ACNH Farm Island Ideas of Fruits, Flowers, Crops

15 Best ACNH Farm Island Ideas of Fruits, Flowers, Crops

Farming is a popular video game pastime for folks all over the world. For many people, one of their first forays into in-game agriculture was in the hit game, Animal Crossing . If you’re on another island with no access to local farmhands, this article will teach you how to create a robust farming enterprise!

1/15. ACNH Japanese Farm

ACNH Japanese Farm

Any paddock can look like a traditional Japanese garden- all you need are some well-placed decorations! The Japanese style relies heavily on the use of bamboo, so planting rows of it around the edge of your property will do wonders for fooling guests into thinking that you’re actually in Japan. Cacao trees are another great way to make your paddock seem exotic – just don’t plant too many, or else your horses will be lacking in shade!

2/15. ACNH Honeybee Harvest

ACNH Honeybee Harvest

You may not be lucky enough to get stung by a bee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some honey. Now, there are many ways to make the perfect honey — through the hard work of bees themselves or with the easy-to-use Honey Maker machine. With it, you too can create a batch of golden goodness for your sweet tooth.

3/15. ACNH Horse Stables

ACNH Horse Stables

This is the most adorable custom-made horse pen I’ve ever seen! The barrels of apples are so cute, and the horses look like they’re having a blast. To be honest, this is about as simple as it gets — but don’t let that fool you! Creating a custom horse pasture for your animals may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s actually quite simple, and you could even make one yourself.

4/15. ACNH Melon Patch

ACNH Melon Patch

You’ve spent the last decade of your life working non-stop while struggling and scratching your way to the top. In that time, you have achieved every goal you’ve set out to reach and managed to do so with little in spite of what it initially seemed. You have a dream — a sweet, sweet dream about a tropical island filled with watermelons, palm trees and beautiful beaches.

5/15. ACNH Crop Traditional Farm

ACNH Crop Traditional Farm

A farm is a basic design that I think of. I picture dirt and plants together with contrasting dark & light patterns, while animals like cows might also be present in the scene. This scene is something you can craft yourself using houseplants or bonsai trees (which are small trees). My personal favorite plant to use would be a moss ball, which creates an airy feeling for any room it’s placed in! As for silo crafting ideas – get creative!

6/15. ACNH Pig Pen

ACNH Pig Pen

These simple panels allow you to customize the farm building for whatever your creative mind comes up with! You can build a pig pen, garden wagons and hay beds, as well as buckets for your pigs. With a faucet included that provides water access in an adorable brick pattern; these are really nice additions to this set.

7/15. ACNH Energy Farm Rooftop

ACNH Energy Farm Rooftop

A new way to grow crops is available in New Horizons! This rooftop garden shows that skyscraper farming can be simple, efficient, and super fun for all ages. The major aspect to focus on here would be how they set up the solar panel setup and wind turbines so these items are only available for Nook Miles.

8/15. ACNH Vibrant Vineyard

ACNH Vibrant Vineyard

One of the coolest things about the animal crossing flora (not ostrich villager) is all that fruit tree variety available in it. However, you can only visit your friends’ islands to bring back their fruits and plant them on your own island if you have any friends. It would be really cool too if there were grape trees, but because grapes grow on vines anyways they cannot exist in this setting without some kind of vineyard design being created for said plants– so we get a hedge instead!

9/15. ACNH Enchanted Forest Farm

ACNH Enchanted Forest Farm

You might want to take the route of creating an enchanted forest to grow crops! You’ll need a nice wooded area for that, or maybe buy saplings and plant trees yourself. The big thing you’ll need is mushrooms because they’re needed to make mushroom lights which illuminate the forest with their mystical touch. As for plants, you’ll definitely want some pumpkins in various colors- after all Cinderella’s magical carriage started out as a pumpkin- right?

10/15. ACNH Riverside Farmland

ACNH Riverside Farmland

When building your island, you may find it difficult to ‘add a water well’ in the beginning. However, this should not discourage you from doing so — it really is worth the effort and money. The best thing about this pathway design is that alongside your farm or crops, the pathways are placed with great care to ensure that the entire island is kept neat and tidy.

11/15. ACNH Backyard Barnyard

ACNH Backyard Barnyard

To make the building of this barn reality in ACNH, you’ll need to design some simple panels that make red siding. You can use these as a sort of fake plants for harvest if you want. I love the idea of using Aries rocking chairs and Taurus bathtub sets up to be mommy animals inside these stalls with funny animal heads (Moo!). Another cool thing about placing sheep or bull villagers isn’t domesticated on your island is it makes them seem more realistic!

12/15. ACNH Chicken Coop

ACNH Chicken Coop

I really love this chicken coop map because it’s part of my favorite animal pens. It’s a great map, with a lot of effort put into it. I especially love the idea behind it: you have to craft all these items yourself before you start building the chicken coop. This adorable idea for an animal pen is very clever, and the design work is fantastic.

13/15. ACNH Pumpkin Spooky Patch

ACNH Pumpkin Spooky Patch

If you’re like most Americans, then a good majority of your time is spent fighting off an onslaught of various imaginary and supernatural creatures. Now imagine you had a weapon that lets you face the forces of evil head on — whether it be the hordes of vampires, ghosts or one of the many other mythological terrors that plague the US and seek to send this country back into its primitive roots.

14/15. ACNH Pineapple Tropical Grove

ACNH Pineapple Tropical Grove

To create a South Pacific paradise like this in your very own backyard, you’ll need to do a little work. In the first place, why not clear out an area of land and plant some palm trees. Then — and this is very important — make sure you plant red hibiscus flowers so there’s a neat variety of colors all around the garden.

15/15. ACNH Industrial Farm

ACNH Industrial Farm

New Horizons looks like it has a rustic and industrial feel to it – which is quite unique.

The orange plants have been used strategically in the design, adding more earthy tones to the garden.

It would be easy enough for you to make or download your own pumpkin designs as well, just keep them simple so they are not overwhelming on screen!

One last touch I love(which also uses custom designs) are the wooden plank pathways. This really shows off how limitless possibilities New Horizons offers its players with what can be built into their world.

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