Animal Crossing New Horizons Basement Design Ideas

20 Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Basement Design Ideas

This is a game where players can prepare their home for maximum activity, or use it as an oasis of self-care. It provides plenty of decor and furniture, so you’re sure to find what you need here – whether that’s inspiration on how to make your own space mesh with the theme or just something basic like a couch! You’ll have access to QR codes in order to easily share your progress on social media.

1/20. ACNH Home Theater

ACNH Home Theater

With natural light, it is possible to get the screen dark enough so that your projector can reach its maximum performance. So you have a theater for two with all of the essentials like popcorn cart, gumball machine and even theme-appropriate movie reel posters. With this setup, you will be able to simulate going to the movies without getting sticky floors or paying too much money on overpriced popcorn! To achieve an authentic look with these Heavy-Curtain Wall panels in place around your room they closely resemble stage curtains and give a vintage feel while giving off modern vibes at once!

2/20. ACNH Gift Packing Room

ACNH Gift Packing Room

You know the old saying, ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’, well, that goes for a saying for a reason! Now if you’re like most individuals you don’t happen to be one of those ‘tidy freaks’. You like things nice and tidy but your busy life style leaves little time to keep it up.

3/20. ACNH Basement Indoor Pool

ACNH Basement Indoor Pool

No need to be cooped up indoors when the snow’s falling, or even when winter’s arrived. This Palm-Tree Lamp design is the perfect indoor pool for that tropical-island vibe. It also helps put you in a vacation frame of mind, so you can enjoy everything from your own home — even if that home happens to be located in the north!

4/20. ACNH Walk-In Ultimate Closet

ACNH Walk-In Ultimate Closet

I’ve been watching Clueless since I was just a kid, and it took me years to come up with what may be the most brilliant idea since Cher, Dionne, and Tai came up with their “We’re not losers. We’re winners. Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners keep going until they get it right.

5/20. ACNH Home Gym

ACNH Home Gym

This basement makeover is perfect for you if you have 50,000 bells to spare (plus some other basics, like paint and wall coverings). You can find this design at Nook’s Cranny.

6/20. ACNH Guest Bedroom

ACNH Guest Bedroom

We are green alonge envy after seeing this guest bedroom which is full of foliage. A cozy couch & plenty of literature make it a comfortable place to take a siesta during the snowiest part of winter. It’s not always necessary to rewrite an entire piece, you can use our service to tweak the flow or tone of any existing content.

7/20. ACNH Spa Basement

ACNH Spa Basement

Downstairs from the living room, your basement is the perfect place to create an intimate area for relaxing and rejuvenating. The focal point of this space is your natural stone hot tub, surrounded by ferns, bamboo, and even palm trees. Downstairs from the living room, your basement is the perfect place to create a private sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate.

8/20. ACNH Basement Candy Store

ACNH Basement Candy Store

We love to celebrate the holidays at our house, and what’s better than serving up a batch of Merengue’s rainbow cookies? It doesn’t hurt that she’s adorable as well! Nothing in this world is cuter than a chubby rhino ready to help out her friends. She loves to make friends, so who wouldn’t want to see her face all throughout the town?

9/20. ACNH Basement Witchy Kitchen

ACNH Basement Witchy Kitchen

The witch’s kitchen has a cozy feel to it, with all of your favorite oddities scattered around in a beautiful way. You can see them through the window and they are just far enough away so that you don’t have to worry about anyone spying on your spells or incantations while you take care of business. The fireplace is wood burning stove and there’s even an adorable little tea set next to it for when you need some respite from all the magic!

10/20. ACNH Laundry Room Basement

ACNH Laundry Room Basement

There’s something about doing chores in a game that’s so much more fun than doing them in real life. Tired of cleaning up your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one-stop shopping for all the dishes, housecleaning and laundry you need? Here at this basement laundry room, we’ve got everything covered! The built-in shower is perfect for washing off the sand after an active day at the beach or taking a quick shower when you’re done splashing around by yourself or with friends. Our crisp white paint job gives this basement space an airy feel and our charming accessories make it just as cute as any getaway package from Nook Incorporated!

11/20. ACNH Basement Coffee Café

ACNH Basement Coffee Café

Shut the front door, this bar has it all: awesome interior decor, a big stage for hosting open-mic events, and even an espresso machine (with fresh coffee beans)! Plus, that sleek turquoise box in the corner turns into a catwalk when you turn on the watering lights! My advice to you is this: throw an amazing party here. I bet your friends will be begging for more!

12/20. ACNH Studio Apartment Design

ACNH Studio Apartment Design

Imagine being able to get your work done in such a flexible space. It’s the perfect place for getting some sleep on those weekends when you just don’t have time for or want an escape from all of that hustle and bustle!

A dream come true, living in this studio apartment is definitely one of our favorite things about it. With its small footprint, it makes entertaining guests with any size group possible without sacrificing comfort or quality sleep either. The breakfast nook is ideal spot to catch up at midnight snacks after a long night on editing approving and applications projects over the weekend!

13/20. ACNH Basement Art Studio

ACNH Basement Art Studio

Are you an artist and want to be expressed? How about expressing that in your very own basement! You can keep all of your works under wraps by tucking them away into the sanctuary you’ve created. Don’t hide anything—let it shine! Use QR codes or smocks to create paint-spattered floors and hang up pieces of fake art. Make it look like you’ve just finished a piece, but act casual.

14/20. ACNH Basement Underground Prison

ACNH Basement Underground Prison

When stern warnings and a good talking to just aren’t getting the message across, you’ll be glad you have this underground prison to serve your time and reflect on making better choices (you know — with the handcuffs). You could also take a less punitive approach and use this basement prison to dress up your storage space, or simply keep it as a kooky gift for the hardcore guard-daddy in your life.

15/20. ACNH Wine Cellar

ACNH Wine Cellar

This restaurant knows how to keep the romance alive! From candle-lit table settings to barrel-made chairs, this is a great place to pop the big question.

16/20. ACNH Homeschool Classroom

ACNH Homeschool Classroom

Teaching is a difficult job that requires not only deep knowledge of the subject to be taught, but also the ability to strike up a rapport with students, who are often at the age where they are becoming extremely independent and outspoken. You need to be able to stand up to a room full of 12-year-olds and hold their attention through hours of class each week.

17/20. ACNH Vaporwave Gamer Den

ACNH Vaporwave Gamer Den

You can always get a little meta by building your own vaporwave gamer basement. A neon color scheme, turquoise and magenta colors, and violet are just some of the key elements that make up this aesthetic. The player has also included lava lamps which ensure hours upon hours of continuous gaming or playing in multiplayer with friends until the wee hours of morning!

18/20. ACNH Turnip Storage

ACNH Turnip Storage

Gardening is a popular hobby among Animal Crossing fans, and the majority of the population consider their gardens to be the pride of their town. This has led to a problem — where are you supposed to store all those turnips? If you’re like me, you probably have many hours invested in your Animal Crossing town. Naturally, one tends to accumulate a lot of turnips along the way.

19/20. ACNH Spooky Cemetery

ACNH Spooky Cemetery

The new favorite haunt of children and adults alike is the spooky cemetery. This indoor decoration can be built in your basement, and it’s something that nobody else has! The tombstones are an entertaining touch, but one of the scariest parts of the cemetery is that any of your former neighbors can appear without warning. 12 past villagers could all finally decide to “go bump in the night” at once — creating chaos where they appear!

20/20. ACNH Tavern Basement

ACNH Tavern Basement

The Cat House is a cozy pub, with the best pear cider and honey! When you’re looking for something stronger from coffee, come on in. You can customize your sign to give it an individualistic name–perhaps even create one yourself using custom signage. To keep things warm during chilly days of autumn sometimes all you want to do is stay inside, all our furniture is made from natural materials like wood or leather. Maybe install a crackling fireplace by the entrance so that adventurers visiting from far-flung corners of your island may stop by for some hot drinks after completing their journey across uncharted territory!

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