20 Best ACNH Dog Villagers

Did you know that the most popular dog villagers are in Animal Crossing? I’m definitely not a villager expert, but I have been playing this game for over a decade. And, after all this time, there are three dogs that stand out to me as the best dog villagers. That’s why, today, I thought I could share them with you.

1/20. ACNH Digby

ACNH Digby

I’m totally into all things home decor. The smell of fresh paint, the gleam of stainless steel appliances, the click of a dimmer switch — I can’t get enough! My sister Isabelle thinks I’m crazy for being so into design, but she’s my best friend and I love her anyway. (Oh, and just so you know: she happens to be a rabbit too!

2/20. ACNH Portia

ACNH Portia

If you spend time with her, she’ll show true nature. If you give her gifts and shower her with attention, she will be your friend very soon! You’d never guess that this villager is a real gem. Her Dalmatian pattern seems like fire at first glance, but she’s just as sweet as can be!

3/20. ACNH Mac


You can find this guy pumping iron at the gym, but he’s always happy to invite other villagers to join him. This handsome young man is a bit of an athlete: if you’re looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals, he’s a great choice. He may be mean to some, but that’s only because he’s got an inner competitiveness that might want to show up on your front door one day and give you a challenge.

4/20. ACNH Marcel

ACNH Marcel

Marcel is the snooty villager in Animal Crossing who, despite his appearance as a mime, hates being called one. His name is actually a nod to French mime and actor Marcel Marceau, and he certainly is one of a kind.

5/20. ACNH Harvey

ACNH Harvey

From the minute you step foot on Harv’s Island, you know this is going to be one heckuva shoot. As you enter the photography studio, a ‘you’re-welcome’ grin lights up Harvey’s face. And that’s only the start of the friendly service you’ll receive.

6/20. ACNH K K Slider

ACNH K K Slider

The K K Slider Amiibo card is the newest in the Animal Crossing amiibo card line. These cards will work with a variety of games, including the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This particular figure resembles the famous musician who performs every Saturday at Cafe de Paris, as well as being a major part of the game since its original release.

7/20. ACNH Benjamin

ACNH Benjamin

You know that one guy who fishes and collects fossils? He’s the best! Anyway, he enjoys capturing a variety of bugs in his leisure time not really sure why, but maybe it’s part of some kind of weird fishing-and-fossil collecting crime fighting thing. So don’t be afraid to approach him and ask about Fashion Lad—you know, that superhero fighting crime.

8/20. ACNH Isabelle

ACNH Isabelle

It’s impossible not to love Isabelle. In the Animal Crossing games she works as the mayor’s assistant, which means she makes sure things run smoothly on the island. She’s always cheerful and optimistic! Isabelle can be found in the mayoral office, where she’s more than happy to help visitors find out more about Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
It’s tough being a Superhero.

9/20. ACNH Bea


Bea is the perfect dog for any family. She’s well-mannered, affectionate and polite, never making a mess of your house or other people’s property. She’s super friendly to everyone, and a good listener too!

10/20. ACNH Bones

ACNH Bones

Your home is sure to get a lot more relaxed with the addition of this puppy villager. He’s a bit of a goofball and will love making your friends laugh with his catchy one-liners that are sure to become part of your favorite comedy routines. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but we all have our flaws, right?

11/20. ACNH Butch

ACNH Butch

Butch is a softie at heart, but that might be hard to tell with all the ruckus being made. His low, but resonating voice can often be heard singing to as he wanders around town…if you’re lucky enough to catch him! (I guess you could always just follow the sound of his voice.) He may seem intimidating at first, but his tough guy personality is just an act.

12/20. ACNH Walker

ACNH Walker

Walker is a very friendly husky who enjoys long walks, howling at the moon, and playing fetch with his favorite ball. His hobbies are unlike those of snooty and jock villagers, but he’s still kind to them. In fact, Walker’s the best!

13/20. ACNH Shep


Even though his facial hair may be a little over-the-top, there’s no denying that his chiselled features are heavenly — and incredibly versatile. His hair is perfect for this season, and has been seen on countless celebrities. He also likes to highlight his hobbies (trains and bottle caps) as well as his lovely personality. Because he’s so open and charming, he’s the perfect fit for any home!

14/20. ACNH Maddie

ACNH Maddie

Maddie is one of the most beloved peppy villagers in the game, but she’s new to New Horizons — and it shows. Although she was a star contender in previous games like Wild World and City Folk, she’s showing signs of confusion while trying to adapt to living in a new town in the latest installment of the series.

15/20. ACNH Daisy

ACNH Daisy

It’s Daisy, your new best imaginary friend. Oh, don’t worry! You can talk to her, she’ll be listening. I’m just a crazy girl who believes that imaginary friends are the best. Like my other imaginary friend, Ola (she’s a bit more possessive than Daisy) and that other one I made up for fun, Marigold. Oh, but you can only have one imaginary friend! So, who will it be?

16/20. ACNH Biskit

ACNH Biskit

Biskit made the cut as our top pick because of his funky style and awesome personality. He’s a cat with laser beams coming from his eyes — what more could you want? All he does is sleep all day, which is hilarious! Would you expect anything else from a toddler tee?

17/20. ACNH Lucky

ACNH Lucky

Lucky is an out-going fellow whose best friends are the other cats in his neighborhood. He plays 24/7 with his gang and sometimes seems to be downright hyperactive. Lucky gets with most villagers & acnh neighborhood ideas, although some villagers might think he’s too weird to hang out with.

18/20. ACNH Cherry

ACNH Cherry

Cherry is a true friend in times of need. She’s the sweetest and most personable of all the Friends, with an endearing smile that never seems to leave her face. She’s always there to help you, no matter what the situation is. Sometimes she may seem a little distant at first, but behind that shy exterior is a truly special girl just waiting to be your best friend!

19/20. ACNH Cookie

ACNH Cookie

Cookie is an adorable and peppy villager. She’s ready to spread happiness and positivity wherever she goes. Her name comes from her fur, which is golden brown with splotches of darker brown (perfect for a dog-like character). I’ve always thought that ‘Cookie’ was the perfect name for a dog on Animal Crossing — it’s a sweet, quirky name that fits with the whole Furfrou brand.

20/20. ACNH Goldie

ACNH Goldie

She just wants to be loved. But she doesn’t realize that a lot of the time, she comes off as motherly. She feels very bad if she ask for a favour, even though her friends are always ready to help her out. She’s super passionate — sometimes. It varies with the seasons and the phase of the moon. She’s very temperamental, but it’s easy to cheer up too.

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