20 Best Bamboo Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

These ACNH bamboo items are super cute, and give all of our islands a really cool, tropical vibe. Doesn’t matter whether they’re placed inside our houses or outside on neat builds or in awesome places! We can’t get enough of these awesome player-made builds that are popping up everywhere!

1/20. ACNH Bedroom Imperial

ACNH Bedroom Imperial
Image Source by kkranberry

On one side of this loft bedroom, a gorgeously paneled wood bookshelf offers an excellent late night resource for reading and nesting. If a book isn’t in hand, the gong on the other side of the room is sure to do the trick. Its bright sound rings out when it’s time to get up and seize the day!

2/20. ACNH Garden of Bonsai

ACNH Garden of Bonsai
Image Source by Ashleee_

This mini-garden is a great place to set up shop. An array of teensy tiny trees are ready for tending, and will have you working like crazy for at least the first few days. This little nook is the best spot to sit back, relax, and drink some tea after a good day’s work. Just be sure to keep those tools handy, because you’ll need them when carrying out your responsibilities as a gardener!

3/20. ACNH Pathway of Bamboo

ACNH Pathway of Bamboo
Image Source by @crossingstickers

The planks have been laid down, and you can practically smell the freshness of the bamboo. There are plenty pathways in this world that aren’t paved with gold — but there is something about them that just feels lovely all the same. And when it comes to expanding your island, you need a path to walk on.

4/20. ACNH Houses Asian

ACNH Houses Asian
Image Source by DeibiddoPoh

Bamboo isn’t just a building material (though it definitely is that), it’s also a fun decorative accent. Check out this build by Jad01 and his equally talented friends, and you’ll see what I mean! Bamboo lends an authentic feel to this Asian-inspired spot, with adorable decorations like a cherry blossom planter, a tiger statue, and a custom screen.

5/20. ACNH Bamboo Park Japanese

ACNH Bamboo Park Japanese
Image Source by ripcurtis

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a careful recreation of the natural world. Grass and flowers grow everywhere, lending a pleasant atmosphere to your island home. You can even place an array of your own furniture, or sit down next to a rock — just like in real life!

6/20. ACNH Garden Imperial Bamboo

ACNH Garden Imperial Bamboo
Image Source by Birfday

Bright red fencing, bamboo, and cherry blossom trees are just a few elements that help make this garden special. The white hyacinths and stone pond create an Asian feel as they blend in with the grass, but don’t distract you from these other pieces of art.

7/20. ACNH Bathroom Bamboo

ACNH Bathroom Bamboo
Image Source by victoria-tabor

It’s important to remember that it’s vital you get the design right. Some consider bathrooms to be a place of solitude — and while this is true, they can also be a great place to hangout in. It should be functional, but it should also match the overall feel of your home. A bamboo bathroom is designed for chilling out (literally).

8/20. ACNH Garden Cafe Bamboo

ACNH Garden Cafe Bamboo
Image Source by freygrmn

Welcome to Green Tea Cafe. We serve iced tea, iced coffee, drinks, and food. Our specialty is Hairy Crab because it’s our favourite dish. It’s a crab with a bit of ginger and salt. We also have a bamboo stairs because bamboo reminds us of nature and it has green that matches our theme. You can buy or rent a table or a chair, you can also play cards here if you want to play cards or chess.

9/20. ACNH Garden Zen Sand

ACNH Garden Zen Sand
Image Source by pixebo

If you’re the sort of person who has a lot of time on their hands and loves to pore over every detail, then this is the build for you. A sprawling landscape of coiling sand and curving stone ledges birthed not only by Japanese inspiration but also by terraforming – a cheat many people use to create smooth slopes without the effort. The outcome? A fabulous miniature garden with waterfalls, bamboo and even a small island.

10/20. ACNH Bamboo Backyard

ACNH Bamboo Backyard
Image Source by @thesparkleisland

It’s lovely to have your own space, where you can shut out the hustle and bustle of the outside world for a while. This sunken backyard is exactly that — a wonderful place to get away from it all and recharge. And it’s even better because it’s self-sustaining! Just add plants, and you’re set for life.

11/20. ACNH Bamboo Tea Area

ACNH Bamboo Tea Area
Image Source by @lizaacnh

Sometimes it’s best to have a completely digital experience. Sometimes you need nothing more than a soft pillow, a kotatsu, and some insanely high-quality matcha. So why not build a digital world around just that? That’s right – this build is all about creating the most relaxing digital space possible.

12/20. ACNH Outdoor Bamboo Wooden Spa

ACNH Outdoor Bamboo Wooden Spa
Image Source by MilkMellow

Bamboo has a distinct smell which is used to relax people in baths, but you can use the plants as decorations. See how this design uses bamboo spouts to pour warm fresh water into the bath and white hyacinths to line the entrance? This is a brilliant way of sectioning off space.

13/20. ACNH Go Lounge

ACNH Go Lounge
Image Source by @crossingmoonset

The oh-so-adorable, oh-so-chill spot that is the Go board is the most historically significant item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As mentioned — it’s been around for over 2500 years! But you may ask, “Wait a second, why should I care about that?.” Well, let me tell you: it has a bamboo spout and enough pretty white flowers to make you happy all day.

14/20. ACNH Patio Bamboo

ACNH Patio Bamboo
Image Source by Bree-Chan

A cute little sitting area beside a relaxing waterfall and bubbling stream is the ideal chill zone. The entire space is encircled with chill bamboo trees, and a coffee table, tea set, and planter tree are all present. A custom patterned pillow adds a pop of colour to the contemporary couch, while a printed white wall — along with the use of your favourite colours — allows you to personalize this lovely space.

15/20. ACNH Forest Bamboo

ACNH Forest Bamboo
Image Source by AioliWaifu

The outdoor space is something I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying. It looks like a place where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon with all your friends, or even just kick back and read a book on a lazy Sunday with your family. It’s got everything from an arched trellis for climbing plants, to smooth river rocks for the flower bed.

16/20. ACNH Botanical Bedroom

ACNH Botanical Bedroom
Image Source by @newhorizonsideas & @kiwibae.acnh

Bamboo makes a great divider and centerpiece, especially behind the bed. This bedroom is absolutely beautiful with a soft, muted palette, cozy looking cushions and cute plants. This room is clearly home to a bibliophile — look at those open books and towering stack of novels! I’d love to curl up with my favourite novel on those cushions.

17/20. ACNH Restaurant of Sushi

ACNH Restaurant of Sushi
Image Source by @WontonOnIsland

We love this build! A bustling Japanese sushi bar, complete with low table and private booths — it looks so realistic, so authentic. It’s the kinds of things we wish we could visit every weekend.
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18/20. ACNH Bridge Bamboo Garden

ACNH Bridge Bamboo Garden
Image Source by Unknown

A garden is the perfect oasis on a hot summer day, especially one with subtle Asian influences. The attention to detail here is awesome, too! Paper lanterns give the space a friendly glow when the sun goes down. If you need to get away from it all when the blazing sun comes out, make your way over to this stunning garden in a box.

19/20. ACNH Zen Deck

ACNH Zen Deck
Image Source by shall_we_cross

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings the fantasy of living in a serene bamboo house to life. The zen flooring, lanterns and benches not only give this house character, but also ensure that your character is able to relax with friends after a hard day’s work at the town’s mine.

20/20. ACNH Bamboo Room

ACNH Bamboo Room
Image Source by TirelessGuardian

If you’re one of those people who absolutely cannot live without bamboo, then you and your home need to get acquainted with the Bambu Home collection. Handpicked by the team at Modsy, this collection is the perfect way to bring nature into your home. And we all know how much you love nature—after all, it’s your #1 source of cuteness inspiration.

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