10 Best ACNH Custom Stairs & Incline Design Ideas

You’ve got a lot of options for designing your business, but one thing is for sure — you’re going to have to hire a design expert.

Whether you’re starting a new business or running a startup, it’s essential that you have someone on your team who can help you design and create the perfect environment for your company to flourish. What kind of duties should this person take care of? Let’s take a look at five key tasks they’ll need to perform.

1/10. ACNH Waterfall Entrance Grand Museum

ACNH Waterfall Entrance Grand Museum
Image Source by geonosiis

The museum deserves a grand entrance — and for this design, you’ll need two inclines. This will lead visitors to the door and up to the top floor! Setting up two inclines on two different levels will make this museum’s entrance look great.

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2/10. ACNH Reading Deck Outdoor

ACNH Reading Deck Outdoor
Image Source by Luvaris

The ACN Home has featured a lot of window seat designs, with different themes and styles. That’s awesome! But did you know that there are other types of seats out there? Take this design.

For example, it looks great in libraries because the high, slanted window makes for some great reading nooks.

3/10. ACNH Gates Towering Castle

ACNH Gates Towering Castle
Image Source by qr-closet

Your friends are about to arrive, and you’re not sure whether or not they’ll like your island. You want them to feel welcome, right? So why not set up a regal castle gate? Its funny and quirky, so it will catch their attention, but also welcome them to your island.

4/10. ACNH Temple Ancient Greek

ACNH Temple Ancient Greek
Image Source by thirtytwoounces

If you’re going for a grand staircase look, you’ll want to start by making sure your staircase is both wide enough to accommodate your guests and long enough for people to admire.

Once you’ve placed the staircase, it’s time to add some detail. Start by making a pathway out of marble blocks and filling in the rest with regular brick blocks.

Then make two fountains on either side of the walkway.

Have you ever wanted to own your very own piece of ancient Egypt, complete with grand statues and tiled walls? Well now you can! With just a few easy steps, you can build your very own decorative Egyptian temple.

5/10. ACNH Stairs Secret Beach

ACNH Stairs Secret Beach
Image Source by chromicat

In most cases, it’s tough to trek down the shore for a secret spot on an island. There are a lot of levels of elevation to scale – so much so that you might have to build a staircase to get there.

That’s why we built some custom paths from the palm tree gem as a way to keep things natural.

6/10. ACNH Staircase Custom Spiral

ACNH Staircase Custom Spiral
Image Source by @jin_men56

If you’re looking for a place to stay in the old west, then you should definitely check out this cowboy saloon where you can watch some steampunk robots dancing.

It’s not only fun, but it’s sure to charm the fancies of both men and women of all ages! After putting up those adorable little staircases outside your house, be sure to add some silos that you’ve crafted.

7/10. ACNH Terrace Garden

ACNH Terrace Garden
Image Source by @nite0wl.cr0ssing

Once you’ve got your levels worked out, give some thought to cleverly placed inclines. The idea of a sideways staircase leading to your door is great; it’s exceptionally creative! Once you’ve got those in place, sculpt a couple of mini waterfalls on the cliffs. The effect this will have on your garden is a definite wow-factor.

Now that you’ve built a nice house, it’s time to build some community by having your Sims host fancy swanky cocktail parties! Have your guests mingle in the open-air living room and show them to their seats in the dining room.

As they enjoy your hospitality, look on in delight as they admire your garden thanks to the open windows. Remember, decorating is only so good if your furniture doesn’t fit into its environment.

8/10. ACNH Falls Dinner

ACNH Falls Dinner
Image Source by @acnhluxx

Build your own dining experience with wooden tables, garden chairs, celestial furnaces and candle sets. This beautiful dining area is ideal for those who like to dine near natural wonders with their friends or family. We recommend you visit the falls in your own local area!

9/10. ACNH Diving Spot small

ACNH Diving Spot small
Image Source by @potatotoffee

It’s perfect for a building — say, an office! More specifically, it’d make a great home for a startup company because it’s the perfect spot to build and grow a business.

Better yet? It’s just minutes from town and easily accessible for clients and employees. And if you build it (and hire some sea swimmers), they will come .

Don’t know how to design your own beach? Then try this! First, put some sand, a big rock, and a palm tree by the water.

Then add a giant island near the shore. Put several cars on it. You can even use your imagination to add tons of unique items and shops!

10/10. ACNH Staircase Abandoned Forest

ACNH Staircase Abandoned Forest
Image Source by @reshww

Sometimes in life, all you need is a pretty view of the stars. This compact incline provides a cool resting spot for sims who want to stare at the starry sky.

A cute and stylish design, it’s perfect for those who simply need to use up that 8th incline spot.

Today, you’re headed off to build your very own tree-house. A place of solitude where you can escape the world around you, and leave the stresses of modern living behind. But don’t worry! You’ll be ready to go in no time — here’s how.

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