Easy Island Ideas For Animal Crossing New Horizons

13 Easy Island Ideas For Animal Crossing New Horizons

The early stages of Animal Crossing: New Horizons don’t offer much in the way of game progression. However, when you complete your first few tasks and wait for K.K Slider to come to perform on your island, terraforming is unlocked! This allows a multitude of adjustments that can be made such as changing terrain type and adding ocean waves.

However, where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what kind or how many changes will work best with your style within the game’s limits – which aren’t too high anyway so this shouldn’t prove difficult :).

Well we’ve put together a list or some easy-peasy animal crossing island ideas that are perfect for new players learning how all this stuff works who want an idea on what they should try creating their own custom islands with but also includes ones suited more experienced players as well! So buckle up because it’s going down!!

1/13. ACNH Space Station

ACNH Space Station

Create your own extra-terrestrial area and create the space station for you by using the blueprints found in Celeste’s room. You can also scatter some spare star fragments around to add that true outer space feel! Just make sure you speak to her when she visits your island. One recipe per day is given, so remember that!

2/13. ACNH Outdoor Tiki Bar

ACNH Outdoor Tiki Bar

The villagers have taken to this tiki bar in droves and they’re loving it! Let’s hope Brewster returns soon so that we can keep up with demand.

3/13. ACNH Excavation Site

ACNH Excavation Site

Then building your own excavation site is the best way to go. It’s perfect for storing those extra fossils you find, and it’s a great place to dig side-by-side with your museum! Plus, if you place your museum on a cliff then you can dig down and create an even more expansive excavation site too.

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4/13. ACNH Hiking Trail

ACNH Hiking Trail

If you’re wanting to give your island a more natural look, add some hiking trails. Fill your island with trees and create a path between them. You could also mark the entrance of the trail with a custom-made sign! If you really want to get out there and do something, why not put in an outdoor hot spring? Invite friends over for hiking or virtual hangouts while they explore on their own vacations.

5/13. ACNH Star Gazing Area

ACNH Star Gazing Area

Star gazing is beautiful, but it can be difficult to find a location that’s not busy or too dark. Now you have the perfect spot with this simple star gazing area! This creates an amazing photoshoot layout where you can take Instagram shots of all your friends in one place. All they need is some outdoor gear and rugs for their backdrops.

6/13. ACNH Surf Shack

ACNH Surf Shack

Why not bring the summer to you by creating a surfer shack on your beach? All that is needed for this project are surfboards, sandcastle accessories and some coconut trees. Don’t forget about leaving your wetsuit and snorkel outside either!

7/13. ACNH Zen Garden

ACNH Zen Garden

If you are someone who is at one with nature, this garden design is perfect for you! It’s designed to give the feeling of a Zen Garden. The bamboo trees create a natural barrier and fence off your island, which makes it easy to relax in that space. Maybe add some statues or rocks for decoration so that your new space feels like home after long days spent out there working on the compound (or whatever).

8/13. ACNH Grand Waterfall Entrance

ACNH Grand Waterfall Entrance

For those who are lucky enough to visit other islands, you have probably seen entrances like the one pictured. The secret is easy: build two cliffs with waterfalls running down each side of the edge and add flowers around them. Boom! You’ve got yourself a spectacular ACNH entrance ideas!

9/13. ACNH Pirate Cove

ACNH Pirate Cove

Throwing a pirate themed party is certainly worth it for those who enjoy the thrill of being giddy in their own home. If you are looking to show your guests just how much fun this theme can be, start by gathering your favorite pirate items and then arranging them on your personal beach island. By locating the map of where you want to hold this party, make sure that part of it has an enchanting view so all eyes will stay focused there! And lastly, remember Gulliver every time he washes up on shore with lots more treasure from his travels.

10/13. ACNH Ice Skating Rink

ACNH Ice Skating Rink

The winter season is always going strong. In fact, the best way to enjoy it is with a skate on your own ice rink. It makes for one-of-a-kind decoration in any room or space and takes only up one custom design slot. You can make it as big or as small as you like so finishing off by putting fencing around the area has never been easier! We also want you to know that this ice rink will never melt so why not leave it up all year long?

11/13. ACNH Outdoor Arcade

ACNH Outdoor Arcade

Building an outdoor arcade on your street would make a huge statement in the area, and it will give players lots of space to play. It might be worth adding some elements for extra pizzazz like neon signs, LED floor lights and foosball tables (or ping pong). A game room experience with the people you love is only possible when night falls – so enjoy those games until then!

12/13. ACNH Sweet Cake Shop

ACNH Sweet Cake Shop

What a great idea for your own cake shop! You can always get in touch with them on the phone. They’ll help you find what you need to take fabulous photos of your special event, like Reese and Cyrus’ wedding. Your cakes are destined to be talked about all over town when they come out looking as beautiful as these ones do!

13/13. ACNH Salon

ACNH Salon

If you want to pamper your villagers, it couldn’t be simpler than creating a salon on your island. You can customize the salon with any design or color scheme that appeals to you – and then use simple panels and custom designs for product displays or waiting areas too! Your grand opening will be an instant success as soon as people hear about it!

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