15 Best ACNH Carnival & Amusement Park Island Design Ideas

Ready to take your island’s amusement to the next level? Next time you’re on AlphaCentauriOnline, check out some of the best amusement park designs around, and build them yourself. Filled with thrilling rides, mesmerizing entertainment and giant stuffed unicorns — it’s ACO at its best!

1/15. ACNH Booth xTicket

ACNH Booth xTicket
Image Source by Hilari_ous

Welcome to the carnival, everyone! Step right up to get your ticket. Tickets are a really nice touch for this kind of design. Oh, and we added our own spin on the idea by changing the color scheme. Plus, get this — you can use your ticket to win FREE prizes!

The colours and patterns of this carousel are reminiscent of Steampunk in the best way possible — drenched in earthy tones of teal, orange and yellow, these vibrant stripes are angled perfectly to frame the entrance to a fun, exciting carnival that’s sure to be a hit with everyone. To complete the look, the whole ride is framed by an ornate metal entrance that I’ve never seen outside of a fairytale.

2/15. ACNH Game of Balloon

ACNH Game of Balloon
Image Source by @abbifer0405

I love this stall — it’s a fantastic way to get customers interested in what you’re selling. Whether it’s DIY recipes, specialty clothing, or cosmetics, this acnh stall design can be customized to entice your audience into wanting more from your business.

3/15. ACNH Crossing Jurassic Park

ACNH Crossing Jurassic Park
Image Source by daneccleston86

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, you have to visit this little island. The creator of the ACNH island has an obvious passion for the film, from the incline that resembles the one in Jurassic Park, to the hand-painted dinosaurs inhabiting it. This is one of the coolest tourist attractions I have ever seen.

4/15. ACNH Disney Custom Path

ACNH Disney Custom Path
Image Source by @tracyrobrin

The mascot is a great example of how to put in extra time, love and detail. It has personality that you can use to bring the spirit of your theme park across your whole area – it can be a celebrity or a TV icon, or even one of your own employees! The important thing is to get something people recognise instantly. Even if it’s not instantly, create a story for your mascot so that people remember it.

5/15. ACNH Neon Night

ACNH Neon Night
Image Source by @acnh.yez

The festive spirit is a beautiful yet fragile thing. And it’s so easy to break — just like the dark blues and purples in this area. But, you know what they say — the night is always darkest before the dawn! So gather your squad and enjoy the warm, dazzling glow of this one-time Festivale decoration. There’s plenty of space for day-time fun, too, so bring your friends and family along!

6/15. ACNH Area of Entertainment

ACNH Area of Entertainment
Image Source by @muffycrossing

There’s nothing like a good show to get a party started! Whether you’re into magic shows, or acrobatics or dancing, our entertainment island is sure to provide the excitement your Sims need. And if we don’t have the show for you, why not start up your own act?

The other main attractions? Oh, you mean like the similarly massive and popular wooden structure that sits in the exact same spot as yours. Like, exactly in the same spot. The default wooden custom path? What’s that a reference to again? And also… “the natural theme of the area”? This is a video game, Samus. We all know it’s indoors.

7/15. ACNH Boardwalk

ACNH Boardwalk
Image Source by @michelleketrem

If you live in a region that doesn’t have a beach nearby, or you just feel like having a little fun, here’s a great way to create your own! These incredible boardwalk ideas are perfect for making a laid-back beach scene wherever you are.

The small boats look like they’re ready to set sail on the blue water. I can imagine that it’s not easy to find a boat large enough for all your guests, so this is a great alternative. If you choose something like this, be careful not to let the boat drift too far from shore—otherwise you may have a hard time saving Pascal!

8/15. ACNH Food Carnival

ACNH Food Carnival
Image Source by alreadyacrazycatlady

Theme park cuisine is the most important part of your experience. We can see that this food stall, for instance, has really made the most of their space. They’ve determined what kind of pizza oven they have (probably from the pizza oven manufacturer), and then used that information to create a unique and exciting set-up for their business. Isn’t it lovely?

9/15. ACNH Area Clown

ACNH Area Clown
Image Source by @muffycrossing

This is the kind of DIY I never knew I needed… until now! This player has been able to create the perfect carnival area right in their Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp home, and it’s all thanks to photo standees that were recently added to the game. I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with my tree and grass standees — but clearly, Nintendo has always been one step ahead with their standee designs.

Get a little perspective. You can think of your background as a key way to grab the attention of users. Or you could let a player like ACNH do it for you. They might just be your next favorite designer.

10/15. ACNH Track of Racecar

ACNH Track of Racecar
Image Source by CamrynDaytona

You can’t build a theme park without including a race car track — it just isn’t possible. And the best way to include one is by purchasing The Roller Coaster car! It’s a money-making, attractive ride that will draw many people to your already impressive park. They’re also easy to maintain, if you accidentally hit another car head-on and cause some damage! But remember: no driving under the influence. Ever.

11/15. ACNH Lazy River

ACNH Lazy River
Image Source by @nooksisle

I’m not going to lie, this waterpark/resort looks pretty amazing. I love how many plants there are, and the way the mountains behind them create a border for the river is just perfect. Just look at that water! The waterpark is going to be a huge tourist attraction. They’re really bringing out the best in resort architecture.

12/15. ACNH USA Main Street

ACNH USA Main Street
Image Source by @acnh_disneyland

I love Disneyland. But even my endless bucket of funds can’t get me into the real thing — until now. A bunch of Disney fanatics managed to recreate the first theme park, Main Street USA, and I’m in love with it. Some people will just put their favorite Disney character on their t-shirts and bags and call it a day, but others are much more dedicated to the cause — and this post is about them.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Waiheke Island, you can walk down this street and bring a smile to your face. This area is set up like a theme park so you can build an experience that runs year-round and is open to everyone on the island. Here, you can make sure the magic isn’t lost.

13/15. ACNH Carnival Pastel Theme

ACNH Carnival Pastel Theme
Image Source by @newhorizonsblackmarket

Bringing a touch of the carnival into your town is an excellent way to put up an event. Families love them, and they’re a lot of fun! Best of all, you don’t need to buy special decorations for this one. Just make sure your visitors have plenty to do! You can accomplish this by setting up carnival games and rides.

And if you want something truly unique, don’t be afraid to try other shades! Purple, green, and gold are just a few of the colours available. Don’t worry about making it perfect on your first try — after all, this is YOUR community. You should build it in a way that feels right for you. Go crazy with it!

14/15. ACNH Rides Fenced Lines

ACNH Rides Fenced Lines
Image Source by feloreenas

Theme parks are great for people-watching, for getting on rides even when the lines are too long, and for other such things. However, one thing theme parks have never been great at is providing shade. And while they’ve certainly worked to provide more and better shaded areas over the years, it still isn’t a perfect system. That’s why many theme parks now employ this simple solution: shaded queue lanes!

The only thing you’ll see driving around here is a lot of iron fencing — and that’s all it needs to have a beautiful, inviting atmosphere. Plus, it’s one of the most basic fences in the game.

15/15. ACNH Prizes Blocks Game

ACNH Prizes Blocks Game
Image Source by @peeweecrossings

This player created a carnival that looks like the real thing — but it’s not. It’s actually a tour guide shirt! Why? To attract more visitors, of course. I love that they’re thinking outside the box here and making use of otherwise useless items in this way.

I was so happy to finally get a prize bear that’s even the same colour as my dreamy Minty! It just looks so perfect next to all the other colours of bears that I made. I really am excited to fill up my house with bear prizes, but I don’t know if they’ll ever top sports jackets. Seriously, do villagers not know anything else?

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