10 Best Magical Disney Island Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

I love Disney movies, and I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf – to the point where I’ve wanted to design my entire town inspired by it. It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves either movie or game!

You know what the world needs? A little more magic. And a whole lot of it. So why not use an app like Disney Scene Creator to simulate some of your very own, tiny, personal fairy-tale worlds? Now’s as good a time as any to get dreaming, kids.

1/10. ACNH Bedroom Andy

ACNH Bedroom Andy
Image Source by @xBethT

While Toy Story is certainly a cute movie, my heart belongs to its sequel. Some of the new characters had me absolutely swooning. And I don’t know about you, but I never explained the concept of ‘toy box’ to my roommate until well after we moved in together… And yet he still managed to assemble a toy chest without being told what it was for.

The cork board is a neat touch, but what really made me go ‘whoa’ was the custom throwback rocket, and that gorgeous floor lamp! It’s right at home in this office, which also features a fun mobile.

2/10. ACNH Inspired Room Hercules

ACNH Inspired Room Hercules
Image Source by Melhunnibee

You’re going to need a lot of cloud-related items to create this icy, celestial room. You’ll be able to find wall paper of the white-feathered variety, plus you’ll need some cloud flooring and two pillars that look like they’ve been frozen by snow. Of course, you’ll also be needing two nova lights and a whole slew of star fragments to decorate the room.

Bring home this lovely room from the exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager House Pack! This amazing set includes some incredible household items that you can never find anywhere else. This pack is a must-have for Animal Crossing fans who want to bring the full experience of New Horizons into their homes.

3/10. ACNH Coco Dia de Los Muertos

ACNH Coco Dia de Los Muertos
Image Source by @nody_crossing

As you may have noticed, Disney has done it again with their eye-branding, world-dominating masterpiece, Coco. Just when you thought they had milked every ounce of buzz out of the beautiful hand-animated film, they hit us with a uniquely designed land in Disneyland Paris that is likely to be a major focal point of ACNH Halloween this year.

Get some peanuts, coconuts and maracas to craft a Día de los Muertos festive scene. Buy some sombreros for your friends, some paper cut-outs of skeletons and make your own mariachis. You can all play along with the Día de los Muertos festivities!

4/10. ACNH Toyland Toy Story

ACNH Toyland Toy Story
Image Source by @acnhdisneyresort

As a kid, I watched Toy Story at least once a week. It was my favorite movie to watch, and it still is! It’s just straight up fun; the characters are hilarious and have great personalities, and the animation quality is excellent. My mom even got my brother and I a Buzz Lightyear action figure for Christmas one year, which we then proceeded to play with every single day after school, evening and weekends.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can craft a few items to create an outdoor playground. To start off, get wooden block benches and tire toys from the Nooklings’ shop, along with playground gyms and lighthouses from Nook’s Cranny. Papa bear statues are also great for adding to your playground, as well as toy boxes to collect all of your new toys!

5/10. ACNH Pop Shop of Disney Cake

ACNH Pop Shop of Disney Cake
Image Source by Melhunnibee

Welcome to the Gingerbread Cafe, where every cake pop is baked to perfection by a friendly gingerbread man. For this remodel, you’ll need an antique mini table and chairs for the dining area, along with a stall and menu board. And, since every customer deserves only the best, I highly recommend using your favorite desserts to decorate, such as the First Anniversary Cake, or my personal favorite: the pi pie.

6/10. ACNH Junkyard Custom Wall-E

ACNH Junkyard Custom Wall-E
Image Source by @kait_acnhisland

When you’re dealing with a robot up against humanity’s trash problem, it’s natural to have an idea like this. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, check it out – the concept is brilliant. This one is super fun to play out, and would make a great gift for kids who are fans of Wall-E. Beware, however: there’s no way around some serious dumping.

Here’s a great DIY costume for anyone who loves Wall-E. The easiest way to make it is by using an old pair of tennis shoes, a trench coat, and some cardboard. Attach the cardboard to your shoes with glue or duct tape — the easiest way is to cut holes in the heels, then use duct tape to hold it on.

7/10. ACNH Disneyland Main Street

ACNH Disneyland Main Street
Image Source by @acnh_disneyland

What do you think of this float? It’s an absolutely marvelous recreation of a Disneyland main strip that you can also bring to your island. I personally love the two dresses, but the festival garland, bunny day festive balloons and general festival balloons from front to back are my absolute favorite!

8/10. ACNH Reflection Pond Mulan

ACNH Reflection Pond Mulan
Image Source by @acnh_devineland

In this tour of the New Horizons, we’re going to take a look at a scene from the Disney movie Mulan. In this clip from the movie (seen above), Mulan and her friend Ling are trying to cross a bridge on their way to see an army captain. You can get the same experience with your aquatic friends in New Horizons: Announced with the ACNH 1.9.

9/10. ACNH Standees Princess Park

ACNH Standees Princess Park
Image Source by @sh1nplays

I’m a self-professed Disney nut, so I was delighted to find out you can add standees of your favorite Disney Princesses to your Animal Crossing builds. Just in case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, these are the little cardboard cut outs of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” among others.

10/10. ACNH Alice Wonderland Field

ACNH Alice Wonderland Field
Image Source by @cinnabuncrossing

Disney-themed rooms are always a big hit. But did you know that Disney rooms are often misunderstood? Here are some tips to ensure that your next project is an epic space that captures the essence of Disney magic — just have a quick read through these and then head over to our blog for even more info.

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