10 Best ACNH Boardwalk & Pier Design Ideas

Welcome to your new restaurant! You’ll probably want to start out small, so let’s make sure that you can fill every seat. Make sure that you have a few tables and stools, plenty of chalkboards for your menu, and flowers to decorate the place. Don’t forget to display the menu, which will be carefully designed by my graphic designer.

1/10. ACNH Lighthouse Pier

As I wrote above, this design is just not something I can get out of my mind. It’s a lighthouse on the pier — why isn’t it more popular? We have to do whatever we can to raise awareness of this matter, and all other lighthouses in need of attention! Let’s go for a walk down the pier, catch some fish, do some diving and just take in the view.

2/10. ACNH Solitude Sunbathing

Relaxing decor is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a moment to reflect while you enjoy your time at the beach. At Boho, we offer you everything you need to create the perfect beach day— from hotels, to decorations, and even buckets & spades! If you’re feeling creative, don’t be afraid to splurge on that Mayan pyramid or two.

3/10. ACNH Fun Fairground

The village square is calling your name. Fair day is a time-honored tradition in this small town, extending back decades and bringing generations of families together. Despite the idyllic setting, it’s not just fun and games at this fair — you can find a range of activities that are sure to test your strength and skill as you compete for prizes! The village fair is calling your name!

4/10. ACNH Cafe Boardwalk

Make your outdoor cafe the envy of your acnh neighborhood ideas by adding a few features that will make customers keep coming back. Place some iron tables and chairs outside, and use them to serve up freshly-picked flowers. Then get creative with your chalkboard menu — maybe even draw some pictures to showcase the cute new dish you just created. Why not add a cart for showcasing hot beverages or pastries? You could even add a few plugs for your laptop-toting customers.

A shopping district is great! You can have one of your favourite NPCs run a acnh stall here, or you can just set the boardwalk café up and leave it at that. It’s your choice — I’m not your boss!

5/10. ACNH Bar of Smoothie

The best part about working for your island’s smoothie bar is that you get to use all of the fruit grown on your island! It makes a great smoothie, and earns you some easy money! The tiki bar has got a fun, exciting feel to it — so you’ll be guaranteed to have some serious beach vibes while working here.

Coconut trees, a bonfire, and the sound of the ocean’s waves: not a bad night out, right? That’s what you could have on your own private island if you’d just had one built. If you’re wondering ‘how much would it cost to build a ACNH private island?’ then look no further! I’ve got all the details here!

6/10. ACNH Seating Scenery

Cottage-style living has a natural charm to it, but it’s not always easy to achieve. A lot of people have tried to create cottage-style homes, but not many have succeeded! If you’re going for an authentic style, you can’t just slap some upholstery onto the sofa and call it a day. I’ve put together a short list of tips that will help you build a cottage-style room even if you’re on a budget.

7/10. ACNH Writing Letter Station

This handy DIY is sweet and simple, yet it also has a lot of hidden meaning. You see, beyond being a fantastic way to craft a little reading nook for one, this project also represents the vast number of ideas and dreams that get sent off into the universe every day. These ‘bottles’ are not literal bottles — they’re metaphorical ones.

8/10. ACNH Pier Fishing

This reminds me of a pier I went to when I was a kid, except there was nothing on it except a bunch of fishing rods. And an old blanket. But that’s always what I wanted — to just whip out my rod and pretend I was the next Hemingway.

9/10. ACNH Pool Perfect Area

There are many resorts that have all the elements of luxury at your fingertips. Imagine being able to swim, read, dance (or just sit on the beach) under the sun of a balmy day. Take a break from all your worries; stress is sure to dissolve as you immerse yourself in the green, rolling hills and landscaping of your chosen resort.

10/10. ACNH Picnic Perfect Place

No worries, no worries! Rest assured: You’ll want to kick off your flip flops and dangle your feet in the water here. Just look at that gorgeous beach. No wonder it’s among the most swooned-over beaches in all of Animal Crossing. Kick back and relax, or escape this island paradise by travelling home via boat and dropping anchor on another island. After all, there’s a whole world waiting to be explored!

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