20 Best Bamboo Design Ideas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bamboo is the perfect material to use for decorating your tropical home. It gives all of your builds an awesome, untamed appearance that stands out from the crowd — and in the world of Minecraft, that’s the best trait a building can have. So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to incorporate this magical wood into your island’s design, look no further than these awesome bamboo builds!

1/20. Bamboo Garden Cafe

Kudos to Reddit user u/freygrmn for this unique matcha cafe surrounded by bamboo forests. Sipping your matcha or sencha surrounded by nature in this gorgeous spot would be extremely relaxing, and the rock path is adorable, as are the matching spotlights.

2/20. Japanese Bamboo Park

Animal Crossing: New Horizons features the latest in plant and animal husbandry! The game-changer is its state-of-the-art cloning tech, which allows any player to grow their own species. Reddit user u/ripcurtis takes advantage of this game mechanic to grow their own collection of bamboo. In two months they were able to harvest 80 stalks, which retails at 1180 bells each (not accounting for shipping).

3/20. Bamboo Garden with Bridge

With several ponds and piles of bamboo, this is a natural greenspot! It features white mums, a rustic bridge, and paper lanterns to give it that friendly glow when the sun goes down. It’s an adorable tribute to Asian-inspired gardens, and also features benches, piles of leaves, and other goodies to enrich your bamboo garden with a fun vibe.

4/20. Bamboo Forest

In your own landscape design, think about ways to incorporate natural elements, especially if you have a pond or fountain. Try to avoid them in the main area of your yard, though, as the constant movement of water can be distracting. You can create a gorgeous reflection with stone or other calming elements. The key is to choose soothing colors and textures that add variety without taking away from the tranquility of the space.

5/20. Bamboo Wooden Outdoor Spa

What makes our bamboo spa one of the most unique in Taiwan is how its fresh bamboo tubs are lined by hyacinth on both sides, providing a relaxing aura as soon as you step through the front door. The earth-friendly design allows for sections to be ‘terraformed’ by removing some of the soil and arranging it in such a way that gives off an appearance of a fence.

6/20. Zen Sand Garden

As we move on to our final build, we have another sand garden, but this time it comes with a waterfall. This build is a little more elaborate—it’s perfect for someone who has the patience to tinker with terraforming and enjoy putting in long hours of work into their sandbox. We hope you found something useful (and beautiful) for your build!

7/20. Bamboo Tea Spot

Bamboo, soft pillows and warm treats. These are the ingredients of your ideal zen garden. And we’ve got the perfect spot to plant it! Our Zen Garden Planter is a fun and affordable addition to any home or apartment — or even for your next event! And it isn’t just for plants, either; you can use it to grow herbs or – if you’re feeling extra creative – small trees.

8/20. Zen Deck

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game for those of us who love to sit back and relax. The graphics are beautiful and the music is so soothing. It also helps me cope with my anxiety and depression, although I’m not sure whether it’s because of the graphics or the music that make me feel like I’m in another world. Either way, this game is worth every penny.

9/20. Bonsai Garden

This is the micro-garden you never knew you wanted! This oasis of tiny trees in tiny pots is like a breath of fresh air for city dwellers. Its maker, Uli Kloese, planted these teeny-tiny trees in ceramic bowls and arranged them on a low bamboo table. A workbench by the window is the perfect place to put your gardening tools so you’ll have easy access to them.

10/20. Bamboo Room

There’s something inherently bamboo about bamboo — and I’m not just talking about the tree-climbing pandas. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly alternative to more costly materials, it’s hard to go wrong with this grassy material which is plentiful, inexpensive, super eco-friendly, and best of all, reminds us of pandas.

11/20. Imperial Bedroom

Some folks prefer to wake up to the sound of a gong, others just need a good smack on the back and an egg-white omelette. For those of the former persuasion, this wooden bedroom features 2.4×4.4 meters of bamboo for bedside tables, a dresser, bookshelf and mirror – or do you strap pandas to it? Because that’s also an option.

12/20. Bamboo Bathroom

Sometimes, toilets aren’t always the best places to hang out — unless you have a hot bath in your home, of course. If you need a place to relax, why not be inspired by this bamboo-style interior? The wooden table is full of soothing perfumed mist, or maybe it’s steam from the piping hot bath. Either way, it’s sure to make you feel relaxed and cool.

13/20. Bamboo Patio

Who cries at graduation? No one, because they are all too busy relaxing on the beach in their puffy graduation robes. And if you want to join them, you’re going to need a comfy couch beside a waterfall, encircled by an ocean and plenty of palm trees. Thankfully, you have this build to put together when you log into Minecraft!
Original: Shepherds Hut is designed for those who love play minecraft with classic gameplay.

14/20. Sushi Restaurant

If a restaurant is run-of-the-mill, why would you want to go? Same goes for Minecraft. The Kappo Sushi Bar tries to build out of all the stock and cliches of Japanese restaurants, into something unique and creative.

15/20. Bamboo Pathway

Ahh, the bamboo pathway — it even looks beautiful through the eyes of a camera! So if you’re looking to improve your star rating, consider adding a bamboo walkway. You can line them with lanterns to add some extra flair, too!
To sum up: pay attention, write out your sentences and make an effort to simplify them.

16/20. Bamboo Backyard

Privacy is a must, and this bamboo-filled backyard keeps prying neighbors away from your treasures. And with a garden section for growing more bamboo, you don’t have to worry about running out! The sunken pool area is surrounded by thick walls of bamboo, keeping your pool private and pristine.

17/20. Imperial Bamboo Garden

This garden has a distinctly Asian feel. Bushes of cherry blossom trees and white hyacinths help to fill the space while still keeping it light and airy. And I thought that the contrast of red fencing and bamboo was perfect for giving the scene a little extra pop!

18/20. Go Lounge

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game! If you’re looking for a home that’s both gorgeous and charming, try buying this item from the Nookling store. It’s one of my favourite builds in the game so far. It’s got a chill, laidback vibe to it, but also has plenty of pretty white flowers and other cool items to give it an overall classy feel.

19/20. Botanical Bedroom

This bedroom has a beautiful design with the soft, muted palette and cozy looking cushions and cute plants. With an open book on one side of the bed and a whole stack on the other, this room is for those who love to read!

20/20. Asian Houses

You’ll be blown away by this build which is both functional and fun. Fun because it’s Asian-inspired, but also because of the details! Two houses built well with bamboo just screams authentic feel. The cherry blossom plans are also a nice touch. And who doesn’t love a tiger statue?

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