH Apartment Charming Studio

ACNH Apartment Charming Studio
Image Source by @blossom.crosser

Looking for a design-forward industrial loft look that doesn’t compromise on style? It’s all possible with the right interior design! This theme will take your visitors to a whole new place, even if they didn’t want to — because pink is the new black. Give visitors a luxury experience inside any building you like, with everything they need for the ultimate pink living quarters.

While a pink floor might look like saccharine overload, there’s a nice balance of neutral items to keep the space from getting too bright. With extra-cozy details like books that match her computer setup and a floral feature on the gramophone, this room is ready for a homebody. Your next favorite place to stay warm in winter?

2/15. ACNH Beach Mermaid

ACNH Beach Mermaid
Image Source by satinfoxes

Summer brings with it the desire to go outside to play in the sun and get a tan without getting sand in your shorts. However, if you’re sick of shifting color palettes when you step away from your pink oasis, try these simple tricks to create a summertime look that will last you all season long!

When it comes to designing the inside of your terrarium, think ‘subtle beach.’ Start by laying down a layer of sandy-beach colored artificial sand as the foundation for your custom-mixed seashore hangout. Then, top it off with a veritable cornucopia of mermaid-themed items that are delicately hued in shades of pink, blue, and purple.

3/15. ACNH Castle Princess Peach

ACNH Castle Princess Peach
Image Source by chellyland

The creator of this castle says that it’s not officially licensed, but she’s not at all concerned about copyright violation. She does call it “a princess castle made from silos” and suggests that if you like the design for your own property, you should make it the main entrance to a pink oasis.

4/15. ACNH Mochi Stand and Marina Boba Tea

ACNH Mochi Stand and Marina Boba Tea
Image Source by mochimomokopeach

You’d think that a squid is the last creature you’d use for a cute, afternoon snack — but if you’re in the Marina District of San Francisco, it would be next to impossible to disagree. The little stalls with hand-painted umbrellas that mark each boba tea stand here are as adorable as they are delicious.

Then, set up a cute Japanese candy shop with gorgeous decorations. Spice it up with a sign full of eye-catching daily specials, and transform it into a micro cafe with a few tables and chairs for your customers who want a place to sit and enjoy their delicious treats.

5/15. ACNH Able Sisters Expanded

ACNH Able Sisters Expanded
Image Source by @acnh.berriess

A tailoring shop must have a workroom — and what better way to fit one in than with this design by MYCADESIGN? It’s a cute, versatile addition that will give your favorite hedgehog the space they need to run their business. This design can even be adapted to suit your needs!

This designer has created a dreamy and bright sewing space, complete with beautiful sewing stations, rattan chairs and a place to hang your latest fashion creation. I love the look of this studio — it’s actually quite similar to my own design style.

6/15. ACNH Lake Moon Fae

ACNH Lake Moon Fae
Image Source by @sloomywy / @new.horizons.inspiration

Sometimes, we simply forget that there’s a big world out there that goes beyond our own island. If you’ve been spending all your time building up your little space and want to broaden your horizons, it might be helpful to take a step back and look at what’s already there.

I highly recommend placing a fairycore lake and sitting area as the centre point of your island — it’s simple, but very effective in terms of getting other players’ attention.

7/15. ACNH Kitty Cafe

ACNH Kitty Cafe
Image Source by sakuraislandAC

Those searching for all-things Sanrio, then look no further than the Hello Kitty Cafe. This charming little outdoor restaurant provides a great place to bring your family and friends, who are looking to enjoy a meal underneath the warm sun and sky. The best part is that animals will be allowed in the cafe thanks to an illustration of Hello Kitty, who seems to be in love with a cat (much like everyone else).

Although this is a great idea, the implementation is somewhat lacking. The creator of this booth relies heavily on ‘kawaii’ or cute culture and Hello Kitty, which are played out concepts. They have gone for the pink trend, and with accessories such as a stuffed cat, a heart shaped mirror and cupcakes. Although this is all very reminiscent of ‘cute culture’ and of Hello Kitty herself, it will soon be outdated after the promotions end.

8/15. ACNH Bedroom Pastel Goth

ACNH Bedroom Pastel Goth
Image Source by trashpanda678

If you’re looking for a bold, princess-y look that’s a little bit more edgy, try mixing in a dark shade of pink with your new scheme. A splash of gothic touches will give a little more flair to your color scheme — which is perfect for those nighttime get-togethers! Check out this wallpaper for a living room that’s sure to give your house the royal treatment.

From a rose-strewn bed, to the petals underfoot, to the heart that beats even as it breaks, this room is bursting with a perversely romantic fervor. It’s an unlikely mix of poetic tragedy and rowdy revelry. A garland of dried roses circles the heart-shaped bed as if each bloom twines one more love note around it.

9/15. ACNH Dinner Party Fuschia Feast

ACNH Dinner Party Fuschia Feast
Image Source by kisekiace

This player’s wonderful party used elements from The Cherry Blossom Shop to achieve a sophisticated, yet fun ambiance. They particularly loved The Cherry Blossom Shop’s stunning backdrop of pink hibiscus flowers that can bring out the best in any decor.

Sanrio is one of Japan’s largest and most famous merchandising franchises, hosting an extensive collection of cute characters such as Hello Kitty and Peko-chan. Many bloggers have used these cute little guys to add some color to their rooms, proving that Sanrio things are great for turning your home into a cute paradise! So what’s the best thing about Sanrio? It doesn’t stop there!

10/15. ACNH Kitchen Pink Bakery

ACNH Kitchen Pink Bakery
Image Source by IheartAC43

Want to open up a bakery? You can do that with this pink kitchen! I think it’s also the perfect place for a Chinese takeout restaurant, too. The key is using neutral colours for the walls, basic furniture and simple items. Then you pick out a few pink items (rugs, fridge, standmixer, decor) to add a little pop!

Choosing the right cake can be a hard choice. What flavor should you pick? Which design works best for your table? You can find just about every kind of cake imaginable, whether it’s chocolate or vanilla and layered or tiered. Don’t forget to add some extra decorations, too!

11/15. ACNH Retro Diner

ACNH Retro Diner
Image Source by ShailBeast

You know that feeling when you just want to flop down after a long day and eat an amazing meal, but don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with cooking at home? New Horizons is the solution.

Since you’re creative, you can decorate the shop how you like. I think it’s best customized with pink walls and appliances. When you’re ready to open for business, your shop will be ready for customers!

12/15. ACNH Party Pink Tea

ACNH Party Pink Tea
Image Source by @peonyandcream

You can find all the delicious recipes for these cute tea sandwiches here . They are fun and easy to make, and don’t even require you to be an expert in the kitchen. These will be a hit at your next party — guaranteed!

The grassy flowerbeds at the San Francisco Botanical Garden were originally planted with flowers in a typical, predictable fashion. As part of the garden’s redesign, this creator designed quirky little paths and square spots that are a fun throwback to the old-fashioned quilt design. These charming additions give an old-world charm to the natural fencing, while also punctuating the cheerful, playful appearance of the garden.

13/15. ACNH Home Sanrio Office

ACNH Home Sanrio Office
Image Source by fish-net

So you’re ready to get your home office space up and running, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. That’s an easy fix — just raid the nearest candy machine for supplies and make sure to print out some sweet posters from your favorite Animal Crossing game to hang on the walls. The Sanrio packs include a few exclusive portraits that are just too sweet to pass up.

14/15. ACNH Indoor Bathroom, Spa Cheery Cherries

ACNH Indoor Bathroom, Spa Cheery Cherries
Image Source by dianacqin

A pink spa and bathroom is a must have for anyone who wants to add just a touch of Japanese culture to their home. Imagine relaxing in your very own jacuzzi, or enjoying the tranquility of the falling sakura flowers, wherever you are! You can even take it outside, it’s easy to set up and won’t fall apart after one use!

The BEST thing about this space-saving spas is the fact that it doesn’t separate the ‘spa’ functions from the bathroom. We love that you can have a great time pampering yourself, and that you don’t need to leave your bedroom! This is great for those who value both privacy and convenience. Another perk? Your bathroom won’t look out of place – these modern pieces still look great in traditional homes.

15/15. ACNH Pink Blossoms and Blooms

ACNH Pink Blossoms and Blooms
Image Source by pepperoni__pizza

A pink garden is your first option and it’s a great one! Maybe you’re best friends with the dreamy Luigi, or perhaps it’s a subtle hint that you prefer to be more feminine. Either way, this classic choice has always been a good way to get yourself out there. There’s nothing wrong with being pink!

Want to really wow your friends and family when you bring in fresh flowers this summer? You can make your floral blooms pop by arranging them from darkest to lightest—it’s a simple trick that makes your flowers look even more beautiful, like this pretty bouquet of roses.

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