30 Best ACNH Forestcore Design Ideas

New Horizons can provide you with a perfect blueprint for what’s in vogue. If you like the city, your island can become jungle with all types of buildings and structures on it! Alternatively, if you like the suburbs, that is also possible! New Horizons’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of gameplay means that your dream map is just a few days away from becoming a reality.

1/30.ACNH Forest Flea Market

There’s something magical about markets tucked away in the woods. It offers a sense of discovery that is just as significant to your journey as anything else on your list! This would be an amazing place at night, with just the right amount of spooky atmosphere.

2/30.ACNH Picnic Spot Forestcore

This sunny spot would make for an awesome picnic! If you’re feeling sneaky enough to have it as your own secret place just for yourself , then that’s even better! You can add whatever little things appeal to you on top of what we’ve recommended here: a rug, books that catch your eye…or maybe music on the radio? And don’t forget the food!

3/30.ACNH Forest Spa

You can have an outdoor japanese-themed bath even if you don’t go the island route. This build features a wood bath, tea kettle, and lots of flowers. The custom sign is super cute as well! Come relax in the hot water this spring or work up a sweat on your next hike!

4/30.ACNH Chicken Forest Coop

People live in cottages in the woods. I don’t know why, but they do. Or sometimes it’s just a bunch of chickens in a backyard, or sometimes it’s just eggs. I have no idea why, but that’s what you get when you live in a cottage in the woods. That’s why when you go to the Fado Irish Pub in Chicago, suddenly you’re transported to the Emerald Isle.

5/30.ACNH Forest Rock Garden

Just imagine it: the weather’s warm, there’s a nice breeze, and the stars are out. Where better to go then a high-up rock garden? This beautiful build features lots of saplings in the growing forest, and a Stonehenge-esque display of tall rocks. Now you can enjoy seeing how quiet life is with not much going on at night!

6/30.ACNH Campsite Cookery

Camping is a fun and fantastic way to spend time with friends and family, but it can get expensive. Thankfully, there’s a cooking pit available that’s pretty affordable. In fact, it has all the features you need to make sure you’re fed while you spend time in the great outdoors! Hot dogs, pizza, and marshmallows are just the beginning of what this pit can do. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?

7/30.ACNH small Forest Farm

Animal Crossing New Horizons normally has limited resources to work with, but this build takes some of these limited resources and uses them to create a working farm. Pumpkins and dirt become fences, hay bales, and even an adorable little pumpkin. The set-up is simple but cute, so if you’re looking for a way to turn those limited resources into a working farm, this is a great place to start!

8/30.ACNH Woodland Path

Terraforming can be an incredibly challenging experience, but this gorgeous path proves that it’s also one worth exploring. The vivid blue and purple flowers are a testament to the hard work that goes into making such a unique piece of art. If you’re inspired by this garden, why not give terraforming a shot yourself? After all, there’s no better time than the present!

9/30.ACNH Forest Campsite

This next build is a campsite-themed teepee. Ideal for your next camping trip, this teepee features a mushroom theme and plenty of beautiful natural elements. The creator recommends that you should bring the materials by yourself, but it’s all about looking at what you already have, and adding some fun details on top.
Here is another treehouse design with a similar deciduous color scheme to use for a camping themed build.

10/30.ACNH Peaceful Woods House

If you enjoy peace and beauty in your surroundings, this build will be perfect for you. The stream is natural-looking and realistic. With a suspended bridge and telescope, it’s also a good place to explore nature without feeling like you’re overdoing it. It’s no wonder the player built their house here!

11/30.ACNH Spot of Log Lounging

If you’re looking for a nice place to sit and relax, why not try the Forest Lounge? It’s like a breath of fresh air with its rolling hills and lush greenery, not to mention all that sunlight! And when you really need to relax, there’s no better place than the beach! Here, your villagers can hang out and enjoy some drinks— if they aren’t drinking wine, juice works just as well.

12/30.ACNH Magic Sleepy Forest

In the hands of an expert, less becomes more. This is especially true for island building in Bedrock. Take this idea for example: The Mushroom Island! A simple island with a few special mushroom blocks, and you soon have a bustling night-time hub for your local community. It’s just as easy to build this island as it is to take it apart.

13/30.ACNH Forest Grandma Cottage

Grandma’s house is a wonderful place to visit, but you should be careful. Big bad wolves are always lurking behind the next tree, and they’re always hungry. The same goes for rain clouds, which love to pass over this cottage every summer afternoon. If you want to keep your clothes dry, you might want to put them up on the line before that happens.

14/30.ACNH Spring Daisy Way

Now this adorable forestcore build has all the best parts of spring! The addition of those mushroom tables helps to lend a whimsical fairy vibe, as well. And the umbrella and puddle, as well as rainboots are some cute little details – very spring-oriented.

15/30.ACNH Secret Snackies

Your local coffee shop has been a part of the community for as long as you can remember. It’s known for its mouth-watering baked goods and comfortable ambiance, perfect for doing homework, reading a book, or simply relaxing. Although it’s not that large, you never feel crowded when inside. The owners are second-generation bakers who take pride in their recipes and innovative ways of designing pastries.

16/30.ACNH Forest Path

This build is the bees knees. There’s a fire pit snack table-and-chair thing with flowers all around, or maybe that’s just an Instagram filter. It includes many nods to flower moms — there are daisies, tulips, and dandelions for as far as the eye can see.

17/30.ACNH Nighttime Woods

There’s a lot to love about the quiet stillness of deep in the forest, especially when it is dark and everything else has gone to sleep. This sleepy “forest design” is an example of how beautiful simplicity can be. A wishing well, leaf pile, and small sack are all included – they’re not totally untouched – but if this were just trees and flowers there could get boring! Sometimes Animal Crossing gets too much pressure driven into its designs by players who want every build to have as many items as possible crammed into it. And now you know that simpler can sometimes be better.

18/30.ACNH Cheerful Forest Museum

The player might be feeling a little useless about their tendency to miss the point of Animal Crossing, when it’s such an exciting game. They mention that this particular building is just way too big and grandiose for them- something they can’t help but feel disappointed by.

19/30.ACNH Snowy Cave

Although not many of us are lucky enough to live in a forest, the idea is still relatable, and some can relate to the creative idea all the same. Plus, you might have seen someone who has a cave or two in their house. A lot of people feel the need to be surrounded by nature and all that isn’t available in our concrete jungles. So this sofa is just an easier / cheaper way of having that!

20/30.ACNH Fancy Forestcore

I’ve just stepped into the museum; a stone’s throw away from the golden-gated entrance, a pink-themed fountain sits regally in front of me. Fluffy white clouds drift over my head and a lone dove soars above the fountain, making it appear as if the water is rippling with the wind created by its wings. I slowly move forward, almost hypnotised by the ambiance of the place.

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21/30.ACNH Tea Party Woodland

A super-cute build that’s perfect for a forest-themed island. You can chill and relax with your friends, or read a book while enjoying some snacks. The spot is also great if you love flowers, as they attract butterflies. In fact, this build would make Alice from Wonderland jealous — only because it’s so beautiful!

22/30.ACNH Forest Entrance

Say hello to Island entrance 2.0! This meandering path is home to white flowers, doilies, and tropical palms. Your villagers will love this stretch of land. It’s the perfect sunbathing spot for the island-ghouls out there. The massive ice fortress is a single sculpted piece which can be made with no seams, allowing you to add a layer of snow all around it easily.

23/30.ACNH Beautiful Forest

Forestcore is all about having the ability to create a natural habitat within your home! Don’t neglect the shrubs, though; they’re vital to achieving that multi-tone look you’re striving for. Blue, pink, and white are a beautiful combination — especially when paired with another rainbow colour. And don’t forget the lighting: night time with a meteor shower makes for a magical backdrop.

24/30.ACNH Clearing Forest Yard

Nestled in the heart of a forest, this lovely home offers a serene setting for ACNH enthusiasts. We’ve polished the rough spots to bring you the flowering beauty and peacefulness associated with our line of homes. Live with natural charm inside and out!

25/30.ACNH Forest Writing Spot

This quiet little writing spot has all the important criteria of forestcore: relaxing vibes, an old fashioned feeling, and a healthy dose of nature. The atmosphere is so nice that even if you aren’t a writer or don’t want to take pictures here with your friends – it’s still worth stopping by! This place would be perfect for anyone looking for inspiration or just somewhere to get away from everything and recharge. And if you’re trying to find items in this store? It will have some very hard-to-find pieces (but they’ll eventually be found!) But finding the right colors can sometimes be harder than expected! Highly recommend Forest Core as an amazing rest stop on any journey!!

26/30.ACNH Picnic Spot

Picnics would be fun! With this design, you can create your own romantic getaway with any forest core lovers and invite them over for recipes – or just enjoy going on an adventure. This place is also magical during meteor showers, and it’s certainly a nice spot to have friends over for some hide and seek games too!

27/30.ACNH Forest Koi Pond

Japanese Forestcore is a type of stone that has been quarried in Japan. It’s really getting niche – but it looks awesome! Here, you can discover ideas to customize your forest floor with some concrete designs, like this one for an overflowing area from a river and the little frog below. There’s no water control out here in the forest, so there are also rain puddles or anything else you could imagine that we haven’t thought of yet!

28/30.ACNH Rock Pool Rainy Forest

There’s nothing more satisfying that a nicely landscaped river — while this is likely to be controversial among the player base, I assure you that it’s worth it. After all, what do you build a forest for if not to make pretty rivers?

29/30.ACNH Campsite Pastel Forest

I’m a pink girl through and through, but Forestcore themes aren’t exactly colorful. In fact, the most common color is brown! And it’s not even a chocolatey brown — it’s more like a muddy, dusty brown that I could never imagine putting on my walls.

30/30.ACNH Forest Museum

On a forest-themed island, what would you do with the museum? The building is big and sticks out like a sore thumb. What this build did was make use of an unmodifiable building by merging nature with their island’s museum area. This really works! By having displays mounted on rocks outside the entrance to the museum, they’ve created that divide between nature and human influence look way more natural than it used to be. Even Celeste approves!

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