20 Best ACNH Cabin Design Ideas

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1/20. ACNH Kitchen Cottage

ACNH Kitchen Cottage
Image Source by PegasusWrangler

The first thing to do is to select your favorite cakes — or simply bake up a few of your own! Then, you’ll want to get out your scoring tool and sever each layer of cake into long, wide rectangles. To make sure that they all look uniform, you can use a measuring tape or even just a ruler. Now, it’s time to give yourself some extra counter space. You’re going to need it.

If you have any plain looking cupboards, then it’s time to decorate them! Use the cheapest materials you can find: I used regular wallpaper and a shant mat. Adding a few small decorations will make the kitchenette feel more homely, without costing much.

2/20. ACNH Northern Lights

ACNH Northern Lights
Image Source by @newleafhorizons

Building an indoor cabin can give your living room a spacious and homey look.  The first thing you’ll need is the aurora wall and ski slope flooring. These are customizable panels that make it easy to create a rustic mountain cabin that’s as unique as you are. For added comfort, try adding some indoor chairs and a small table.

3/20. ACNH Beekeeper Cabin

ACNH Beekeeper Cabin
Image Source by @soyaholiic

We’re going to create an outdoor cabin look using the materials and colors we’ve been using so far! The cabin is inspired by a villager named Teddy. I’ve used a hacienda-style villa with a few design cues from Peaches and Gonzo, but the most important thing is to use the beekeeper hives and pots. This is what really gives it that ‘cabin’ feel.

4/20. ACNH Visitor Campsite Center

ACNH Visitor Campsite Center
Image Source by KenYipTX


Everyone needs a place to kick-back and relax, even if you’re an unpredictable castaway like Gilligan. So build a visitor’s center on your ACNH island to give your guests somewhere to relax and unwind after a long day of sunbathing and treasure hunting. We’ve come up with a few ideas that will help you get started.

Don’t leave your visitors guessing about where you are or how to get in touch with you. Put up some wall-mounted televisions that display important announcements for your guests, and cover your cabin’s wallpaper with custom designs. Add leaflets describing activities at your campsite, the local wildlife, bugs, and plants.

5/20. ACNH Cabin Forestview

ACNH Cabin Forestview
Image Source by @gubblypie

Crafting a fun and cozy outdoor room can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. And if you’re a sucker for woodwork and mushrooms (let’s be honest), it can be lots of fun, too! To get started, grab some birch planks (and maybe even an axe or two). Stack up your planks to form a cozy tree wall.

6/20. ACNH Family Forest Room

ACNH Family Forest Room
Image Source by @FrostLilly

Family is important. Family is the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving every year. It’s the reason that we have Christmas, and Thanksgivings Day, and even day of remembrance like Memorial Day. Because family should be treated like a queen! And what better way to treat them than by giving them a place they can call their own? In the form of Kitty Condos!

7/20. ACNH Writer Solitude

ACNH Writer Solitude
Image Source by @sarahpluis

Writing an online article can always be a challenge, especially if you’re shy of people. Now, imagine creating an article in a quiet place — on your own island! To make this dream come true, begin by crafting a log dining table from hardwood and purchasing a double sofa for comfort. Finally, add a fireplace for warmth when you need to get those creative juices flowing!

8/20. ACNH Leafy Lounge

ACNH Leafy Lounge
Image Source by @summerwind.gamer

When you’re in a cabin, it’s hard to be in the middle of the woods without feeling like you’re actually in the woods. This is why it’s essential to your interior design that you add one thing: bamboo. A set of bamboo chairs and tables will look perfect for the room, and will help fill the space with nature.

9/20. ACNH Bedroom Fancy Cottage

ACNH Bedroom Fancy Cottage
Image Source by chipolthey / @acnh.josie

We don’t all live in a log cabin, but for those who do, you’ll want nothing less than the best. And we are not talking about any old beds. This rustic stone wall and herringbone flooring is just the beginning of your perfect home. A cozy space to read inside a stall that has been customized to hold plants and books? Yes please!

10/20. ACNH Premium Modern Cabin

ACNH Premium Modern Cabin
Image Source by @nadine_crossing

Having a cabin in the woods is all about that rustic feel. The hardwood floors and regular wood chairs are perfect for that! This design works great with a fireplace — but to add some color, why not go with that classic white-and-black checkerboard look? It’s great at adding some pop to any room.

11/20. ACNH Lodge Winter

ACNH Lodge Winter
Image Source by @bobbysnewhorizons

The most famous place for a hot bowl of miso soup in Japan is Sapporo, the cultural capital and most populous city on the north island of Hokkaido. Sitting in the heart of the city’s downtown is a lively complex called Odori-ku, named after its main street which passes through the center of the district, connecting Shin-machi and Susukino.

12/20. ACNH Contemporary White Cabin

ACNH Contemporary White Cabin
Image Source by @chamumori_

If your only goal is to have a white color scheme, you are in luck. This tiny house can be painted white; the island alone takes up less than 11 square metres on the ground — so finding a place to put it shouldn’t be too difficult! The fireplace is white, as well as the fridge. There are also plenty of white tapestries and rattan chairs.

13/20. ACNH Campsite Lakeside

ACNH Campsite Lakeside
Image Source by twoamgames

Consider Shep this season’s must-have accessory. He’s an outdoorsy type, so why not throw him in nature? Set up camp, and have someplace where he can relax when the days get long. Fresh air is the cure to an overworked mind and soul. Especially when you’re going camping, family and friends can create lifelong memories that’ll last a lifetime.

14/20. ACNH Lumber Dom Yard

ACNH Lumber Dom Yard
Image Source by @fandomacnh

The Crafting Box is a simple, modern home decor piece made with laser cut wooden panels that fit together with simple joints. It’s the perfect way to store your axe collection and help save space, so you can take up more of your living room with things that really matter.

15/20. ACNH Campsite Winter

ACNH Campsite Winter
Image Source by @candyscrossing

With the winter season approaching, you might be thinking of a variety of Christmas-themed events and activities that you can do with your family. If you have children, it’s time to let them decorate their own mini-Christmas tree! However, there are many ways to create a stunning holiday display. If your family lives near a forest or woodland area, then you should consider getting a real tree.

16/20. ACNH Reading Nook

ACNH Reading Nook
Image Source by @_Dani7780_

Crafting library-themed furniture is a classic way to bring the ‘cabin in the woods’ aesthetic into your home — while also staying true to your introverted self. For example, you can create a fun wall by gluing book pages onto wallpaper to make it look like your bookshelves have become a wall.

17/20. ACNH Master Bath & Bed

ACNH Master Bath & Bed
Image Source by @melovesgigiland

Most ACNH home ideas that you’ll find online utilize similar furniture items. Sometimes you need to get creative in how you arrange those items to stand out! These latest two cabin designs really bring ACNH to the next level. For example, the bedroom furniture from the modern hardwood set is so simple and versatile.

18/20. ACNH Hideout Holiday

ACNH Hideout Holiday
Image Source by @UnholyCauldron

Do you like trees? Well, here’s a story for you: Recently I was standing in front of hundreds of them. I know! I was surprised, too! The problem is, though — I’m not really a tree person. My favourite tree is the Christmas tree! How do you choose between two awesome things? By creating a unique holiday tradition: Toy Day Decorations.

If you feel like your tree is lacking a certain something then you might find this fun hack useful. Why not get some of your favourite toys and put them around the tree? You can create a dreamy winter scene by adorning your tree with bears, toy boxes, rocking horses, and unicorns. To complete the scene, add plushies that pair well with Christmas decorations like fireplaces and log sofas.

19/20. ACNH Camp Summer Bunks

ACNH Camp Summer Bunks
Image Source by @acnhpeachbay

When I saw these campsite bunk beds, I didn’t think, “looks great…but where are the campers going to sleep?” That’s what you should be thinking. It’s a good piece of design, but it needs plenty of campers in order to be effective. So while it may look good, so do a lot of summer camps.

20/20. ACNH Alpinist Lodge

ACNH Alpinist Lodge
Image Source by kptizzle

A rustic cabin is more likely to be made of hardwood than jail bars. This attractive cabin has a number of attractive features, such as an attractive sitting area with a double sofa, wood burning stove and even a retro stereo.

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