15 Best ACNH Exercise & Gym Area Island Ideas

When it comes to creating the perfect gym, you want to make your jocks happy. And what could top buying the best equipment and decorating their gym space with awesome ACNH gym ideas! That’s right. So get creative and try out these super cool ideas.

1/15. ACNH 2 in 1 Laundry and Gym Room

ACNH 2 in 1 Laundry and Gym Room
Image Source by @ryanwhatt_

Maximize your home’s space with this great idea from stylist and design expert, Chelsea Aubry. Chelsea suggests climbing a set of stairs to the basement, then merging your laundry room and gym into one spacious space. It will be light and bright due to the white color palette and plants scattered about for that added touch of green!

I really like this design. It makes a lot of sense for gyms: instead of having a carpeted floor for the workout area, why not have a tiled floor? This ensures that people don’t need to worry about mopping up sweat after a grueling workout session. Now imagine what it’d be like if your floor were actually made with tiles — like these.

2/15. ACNH Ring of Boxing

ACNH Ring of Boxing
Image Source by acforeva

Turns out, having a fully-equipped boxing training area in your home can be pretty great. Who knew! The spotlights, boxing punching bags and even the minor details, like the bell and recording cameras, add to the realism. It’s all very jock-like. This is a great way to display posters in a unique way.

3/15. ACNH Gym at Beach

ACNH Gym at Beach
Image Source by Latz1987

I know there’s a lot of competition for healthy living apps out there, but in all honesty, I think you’ve got a winner here. The black and red color palette works well with the locker, the water cooler (your team is definitely on track if they can think of this), and the protein shakes.

4/15. ACNH Mini Workout Area

ACNH Mini Workout Area
Image Source by @Betty_LunaPark

Create your own fitness zone right next to the road with all of our classic gym equipment. If there’s any custom design you want to add to your gym sign, go for it! With so many different pieces available, you’re bound to find what you need for a successful workout. We also have a wide variety of accessories , chosen especially for their durability and versatility.

When you want to make a new home for yourself, or your family, or someone in your life, why do you go shopping? Because it’s fun! It’s exciting. You’re getting to create something from scratch. And when you want to spruce up that new place of yours, you go shopping again.

5/15. ACNH Gym and Shower Room

ACNH Gym and Shower Room
Image Source by micmooo

The colors here are so lovely and friendly, I think I’m going to paint my entire home just to match it! Maybe that’s the motivation I need to start hitting the treadmill! I’m not sure why I find vending machines so funny, but hey, who needs a reason to laugh? And yes, that shower is really something else.

6/15. ACNH Mini Workout Area Winter

ACNH Mini Workout Area Winter
Image Source by fareastfarneman

We all know that sitting is the new smoking, which means we need to find other ways to keep our heart rate up. The outdoor climbing wall has been a great way to get in shape while keeping fit, but if you’re not as able-bodied as others you might struggle to get up the wall! So I got around this by creating a number of features that have been designed just for you.

7/15. ACNH Running Area

ACNH Running Area
Image Source by expeon

Make things easier and more interesting for yourself at home with this basic track field set up. It’ll complement your sports area and make it look great, too! And the best part is that I like how the lines look like they were painted on the floor, rather than looking neatly placed on the ground.

8/15. ACNH Home Sports Complex

ACNH Home Sports Complex
Image Source by FueledByAbbey

This is a stunning Animal Crossing design that will certainly make you feel like you’ve wandered into your own personal gym. You won’t want to leave the house! Built like a sports complex, the general gym and check-in area is surrounded by different rooms for specific activities. There’s a weightlifting room, tennis court, swimming pool and even a sports shop with your favorite athlete’s merchandise in it.

9/15. ACNH Basketball and Soccer Area

ACNH Basketball and Soccer Area
Image Source by @oharunda

I want to build a sports complex! That way I can draw in the neighborhood fast-talkers and those with a competitive streak, plus it will make my island the best place for training in all the world. Since there are so many different types of people living here, I want to build two fields side-by-side next to the river — that way I can capture everyone’s attention.

10/15. ACNH Indoor Gym Urban

ACNH Indoor Gym Urban
Image Source by @RobertoMelchor

If you’re struggling with a tight space inside your home, why not spruce it up and create an indoor gym? This idea is pretty simple, but who says that internally climbing a wall isn’t ‘sprucing it up’? Plus, it’s all about perspective!

I’ve always found that hanging gym equipment on your wall is easy. That way you can remind yourself of how much of a jock you are, as well as how much of a nerd they are! I’ve also found it useful to add a plaque, not just to wall but to that one too. That way you can reminisce about all the great things you’ve achieved in Pokemon Go.

11/15. ACNH Front Yard Jock

ACNH Front Yard Jock
Image Source by @AroaCoralville

Have you ever noticed your neighbor? Like, all the time? Maybe they’ve become a bit of an obsession. Now’s the chance to get them to notice you back — with the help of their very own, customized fitness center. The space works well for those who live in smaller homes or apartments. Why not offer them a space that feels like home?

12/15. ACNH Soccer Area

Soccer Area
Image Source by jean_crossing

You can’t beat the popularity of soccer! It’s one of the most popular sports worldwide, and Animal Crossing is no exception. In the game, there are several ways users can play soccer. One way is to practice their moves with Jitters in a mini soccer field right on your island. Jitters will happily show you how to play, so you can give him a run for his money!

In New York City, the real estate market is too competitive for regular people. You might need to have a little more money and influence than your peers if you want to settle down and raise a family — or even just buy a dog.

13/15. ACNH Basketball Indoor Court

ACNH Basketball Indoor Court
Image Source by rj_smith94

By giving a few kiddie touches to your favorite rooms, like wallpapers featuring pets or beanbags for sitting, it can almost look like you’re playing the Virtual Boy for real. As of today, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has taken the 3D world by storm. With sizes reaching up to 10 000 000 pixels wide, there is no doubt that these pieces of art are perfect for any living room!

The game is simple, yet challenging. It’s not too difficult to understand, so it’s a perfect game for gamers who are just starting off their adventures on their islands.

14/15. ACNH Outdoor Boxing

ACNH Outdoor Boxing
Image Source by @ElaOhana

If you’re looking to get creative this season with your living room decor, why not go in a totally new direction? We’re talking about placing your sofa right next to the road, of course. All it takes is one simple wooden beam, some plush carpeting and a few hundred yards of sheer determination.

15/15. ACNH Gym at Basement

ACNH Gym at Basement
Image Source by @Rosoig

Animal Crossing fans will absolutely love this gem of a basement. It’s basically a geek’s dream. I love the Saharah flooring, with the weightlifting section combined with the carpet. Plus there’s a Nintendo Switch and a RingCon right in your basement — your animal crossing brethren will be bringing you lots of furniture and money soon enough!

I’m pretty sure the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is sweat and work out more. The only solution: a home gymnasium! With this app, you can now create your very own home gym without breaking a sweat.

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